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Kartboy Rear Endlinks



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Endlink 7 months ago
Much more better than whiteline endlinks easy to install, solid construction
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2012 wrx 2 years ago
Installed these with white line 22mm rear sway bar. I didn't have access to jack sands or a lift at the time so I did the impossible and changed the sway bar without jacking or raising the car (way more difficult) it's been about 6 weeks now and I have it in the medium setting, there is less under steer when going hard in the corners and no fitment issues that others have had. Going slow turns around town it does sometimes make a popping sound but it's usually once a week or so and doesn't really bother me. Over all a must have for a bigger sway bar as stock will break and as good handling mods aswell
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Kartboy rear endlinks 3 years ago
Have these going on 5 years and they are holding up like a champ. These have been through 5 years of all season driving and are still perfect. Highly recommend!
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Endlinks. 3 years ago
Great quality product. Feels and looks much safer and reliable than stock endlinks.
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Great product with whiteline 24mm adjustable  4 years ago
Great endlinks must have for the 24mm whitleine sway bar.
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Amazing 4 years ago
When matched with the Eibach sway bar kit... This will change your cars drive completely. I didn't want to mod my suspension as I thought it was good enough. After breaking my rear drive axle... I thought might as well do these at the same time. Wow, what a difference. Way worth it.
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Kartboy FTW 4 years ago
Had to use 5 washers on each for connection to the sway (Eibach). Just buy them at your local hardware/auto store. 2013 GR.
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Great Product 4 years ago
As usual, kartboy products are top notch. The only thing these need are a good set of instructions included with them.
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Eibach RSB + KB EL 5 years ago
These items are a must as I've constantly seen where stockers will break after a while with an aftermarket sway bar. Put these in with my new RSB and the handling is amazing. Installing, I found that the smaller spacer is best used towards the front of the car on the EL and the larger spacer towards the rear side of the car on the EL. This was done to use the firm setting on the Eibach RSB on my 13 STI.
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Critical component for suspension upgrade 5 years ago
Installed these endlinks on my 2013 Subaru Outback 3.6R when I did a suspension swap to a Legacy setup. The overall drop achieved was ~ 3.5 inches making the OBW handle better and now has a more agressive and proper station wagon look. I did not upgrade the OEM rear sway bar only swapped out the endlinks. It really improved the stability and performance of the vehicle. Excellent quality and performance, awesome upgrade.
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Kartboys paired with Eibach 5 years ago
These are some beefy endlinks. The stock endlinks are small and look very fragile. If you are going to replace your sway bars, purchase these as well to make for a complete installation. You won't regret it!
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Excellent endlinks 5 years ago
The kartboy endlinks are build with quality materials and they do need some extra spacer to work with whiteline sways. But it's not very hard to find ideal geometry once have spacers playing around.
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Very solid, well-made product 5 years ago
I did a lot of research and am very happy with this purchase. They product no noise for me. The instructions that I found online were for a Legacy GT and the author used additional washers to tighten things up. I found that my 2011 WRX hatch needed no additional washers; the control arms snugged up just fine with the endlinks, once tightened. I would recommend to anyone interested in these.
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Quality pieces. 5 years ago
Nicely built product that is much beefier than stock. Used with Eibach sways and additional Kartboy spacers on my '13 WRX hatch.
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Great product, long term reliability unknown but suspect it to be great! 5 years ago
I suggest a Subaru enthusiast and someone with decent mechanical skills do the install. They don't come with instructions and you really want them setup and installed correctly to avoid undue wear and proper function
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Strong upgrade 5 years ago
Perfect with any new swaybars thanks rsd
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Easy install 5 years ago
These endlinks are an amazing upgrade for any year of any car, I bought them to change with my upgraded sway bar and they made the install easy and quick, very recommended!
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2009 WRX Hatch, installed with Perrin 22mm Sway bar 5 years ago
The stocks look like twigs compared to these. Definitely worth the upgrade when buying a rear sway bar. They are silent also, a big plus when purchasing aftermarket end links.
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easy fit 5 years ago
no problems with fit. Super easy to install to a whiteline swaybar
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for 2011 wrx 5 years ago
j hollywood
if you're getting an aftermarket sway bar, i'd highly recommend picking these up to go with
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Beefy 5 years ago
Very noticeable difference from the stock wimpy end links, much more responsive and a breeze to install.
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Thumbs up Kartboy! 5 years ago
These endlinks are well-made and look much stronger than the OEM ones. They paired perfectly with the Eibach sway bar kit. Thank you RSD!
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Best endlinks IMO 5 years ago
I purchase these endlinks after breaking a whiteline endlink. These endlinks are beefy and quiet. One cannot find a better endlink out there.
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Major improvement over stock 5 years ago
The first thing you will notice is how 'dinky' the stock endlinks are. The slop is prevalent, I would suggest doing this upgrade along with the sway bars. Great combination and helps the car feel 'tighter'.
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Very well made 6 years ago
Well worth the extra money since the stock end links are garbage. Make sure you install these with a loaded suspension and that your geometry is as vertical as possible to avoid install issues.
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2012 WRX 6 years ago
Need four spacers when mounting with an eibach rear sway and 2 more for the front. Really got the job done. Thanks RSD and Kartboy.
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Good product 6 years ago
I installed both front and rear endlink together with Einbach rear swaybar. Everything fitted well and felt nice on track.
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Simple to install, noticable difference 6 years ago
Installed on my 2010 Legacy 3.6R with the 19mm STI swaybar. My stock endlinks stripped when i tried to remove them so i had to order replacement. Glad I went with these, they provide a quiet ride and work great with the thicker swaybar.
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sold feel 6 years ago
really sold feeling. bushings feel tough. easy install.. quality part.
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Simple Product, Easy Install, VERY NOTICABLE  6 years ago
The rear end and front end in the my 2009 (25mmF/22mmRear Sway) had audible klunking and general malaise that developed over time. I track my car, and it started to feel loose. I decided to visit the RSD bushing and endlink fairy and got some Kartboy endlinks. I notice a huge improvement conering, particularly the drive out of a corner. The rear has less roll than the stock endlinks, better traction and feels very planted. I think this product would add a huge benefit to even a stock set-up. Klunking is gone!
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