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Kartboy Front and Rear Endlink Combo



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Kartboy Front and Rear Endlink Combo ( Part Number: KB-017-08COMBO)
Kartboy Front and Rear Endlink Combo ( Part Number: KB-017-08COMBO)
Kartboy Front and Rear Endlink Combo ( Part Number: KB-017-08COMBO)
Perfect fit for any swaybar upgrade. 2 months ago
These endlinks are a necessary upgrade over stock endlinks when being installed with beefier sway bars.I had heard that upgraded endlinks had a tendency to make some noise when being utilized, but I haven't had that issue with these units. Overall a worthwhile investment.
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Perfect for aftermarket sway bars...don't forget to grease 5 months ago
These are perfect for using in your aftermarket sway bar install on your GR WRX. The metal feels nice and solid and the bushings also feel sturdy as well. I have had them installed on my 2014 WRX hatch along with an aftermarket set of sway bars for the past 2 years and they have been great. I did need to take them apart a couple months ago (after 1.5 years of use) to grease up the rubber bushings because going over speed bumps or other bumps made my car sound like an old land yacht with suspension to match. Once greased up these were silent. Pairing them with the various sway bars available does take some trial and error and sometimes will require you to use only one setting on the adjustable bars. Having a 4 post lift where you can have the suspension under load would be the ideal setup for install, but you can still do it with some properly placed jack stands and jacks. You may also need to purchase the extra washer set depending on your application and other parts.
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Caution! Make sure to install properly!  8 months ago
There are no instructions for the install included, so good luck figuring out where to place the 137 washers they provide. Make sure to have one on the end of the the bolt so the bushing doesn't explode off after the first turn. Good build quality though, great looking and once I get my replacement parts I think it will be a noticeable performance increase. Install is easy, just make sure you look up the proper arrangement of the washers.
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Mixed Bag 2 years ago
So I purchased this Endlink kit to be paired with my new Eibach front and rear sways on a 2015 WRX. I will say that the Endlinks are quality peices and are a big upgrade compared to the stock set. The shipping was quick and fast and packaging was what I was expecting. Now the rear Endlinks went in pretty much without an issue but the fronts were a different story. I couldn't get the clearance I needed to tighten down the bottom bolt for the front end links because they were making contact with the sway bar. The support I got from both Rallysport and Tom at kart boy was great and in the end I kept the rears and swapped out the fronts. BTW, it would be great if they just included the front spacers in the kit. I mean they cost what... 5 dollars, even less then that to make and I had to spent nearly 20 to have them reshipped to me after the fact.
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Fitting 3 years ago
If your gonna partner this with Whiteline Front Swaybars you should consider on buying also the kartboy endlink spacers for whiteline.
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great product  3 years ago
great addition to my suspension. the car handles like a dream and very predictable.
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Great Quality 3 years ago
I bought these along with Eibach sway bars and it made a very big different over stock when looking for less body roll. The end links seem to be made very tough, I would highly recommend them. RallySportDirct also did a great job with shipping time so I wasn't waiting for more than 2 days to receive.
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Worth it! 4 years ago
I paired these Kartboy endlinks with the 25mm Perrin front and rear sway bars for my 2012 WRX hatch. All other suspension is stock and holy crap what a difference on turn in! Install was a breeze. Little more road nose and vibration but meh.
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Must have for all STI 4 years ago
The sways and endlinks were bought after my RCE yellows. An excellent addition along with sways!
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Much better. 4 years ago
Replaced my anorexic oem end links with these beefy pieces. Combined with 24mm front and rear sways, I have more confidence in turning a corner now. It would have been nice to have instructions for the rear ones tho.
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Huge Difference 4 years ago
I wish I did this mod the first week I got My WRX. Night and day difference I no longer feel evernook and cranny on the road. Eliminates that mushy feel you may notice going from stock tires to DWS tires. Made my car 10x more enjoyable to drive then it already was. Worth every penny.
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Installed with Sway Bars 4 years ago
I installed these along with Eibach sway bars and loved the improvement. Just make sure you use a washer between the bushing and bolt/nuts/and maybe swaybar!
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Beefed up Quality 5 years ago
I had these install with my RCE sway bars and Tarmac zeros. These end links are strong and solid. The stock ones don't even compare to these.
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QUALITY BEST 5 years ago
Big diferent from factory ,
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Great with Eibach Swaybars 5 years ago
I put these plus eibach swaybars end links on my 09' WRX and it made a night and day difference. The suspension isn't much stiffer but the roll is eliminated on hard corners. It required to go over stock torque spec on the bolts to get rid of a clunk.
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Beefy! 6 years ago
2012 Legacy GT: Wow, what a well-built product. The installation was pretty simple; have 14mm, 16mm, 17mm sockets and ratcheted-wrenches ready to go. Car feels really solid with a bit of oversteer now with the AVO RSB and the Kartboy Endlinks installed. Love it. A worthwhile investment towards driving performance.
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Can't wait 7 years ago
I just received them in the mail. I am very excited to try them outwith Eibach sway bars and RaceComp yellow springs. Hopefully I don't need anything special.
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Quality, as always from KB 7 years ago
Put these on my '11 WRX 5-door, with stock front and Whiteline 22mm rear sway bars. Rear install is easy without a lift or ramps, front I'd recommend ramps or a lift, as it's tight. Neat trick- turn the wheel towards the side you're trying to work on- gives you a bit more space in the front! Thanks again, Kartboy!
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endlink combo 4 years ago
Finally for those of us that are super anal about our cars...I wanna know how take it apart and to put it back together, right. I need instructions to do that. Instead, I had to research online instead of putting the part on and going on down the road. I know it wasn't rocket science, but it would have been nice. Having said that, with the Perrin 25mm up front/back and the endlinks installed, the car drives like it should have out of the box.
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Work well. But they're a noisy PIA 4 years ago
Installed on 2013 Wrx with 22mm sway bars. The only good thing I can say is that they work. But...they are incredibly noisy polyurethane bushings. The squeaky and squeal at low speed, tight corners and going over bumps. They are also a pain to install because of the need for spacers. The rear came with the necessary spacers but the front did not and I had to use washers and mess around to get them set vertically. I have heard lots of hype about they and they perform just fine, I believe the improvement comes more from the sway bars. These parts are beefy and appear sturdy and I drive my car very hard and don't have to worry about these failing.
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Don't get these for Whiteline front swaybars 4 years ago
Josh C
I bought this kit at the same time as my Whiteline F&R swaybars. The rear endlinks are perfect, however the fronts aren't fantastic. Even with the spacer kit (which is a must), the angle that they sit at is horrible and I expect the bushes to chop out in the not too distant future. I already had one set of bushes on the front destroy themselves in less than 5,000km before I installed the spacer kit. Once the bushes chop out again, I'll be changing to something like the Cusco or Whiteline front links.
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No spacers for front endlinks included 4 years ago
Unable to install front endlinks without spacers. No spacers are included. Car has stock suspension with after market swaybars. Can't believe the required pieces to install are not included.
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Update- issues 7 years ago
So I must update my review from earlier. Note: I have NOT contacted Kartboy on this issue, and do NOT want anything from them. I still have the utmost respect for them, and this review is meant to point out two possible issues ONLY! Since my last review, we've had winter here in upstate NY. The included hardware has corroded noticably, despite only three salt/sand events during which I drove, and despite thorough under/over-car washings after these. Also, the bushings tend to make a fair bit of noise. The tech support reply I received informed me that these links take considerably more torque to tighten than OE links before they quiet down. Those wanting a quiet, hassle-free endlink may want to go a different route- Mark W.
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Mediocre.  12 months ago
Mediocre product, very squeaky and noisy over rough roads. Changed to Perrin, which are amazing in comparison. I assume it must be the quality of bushing material.
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Kartboy Front and Rear Endlink Combo (Part Number: )
Kartboy Front and Rear Endlink Combo (Part Number: )
Kartboy Front and Rear Endlink Combo (Part Number: )