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PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft



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PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft ( Part Number: IZW11160)
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No more floppy driveshaft 4 years ago
A surprising difference, better power transfer through weight reduction and removal of the floppy center joint. Romoved most of the bucking from deceleration/acceleration and about 2 to 4 mpg gain. Very subtle cab vibration driving at lower rpms (about 2500) but higher rpms and all speeds very smooth and responsive.
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CF driveshaft  4 years ago
decided to install the driveshaft after reading plenty reviews . Very happy, no vibrations! especially after some people online complaining about 65-80 mph hard vibrations with one piece cf driveshaft . The only problem while installing was My Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushings being just little over 1/8inch from the driveshaft, but after hard pulls and checking under car ( used temporary paint on the shaft to see even light touching )theres no hitting at all !! sounds good to me, thank you rally sport direct again
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So Far So Good 4 years ago
Like many, I saw a few reviews which showed issues with NVH, etc.. I haven't had anything of the sort yet and the install was very easy if you have a lift and even on jackstands like I did. I'd recommend it if you've got the $.
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better response 5 years ago
have this on my12 hatch saw a lot more response when taking off gears pulling smoother
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Nice upgrade 5 years ago
Little pricey, but after comparing the stock drive shaft side by side with this bad boy, I have no regrets on the price. Many people overlook this upgrade, however, the drive shaft is the main mechanism transferring engine HP and Torque to the wheels, and this product definitely is an improvement easily felt and noticed. Increased throttle response, car feels quicker, my WRX definitely wants to run faster now, have to keep an eye on the speedometer more; caught myself going 80 today when I thought I was around 70 or so. Installation, I was able to remove the stock drive shaft and install this one without removing any of the exhaust. I did have to remove the 2 bolts on the stock drive shaft support bracket, however, the drivers side bolt was difficult to reach. There is a pre-existing hole in the heat shield below this bolt, however, I have no idea what it is used for, it was not big enough to fit the socket in. Trimmed the heat shield a little bit, after that it was smooth sailing.
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A nice upgrade 5 years ago
As with losing drive train mass one gains what one would expect. Better acceleration, reduced engine braking force and lighter starts. Was it worth $1.1k? Probably not since that money could go to far better items such as GTWORX suspension, or a downpipe and exhaust or sways. However if you want to stay CARB legal and dont want a firmer or harsher ride then this isnt a bad way to go.
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good stuff 6 years ago
maxx wrx
This part made the car drive smoother and it made the beast a little more responsive! I love it! Also the drivetrain has become solid and no more bucking in 1st gear in the southern california traffic.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Great Product! 3 years ago
Awesome product if you have the money. Does make you car a bit more quick and responsive. If it were a few hundred dollars cheaper, this part would be a DEFINITE buy.. Thank you RSD sale!! The biggest thing I noticed is that it makes your car much easier to get into first gear.. A huge help if you have a lightweight flywheel, crank pulley, or both installed. Incredibly easy to install took me about 1 hour. Also just a heads up - if you get crazy NVH at higher speeds(you should be getting less than the OEM driveshaft I believe) try removing the driveshaft, spinning it 180 degrees then reinstalling. I don't know why that works, but it just does.
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