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GrimmSpeed Lower Uppipe Gasket

MODEL # GRM 026001


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fits mint 6 months ago
fits perfect going from the factory manifolds to a catless DNA monitoring uppipe.
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Good gasket 4 years ago
It's a gasket. not much to review but it does it's job. No leaks so I'm happy
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great product! 5 years ago
Many people say you wont notice a difference over stock. Maybe if the rest of your car is stock but if already modified, it makes a huge difference in spool time. Running a 20g with full header and exhaust swap, this was my last piece to change and it lowered my full spool by several hundred rpm. Also, ive done a turbo swap since amd with the pesky heat shields gone, the oil return butterfly clip is easily accessable.
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Excellent 5 years ago
Used this on my new catless uppipe on my 2005 FXT. Awesome price!
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Great gasket 6 years ago
This gasket is awesome it is a lot thicker than Subaru oem and its cheaper in cost but not quality! I would buy again! Thanks RSD!
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No regrets! 6 years ago
10K+ miles and still no issues, Fitment was great! Build quality can't be beat!
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Grimm Speed gaskets 6 years ago
Very High quality gaskets. Had originally bought the one gasket to deal with a leak and ended up doing the complete exhaust system just for the hell of it with these great gaskets.
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Great 6 years ago
Well, what is there to say? its an extra thick gasket that does a better job than any other gasket you can buy. No exhaust leaks what so ever. well worth the money
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super thick 6 years ago
really thick gasket. way better than OEM.
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gastket 7 years ago
great product for the price and amazing fitment.
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Great leak free seal!!! 7 years ago
I bought this gasket to install up grimmspeed uppipe and it worked great. It is a very thick gasket and looks be made very well. I just installed the gasket and tightened down the bolts to torque spec and No leaks. Great gasket all around and would def buy again.
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Solid seal 7 years ago
It was a perfect fit and seal. You can feel how solid it is compared to the stock gasket. GrimmSpeed stands by their products.
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Grimms vs Stock 7 years ago
def better than stock...both in quality and price
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5 stars! 7 years ago
thicker then stock. i have used 2 full sets now with zero leaks. a cheaper alternative to stock gaskets!
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Very nice! 7 years ago
Very surprised how much better this is over stock.
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First review of GS uppipe gasket 7 years ago
The Grimmspeed up pipe gasket is slightly thicker with more layers than an OEM gasket. The price is comparable so it was worth a shot. I have other GS products on my car and have only great things to say about them. I have an aftermarket up pipe that seems to start leaking in the fall every year. I am not sure if its temperature related, but since I have owned the car its a regular process to replace this gasket once the leaves start to fall to alleviate the whistling sound and low boost pressure. Time will tell if this gasket holds better than the OEM or pure copper gaskets I have used in the past. I will attempt to write another review next year if this gasket holds up over time.
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Good Gaskets 7 years ago
Great quality for a great price.
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good part 7 years ago
look beefier than OEM ones and fit perfect.
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Amazing 7 years ago
highly recommended, excellent quality and fitment. thick. blows oem out of the water. sealed up the leak i had and is holding strong.
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Good Gaskets 8 years ago
Quality is top of the line, and the price was good, I would use a Grimmspeed gasket on my car without hesitation
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Gets The Job Done 8 years ago
I would definitely use the grimmspeed gasket over the oem one. Grimmspeed's gaskets are slightly thicker, so if there happens to be a small amount of warpage the gasket can make up for it and you will be leak-free. This is especially important pre-turbo, because turbo response and spool will be effected negatively by exhaust leaks.
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Good Gasket 8 years ago
Fitment was great and the gasket is holding up fine so far. I think the GS gaskets are a little cheaper than Subaru ones too but the quality is the same or better.
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