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Kartboy Front Endlinks



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Woke up from a coma. 2 years ago
Jeff W.
About 10 years ago I had slipped into a mysterious coma. Doctors were puzzled and marveled at the same time because all of my vitals were normal. They just couldn't get me to snap out of it. Before the coma, I was a die hard car enthusiast and drove a 1000 HP Supra and all of my friends had fast cars and we weren't afraid to wrench on our own cars, and we certainly weren't scared to drive fast. Fast forward to about two months ago. I woke up from my coma. It was a surreal experience as my friends and family had to consult me and guide me through everything. My girlfriend left me and married some dude and they have like 3 kids together. The cubs won the world series, and the only thing that the news talks about is this Kardashian family, and this Trump guy. I don't know what happened to the world. But I knew that I wanted to get back in the car scene. I felt like the old guy at the car meets. Because I was the old guy at the car meets. Kids these days didn't care abot horsepwer, going fast, or surviving a weekend track day. They care about meeting in a parking lot smoking these steam pens and speaking in these strange acronyms. I guess the days of being highway kings was over. It was time to sell my beloved Supra. I ended up buying a 2003 Subaru WRX and got really wide wheels, and really small tires. The wheels had to be mounted almost sideways, and it was so hard to drive the car. Luckily, I was able to get the Kartboy End Links and now I can pull into the parking lot without losing control. I'm so happy.
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09-13 Forester - Great Endlinks, but GET SPACERS 2 years ago
I forgot to get the spacers. I ended up just using washers from the hardware store, but ordering the spacers would have been ideal, and about the same price. All in all very happy, they're a bit pricey, but can't complain. I'll be putting them on the rear as well in the future.
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Kartboy front end links  3 years ago
Have these for going on 5 years and are still perfect. Easy install, but for my 08 sti I needed the spacers for them to fit perfectly. I put these through hell and are still rock solid.
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Excellent 3 years ago
Excellent Quality. I installed this on a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i MT.
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Great Quality! 3 years ago
Installed these on my 2004 WRX paired with 22mm Whiteline Sway Bars, and all I can say is Wow! It makes the car feel like it should! Highly recommend for anyone installing aftermarket sway bars, or even pair with the factory sway bars!
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So the neighbors thought there was a domestic dispute at the house. Nope just installing end links. 3 years ago
They say that if it's easy, then you're doing it wrong. These little end links are small in comparison with the rest of the suspension components, but compared to OEM end links they are on steroids. The kind that the Ultimate Warrior uses too. I purchased these along with spacers to complete my Whiteline 27MM front sway bar install. What I love most about these is the simple packaging and hardware provided from Kartboy. You will notice as well that OEM end links allow much movement, but Kartboy's endlinks stay still like Donald Trumps perm. And that made installation for me a little difficult. But difficult is good. Once installed you will notice a paramount of a difference compared to OEM. These really tighten up the steering and overall handling. I give them 5 stars, 4 boxes of thin mints AND a bonus box of somoas.
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perfect, with spacers 4 years ago
These things are so robust it's ridiculous; I love it. Partnered up with my eibach FSB and it's an amazing ride now, already had the RSB done.
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So Far So Good  4 years ago
I got these dudes to replace my stock adjustable end links and the car is much more responsive, quite, and stiff. Only thing is I noticed the rubber grommets seem to be a little unflush if you wanna call it that to the metal link. If there ends up being a failure, I will post again.
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The best endlinks but... BUY THE SPACERS :) 4 years ago
I've had Kartboy endlinks on the rear of my '13 WRX for a year and a half with no issues. I had Cusco endlinks on the front and they recently started clunking. Replaced them with the Kartboys and the clunk is gone. Easy install with the spacers. Be sure to use some Loc-tite and torque them down nicely (45 ft/lbs or so).
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This is a Must! 4 years ago
When matched with the Eibach sway bar kit... This will change your cars drive completely. I didn't want to mod my suspension as I thought it was good enough. After breaking my rear drive axle... I thought might as well do these at the same time. Wow, what a difference. Way worth it.
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Buy spacers if using OEM bar 4 years ago
On my 2013 WRX, the end link geometry was very crooked using just these end links with the factory front sway bar. If you are like me and you replace just one thing at a time, spend the $5 to buy the kartboy whiteline spacers which apparently are needed for compatbility with most front sway bars. Or, consider a different product that is more suited to the actual orientation of the bar and control arm. The bolts don't want to be parallel(at least when using the OEM bar), so forcing them to be parallel is your decision. I do feel like the front and rear Kartboy end links have slightly improved the handling, even with otherwise stock suspension.
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must !!!  4 years ago
If your like me and want to feel your car. , these are a must. The OEM ones are a joke. Worth the money never going back !
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Excellent! 4 years ago
Bought this along with the Eibach Front & Rear sway bar kit + Kartboy Endlink Spacer. Works together in perfect harmony. P.S. if one of your front sway bar endlink mounts ever snap off, it will cause major vibrations on high speed. Get the mount welded on & replace Sway bar & endlink.
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Kartboy FTW 4 years ago
Great improvement. Satisfied.
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Kartboy front endliknks  4 years ago
I bought the set front and rear in conjunction with Eibach sway bars,Now my sti corner like it should be and I enjoy the off/on ramps now more than ever...I give it a 4 stars cuz again no color option(so I painted mine red)..
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Excellent product 5 years ago
Very durable product. I Strongly recommend upgrading endlinks whenever you upgrade sway bars. I have these running with rce 25.5mm sway bars and yes you can tell the difference.
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Perfect fit: 2012 WRX 5 years ago
Installed with Eibach front sway bar set to soft. These fit perfect with some extra spacers from KB. Installed as a system, so don't know what is helping more, but better feeling from the front end for sure. I installed these purposefully one month after rear sway and link install and another month from tranny/engine mount and shifter bushings. Although not a spherical bearing mount, like OEM and other AF links, the KB links fit line to line between the two ends, vertical and horizontal, with the Eibach bar. I've read other posts and forums where it seems others had trouble (maybe different model year) but these links with Eibach bar are as easy an install as you could ask for.
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Buy f/r combo if available save $30, buy either way! 5 years ago
I was a little worried about how far from perpendicular the bolts in the stock end links rested under weight . After the best windy canyon run ever i can say this may be the best $200 mod I've installed. That said, I do already have the KW coil overs and sway bar set up. So the stock end links were the weakest links as it were. Much more precision during hard cornering. And I swear the hi-pro winter tires didnt make a peep in turns they normally squeal all over. Bumps are la little louder/rougher now, but well worth it for the tight handling. Thus far very satisfied, will repost if/when they fail.
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Kartboys paired with Eibach 5 years ago
These are very beefy compared to the stock endlinks. Bushings are hard and tough. If you are going to replace your stock sway bars, you will want these so that you can get all the use out of your stock sway bars. You'll also want to buy the Kartboy spacers as you will need those too to remove the inward angle out of the endlinks. Great product.
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Quality product 5 years ago
The kartboy endlinks are build with quality materials and they do need some extra spacer to work with whiteline sways. But it's not very hard to find ideal geometry once have spacers playing around.
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Quality pieces. 5 years ago
Nicely built product that is much beefier than stock. Used with Eibach sways and additional Kartboy spacers on my '13 WRX hatch.
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Do it. 5 years ago
Brock Samson
You want these. Stop lollygagging. Do it. Easy to install and works wonders.
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Good upgrade with sway bars 5 years ago
Would recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade sway bars as well. To quote the movie Christine ...brand new windshield wipers for a busted windshield same principle, don't cheap out, just get these with your front bar. Now to the install with spacers. I ordered the whiteline 24mm front bar and you will NEED the spacers! However, with my '02 WRX, once I test fit with suspension loaded, I did not use the bottom spacer; endlink was too close to the bar. Make sure you torque these!
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good 5 years ago
installed a couple months ago. I live in the mountains with pretty bad road conditions and they have held up. Also went to the track with them (HPR) decently paced track with 19 turns lap after lap they held up! hope it stays that way knock on wood
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Strong upgrade  5 years ago
Perfect with the new sway bars
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Great quality! 5 years ago
I bought these along with the rear endlinks and I have to say that they were the best choice I could have gone with! These kartboy endlinks are very thick compared to the OEM ones and just by holding them you can tell the difference.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
kartboy front endlinks 5 years ago
These are great upgrade from stock. Defiantly feel the different. Handles great!
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An excelent upgrade from the stock end links 5 years ago
easy to install and made a small but noticeable improvement in handling.
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A must for any track time or spirited driver 5 years ago
Sway bars are one of the best upgrades and I strongly believe they are the best bang for your buck. The WRX is plagued by body roll and a beefy sway bar will resolve that problem. Steering rack bushings are an excellent upgrade because you have to remove the OEM chassis brace already
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solid and fits well 5 years ago
no complaints here it's built solid, fit is great without monkeying around with fitment issues
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