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GrimmSpeed Head to Exhaust Manifold Dual Port Gaskets

MODEL # GRM 020001


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Leak live a sieve? I don't think so! 2 years ago
Kent C.
I decided to replace all my pipes at once - up-pipe, down-pipe, and cross-pipe. I feel like it was a smart move on my part, because I could get it all done in an afternoon. Replacing all of the gaskets while you are in there is also a smart move - these fit perfectly, and there were no leaks! Woo!
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Essential peice when changing manifolds or your Up-pipe 2 years ago
I replaced my up pipe which meant taking the manifold off. You never want to use old gaskets so i bought these to ensure proper seal and piece of mind. These are high quality and fitment was spot on.
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2009 subaru impreza wrx sti hatch 2 years ago
can never go wrong with these gaskets! quality just like OEM but better! must get these if your replacing or installing new headers/manifolds!
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GS gaskets are great! 2 years ago
This gasket works great and has multiple layers. Stands up to heat really well and crushes well with he block and the exhaust. They hold well when putting on the exhaust housing.
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Yup they do there job 2 years ago
Scoobi Snack
Very happy with quality and no issues
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Good gaskets... 2 years ago
Grimmspeed gaskets haven't failed me yet. I always try to use them if I can.
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GC Impreza with Ver9 EJ207 3 years ago
Fit my ej207 no problem and they look like very good quality.
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Great gaskets 4 years ago
Great gaskets overall.
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so much thicker than the OEM ones 4 years ago
They have a great seal and that they are probably twice as thick as the OEM ones in my opinion. No gas leaks so far.
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Sealed better than ZipLock 4 years ago
Product worked as described. It was thicker than stock for sure. 10/10 would buy again.
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Amazing 5 years ago
Bought these after having an exhaust leak from the manifold even though the car is brand new and the dealer would not cover it. They are slightly thicker and seal better than factory. Love it.!
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Great gaskets! 5 years ago
chrispy bacon
Had to pull my headers to change my turbo. Put these thick [email protected]$tards in, seals very nicely.
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NICE! 6 years ago
Excellent Quality!
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D' gaskets to get 6 years ago
Perfect seal on my UEL headers. A must, when either upgrading or just replacing.
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Maaad Decent! 6 years ago
10K+ miles and still no issues, Fitment was great! Build quality can't be beat!
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Solid! 6 years ago
Better than stock. Perfect fit for my eq. length header. No leaks. ALOHA!
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Top Quality 6 years ago
These are nice gaskets. Perfect fit and thicker than the stock gaskets.
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Thick, Solid gaskets!!!! 7 years ago
I bought this gasket to instill my up pipe and It worked great. Very nice gasket and is very thick. Great fitment and would use again and recommend to friends.
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5 stars! 7 years ago
thicker then stock. i have used 2 full sets now with zero leaks. a cheaper alternative to stock gaskets!
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Very nice! 7 years ago
Very surprised how much better these are over stock.
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Great job! 7 years ago
super thick and excellent quality and fitment
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Nice gaskets 8 years ago
Like all other things from grimmspeed these seem to be top notch quality.
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