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GrimmSpeed Uppipe to Turbo Gasket

MODEL # GRM 024001


  • Q: Tomei EL Header/Up-Pipe Fitment EJ255/257  sjearthquakes408712564 years ago

    Curious as to whether this will be both a direct fit, and the proper diameter/sizing on the upper Up-pipe to Turbo connection, with a set of Tomei EL Headers. Are all the piping, collector and primary sizes the same as OEM? Reason I ask is because if Tomei happens to use different specs in these areas, than perhaps their gasket are unique to their headers application/kit, and the G.S. counterparts are simply OEM spec replacements?
  • Q: Double thick version of this?  cmte_souza5 years ago

    I had this installed but unfortunately it was leaking, maybe because of bad installation. Anyway I had to disassemble it and the gasket looks good. I usually go with the double thick options from GS when available, but couldn't find one for this gasket. Does it make sense to use two gaskets? Should I use any sort of sealing product or just the gasket? Thanks
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      A:  If this wasn't sealing it's likely because you have a warped flange. A lot of heat goes through this area and parts can start to disform. You may want to check the flanges on a flat surface. Also make sure the flange is free of debris that the bolts are torqued to OEM spec. Mike

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      A:  UPDATE: This was not leaking at all. The leak was on the right side header collector with a shattered OEM gasket. Since it stands maybe 7 or 8 inches from the top of the uppipe and I was looking from above the engine trying to understand where the noise was coming from, I misjudged the leak spot. Checked the flanges, reused the GS gaskets and replaced the collector ones with GS, everything is great now! Thanks!

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  • Q: Invidia uppipe  smoodit6 years ago

    will this product pair up perfectly with the invidia catless up pipe? wrx model 2005 2.0L turbo
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      A:  As long as the pipe is an OEM replacement it will work just fine! Mike

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      A:  This will work fine with the Invidia Catless uppipe.

      Nick S. @ RallySport Direct 6 years ago  
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  • Q: Opening Size  joel__ryan6 years ago

    What is the opening size of this gasket? Is it the same size as the Grimspeed up pipe outlet? 1.72 I think? Or is it a full 2?
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      A:  The ID for this gaskets is just over 2 Mike

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