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Red Line 5W30 Motor Oil 1QT

MODEL # RDL 15304


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Best oil I've used 11 months ago
Used to use Rotella T6, Noticed I was getting a bit of piston slap anything below 30ish degrees, tried out this stuff for a change and even at 15 degrees the piston slap is gone! Motor runs nice and smooth. Definitely worth it.
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Best of the best  1 year ago
After my oil change I noticed almost instantly how much smoother my engine feels overall. Compared to when I used the recommended model 1 from the dealership. Redline has my 14 sti feeling and sounding much more healthier
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Great Stuff 5 years ago
This oil was oily... so I guess it does a good job. My '06 WRX is still really fast so I'm guessing this is a great product!
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great oil 5 years ago
Second oil change using this oil, it was barely even brown When I pulled it out after 5,000 miles. Kind of pricy but definitely worth it.
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Amazing 5 years ago
This oil is absolutely amazing. It took me a while to think this, with normal driving I noticed I burned little to no oil while on Mobile I burned a bit, it stayed a lighter color much longer. But what really hit home for me with this oil was taking it on the track. At 3500 miles I took my car (with over 200k on it)to Subiefest and ran it on the track at Auto Club. After each twenty minute session in 102 degrees I checked the oil, after the first couple sessions I was quite impressed that I didn't lose even a tiny bit. But what really got me when I didn't lose any throughout the entire day. I ran my car all out in each session, so seeing that the oil level remained the same, and color remained the same, really made up my mind on the awesomeness of this oil. I plan on using Redline from now in, in all my applications.
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loves it! 5 years ago
my car has not like any oil as much as this one. now i know what i have to keep in it. thanks RSD for the support..
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Great Stuff 6 years ago
Seem's to make my ej25 very stable under idle and WOT. I know I will be getting thicker oil for the Arizona summers. Combine this with a OEM Subaru filter and your set.
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5W30 redline oil 6 years ago
have been using Shell Rotella T6 in 5W40. Changed to Redline 5W30 and the engine in my 2010 STI seems to run nice and smooth. I did notice on a 60 mile drive that i picked up about a 2 MPG increase. The service mgr at the Subaru dealer did tell me that he has heard alot of good things about Redline oil. He told me that over a period of time that they had 4 blown STI engines in a row that were running Royal Purple.
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Good oil 6 years ago
The oil is high quality, it resists breaking down even with the high temps that turbos produce. 10$/qt isn't too bad. I would say its worth it.
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First time use. 6 years ago
This was the first time I have ever used this oil and I can tell you this is now the only oil I'll use. Great quality oil. Gives you a great piece of mind having such a quality oil in your engine. Thanks RSD for the fast shipping and service.
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Great oil! 6 years ago
I love this stuff. My engine runs fantastic and I do not burn any oil while running this brand of oil. It is very well priced and I will not be changing brands any time soon. Note: I used Mobile 1 and I could tell the difference between the quality.
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Not too shabby 6 years ago
A little over 1000 miles into this oil and my car seems to enjoy it. It's burned a lot less than say Mobil 1 or Royal Purple. This was my first time using Redline and I'm impressed. It's handling my daily autobahn driving nicely and I haven't had to add more oil than what I had leftover from the last quart of Redline. Overall, a great oil so far, you can't go wrong. I'll have to get a blackstone analysis to really see whats up. As always, great service from RSD.
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No Doubt Best Oil Out There!! 6 years ago
[email protected]
I have used nothing but Redline 5w30 in my 2012 STI since I purchased the car and I never have to add oil see doesnt burn oil at all and the performance of this oil is superb, best oil on the market!
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redline 7 years ago
this oil is the best!!!! i have used other brands.. other known brands and have changed my oil ever 2500 miles and had to replace my motor because of poor oiling. from the break down of the oil even though it was suppose to be a great brand. this oil has not failed me yet and i will continue to use it.
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Liquid GOLD for your car! 7 years ago
Did the oil change today with an OEM filter. Easy as pie! Don't think I'll ever use anything else but Redline! Running smooth and strong! Thanks RSD for such quick delivery! RSD for the win!
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Looks so good you coudl pour it on waffles 7 years ago
I rate this as the best oil I have used, right up there with ENEOS.
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No more burning 7 years ago
I am sure that most enthusiasts already know that this is a great oil. In my opinion it is hands down the best. I drive a 2006 330i BMW and these cars are known for burning oil and you will need to add another quart halfway through the change. I haven't had that problem since using redline.
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Good Oil but not great 6 years ago
Running 5w-30 this oil tends to disappear very quickly and its only been 2 months! less than 2k miles (04 wrx STi). But it is quality.
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