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Mishimoto Aluminum Fan Shroud Kit



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Great 4 years ago
5out of 5stars

They are great just make sure you get the Subaru oem adapters if u have an 01-03
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Awesome product  4 years ago
4out of 5stars

I just installed these in my 05 STI paired up with a Mishimoto Aluminum Performance radiator and it fit damn near perfect! I just had to slightly enlarge a bolt hole on the stock overflow bottle otherwise it was perfect. Plug and play no issues with wiring at all and it left a surprising amount of space between the fans and the engine. Again great product, I'd suggest it to anyone. If you use a Zero Sport Cool Thermo water thermostat aswell (that's what I used, it's a fail open rather than shut thermostat and opens at 170F) then you'll be set to run it hard with your mind at easy. I'm very satisfied!
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Looked really good 10 months ago
1out of 5stars

I got this thinking I was going to increase airflow and lower coolant temps but it actually caused my engine to overheat. After taking it to a subaru specific shop to fix my car I found out that this kit is the worst thing you can install and the OEM is the best solution for a fan set up. I really wished that this produced helped me instead of hurting. Easy to install and it looks great but it performs no where near what I wished it did or even close to OEM.
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Fan Shroud Caused Overheating 4 years ago
1out of 5stars

I just finished removing this product from a customer's car that purchased from our shop, both a Mishimoto radiator and this fan shroud. When idling with the AC on, the 2006 STI using this fan shroud would overheat. Fans were blowing the correct direction, cooling system was filled and burped correctly, we even replaced both radiator caps with new Subaru OE caps (we've seen failures of the Mishimoto cap), and the car would still overheat unless you turned the A/C off. After swapping the stock fans back in, we let the car idle in the 95 degree heat for an hour with A/C on, and the coolant temp would not climb above 86F according to live data from ECU. I am waiting for a response back from Mishimoto regarding this problem and hope to be able to return this item to them and refund my customer for the shroud.
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