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GrimmSpeed Downpipe to Catback 3in Double Thickness Gasket

MODEL # GRM 076001


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GrimmSpeed Downpipe to Catback 3in Double Thickness Gasket ( Part Number: 076001)
Great replacement gasket 10 months ago
Much better than the regular exhaust ones. Sealed up my exhaust leak very well.
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Stainless gasket works great 1 year ago
Basically the increased layers of stainless steel helps seal the exhaust extremely well. I think I'll replace the other gasket in my exhaust. This works great!
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Great 1 year ago
These always work great super strong
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Thick like an ice cream shake 2 years ago
Does its job, doesnt need a resume, hired to be your boss. I have an Invidia N1 on a 2005 WRX. Replaced my downpipe and these are what i use
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Gasket. It fits.  4 years ago
Just as described, a very thick gasket. Both great for DP to mid-pipe, as well as mid-pipe to rear section.
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Excellent 4 years ago
If anyone cares - this will fit the Greddy Evo 2 / Evo 3 exhausts. Really just about any 3 aftermarket exhaust. Great product, definitely nice and thick. Can take up small discrepancies in flange flush-ness.
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sealed up well 4 years ago
My exhaust had a slight leak when I used the Invidia gasket provided with my downpipe. I then changed my catback from the greddy hi-power to a tomei expreme ti then used this gasket with grade 10 bolts. Absolutely no leaking what so ever. I am very happy.
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Great product! 4 years ago
Had a leak after installing my downpipe, bought this gasket fixed the leak right away. Extra thick!
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Excellent Product! 4 years ago
Works great! Solid construction. Would buy again.
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Just right. 4 years ago
Used this with my invidia catless dp and grimspeed 3-2.5 flange. Perfect match up, extra thick!
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Excellent Gaskets!!! 5 years ago
Great gaskets, super thick, excellent quality. GS Gaskets will be the only gaskets i ever get.
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Great fitment 5 years ago
Used this instead of a single width gasket that was included in the Invidia g200. Went right on, compressed fine, have yet to have anything to complain about.
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This one! 5 years ago
The Chad
If your looking for one that once you put in and you don't want to worry about it for a long time then this is the gasket you'd want!
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Quality 5 years ago
Does as advertised. Excellent product from an excellent company
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Great Quality and Fast Shipping 5 years ago
Great Quality and Fast Shipping
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Worked great 5 years ago
Works great, used it to seal my grim speed adapter to factory catback. No leaks.
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Did its job! 5 years ago
Did what a cheaper gasket couldnt! Sealed the exhaust very well.
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It's a gasket 5 years ago
Thick gasket, did its job. Not much else to say about it.
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Thick Gasket 5 years ago
This thing is super thick which makes for an excellent seal. Great product from GrimmSpeed.
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Good product 6 years ago
This is a nice, thick gasket. Very high quality. Unfortunately for me it didn't seal my exhaust leak between my Invidia DP and my Blitz Nur Spec R. Oh well.
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Great Gasket 6 years ago
This gasket is THICK, very THICK. Seals great and is a very high quality product from GrimmSpeed.
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really awesome gasket 6 years ago
I'm starting to see the attention to quality that is Grimmspeed with this gasket. I really can't recommend this enough. Very nice piece.
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2011 wrx 7 years ago
Super thick! Such a nice seal with the invidia down pipe and q300 cat back.
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After 2 years and 50,000 miles still going strong 7 years ago
Works as advertised, even in a 3 exhaust with no flex section it hasn't leaked in 50,000 miles.
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thick! 7 years ago
This is really thick compared to your standard gasket. Works as advertised.
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Perfect for poor flange alignment 7 years ago
This is awesome for an exhaust setup that doesn't quite align properly. I used this on a M2 exhaust where the flanges didn't quite line up to my downpipe. After a few pull ups on the wrench, this seals wonderfully.
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 9 years ago

Awesome gaskets! Really thick and heavy duty! For someone looking for a gasket that will last this is the one.
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