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COBB Tuning Rear Motor Mount

MODEL # COB 891001


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COBB Tuning Rear Motor Mount ( Part Number: 891001)
COBB Tuning Rear Motor Mount ( Part Number: 891001)
Wanted to wait to review 4 years ago
I wanted to wait a while to review this product. I've known a few people that had a knee jerk reaction to the increase in vibration, almost immediately re-installed the OEM RMM, and sold the COBB unit at a loss. I had been told that they mellow out as the rubber breaks in and you get used to the harsher idle. I have now put 5k miles on it and I can say it was worth every bit of it. I don't even notice the increased vibrations anymore and the 2-3 bang has been completely eliminated. Would definitely recommend.
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Worth it! 4 years ago
Ryan ST
This mount definitely makes the car feel more planted, and there is a noticable difference when accelerating. Some of the crazy torque steer has seemingly been reduced as well. Yes, you can feel the vibrations but it isn't too bad.
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Rear Engine Mount review 5 years ago
Easy install, took 20 minutes. The REM does a nice job of eliminating wheel hop and the 2-3 bang. It does increase low RPM vibration and noise in the cabin, but it is noticible above idle and sounds kinda mean. Make sure to read the instructions for the install, and 15mm and 13mm racheting wrenches are a must. Be safe, use a lift or jack stands and chock the wheels!
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feels great 5 years ago
Looks great and makes the car feel better
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Must Have Mod 5 years ago
Kona ST
Over-engineered rear mount. Some increase in NVH, but not significant. Glad I bought this product.
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COBB Tuning Rear Motor Mount (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Rear Motor Mount (Part Number: )