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Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )
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Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers
Subaru WRX/STI 2002-2007
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Part # KB-017WLS

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Features & Product Details

These are the Kartboy Front Swaybar Spacers. The intended purpose behind these spacers is to allow those of you who are running the Kartboy Endlnks and need to properly mate them to Whiteline Swaybars. 

Kartboy Endlinks are super stiff and durable and when paired with a Whiteline Swaybar you will find that the Kartboy Endlinks don't flex as much as the factory front endlinks, which is a good thing for handling. 

These spacers will properly fill in the gap between the endlink and the swaybar. 

Note: These are confirmed to be used with the endlinks made for the 2002-2007 WRX/STI.


Brand: Kartboy
Material: Aluminum
QTY: 4
Type: Swaybar Spacer
Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers ( Part Number: KB-017WLS)
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers ( Part Number: KB-017WLS)
5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Things get rough at Wimbelton. 2 years ago
Jeff W.
As I was leaving the local country club I had just finished a very passionate tennis match. I played against my nemesis in the country club and when we were leaving, he couldn't let the match go. He had some very strong choice of words that I couldn't let go, and I engaged him. Instead of having good sportsmanship we ended up insulting eachothers mothers. Before i new it he hit me across the face with his tennis racket and I had to defend myself. A brawl ensued and it was on. I pulled his sweatband over his eyes then round-housed his face. He tries pulling my shirt over my head but is unsuccessful as my shirt was made from slick polymers. The local police pulled us apart. As I was handcuffed and slammed to the police car. I noticed something strange. My end-links appeared to be bending. And as the cops were reading me my miranda rights, I realized that I needed some whiteline sway bar spacers. I'm so happy.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Not a fix all, but helpful 2 years ago
Used these to make avoid rubbing with kartboy rear endlinks and 25mm adj rear perrin swaybar, gives some preload as well. Well made, but did not allow kartboy front endlinks to work with Perrin 25mm adj Front swaybar.
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Doesn't work with GC8 3 years ago
Père Foura
I got a GC8 with STI Aluminium LCA. Try to use them with the Whitline WHI KLC32 enlink kit, and the bushing of the endlink had a pretty bad angle. I had to buy some OEM replacement endlink with pillow ball bearing instead...
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
They work great 4 years ago
These spacers do the job. Don't forget these if you buying the Kartboy front endlinks with Whiteline sways for 2010-2014. They work great and always remember to tighten the heck out of the bolts, or you will get small clunks.
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great as hood spacers 5 years ago
I didn't need these for my sway bars but they ended up being great as hood spacers to vent the engine compartment.
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  • Q: 2008 LGT  clgrtzk8 months ago

    I will be putting a rear whiteline swaybar and kartboy endlinks on my 2008 Legacy GT. Will I need spacers for my install?
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  It is hard to say and varies per car. I always recommend getting them in the case that you need them. If you end up not using them, you are only going to be out about 6 bucks.

      Tyler G.
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  • Q: Works with 2013 wrx sedan?  Oppithian12 months ago

    Im going to install whitelines 22mm adjustable front sway bar with kart boy endlinks and saw that these were recommended. I have a 2013 wrx sedan, will these spacers fit/do what needs to be done in my situation? Thanks!
    • 1 of 1 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  Generally the spacers are only 100% required for the 02-07 WRX/STI's with the Kartboy/Whiteline Combo. For the 08+ Imprezas spacers are still often nice to have to get the best fitment. Although not always needed, we would recommend getting the spacers as well to make sure you have everything you need to get the best install possible.

      Evan M. @ RallySport Direct 12 months ago  
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  • Q: Need spacers?  eclipse1 year ago

    Im putting kartboy front endlinks on a stock swaybar. Would i need these spacers on a stock sway bar or an aftermarket one ? Thanks!
    • 1 of 1 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  The spacers wont be required for the OEM sway bar and generally only needed for the front Whiteline bar paired with Kartboy endlinks.

      Evan M. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
      Was this answer helpful?
  • Q: Lowered Legacy Wagon  The Kraken3 years ago

    2006 Legacy Wagon GT, 1.5~ lower. Are these need with the Kartboy endlinks and stock swaybar?
  • Q: 05 legacy gt  joemo174 years ago

    will these fit on a 05 legacy gt wagon?
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  These will fit with your kartboy endlinks but may not be needed on the Legacy.

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