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PERRIN Engine Mount Kit



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PERRIN Engine Mount Kit ( Part Number: PSP-DRV-055)
Very nice! 2 months ago
5out of 5stars
Adds a little NVH to my FR-S but totally worth it. Install isn't bad but there's videos available that go through it all.
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Immobilize Your Engine 1 year ago
4out of 5stars
I can't speak to the additional NVH of these mounts because I installed them with Perrin's Transmission Mount, a Faction Fab Pitch Stop Mount and Whiteline's Positive Shift Kit (stiffer transmission crossmember bushings.) What I can tell you is that these mounts, paired with other stiff mounts, really keeps your engine and drivetrain in place. I'm on the stock suspension but having everything really stuck to the frame makes the car feel super tight. I'd highly suggest all the mounts mentioned, as well as a rear differential carrier. I didn't think it would make a big difference, but it was huge for reducing that 1st gear lurching and more instantaneous response. Install is a PITA. If you remove your header it's probably a breeze, but I didn't want to risk breaking any turbo studs because I don't have the experience to fix that. Despite the difficulty, it's a nice payoff and you can do it by yourself on jackstands if you put in the time.
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Good as long as your ok with the vibration 2 years ago
4out of 5stars
2016 sti, I'm in break in mode for a built block so I've only driven up to 4200rpm I haven't noticed any noise idle/driving Vibrates quite a bit at idle (800 rpm) Increased my idle rpm to 950 and vibration was reduced alot but still present. I feel if you leave idle below 950, interior panels may start get loosened and start squeaking over time. I hope over time the mounts soften so I can reduce my idle rpm and amount of vibration goes down.
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Hardware?? 2 years ago
3out of 5stars
Subie Newbie
The mounts themselves are beautifully made. I'm sure they will perform as stated if you replace the factory hardware (which is NOT included). The major issue is the lack of installation bolts. No new stud nuts is also quite aggravating. The description has 'comes with installation hardware' checked off, and as the most expensive mounts we have seen you would think that would be true, yet there are no bolts or nuts in the box! The factory bolts are far too short for the thick aluminum of the Perrin mount. The front being thicker than the rear only allows 3/8ths inch of threads for holding the mounts on and the engine in. $300 mounts and no hardware. Sorry, Perrin does include really thick washers for the base stud nuts. Long enough bolts to hold the engine in and the proper lock nuts NOT included. So dont expect to get the job done qickly if you have not already purchased longer high strength bolts and new lock nuts.
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