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Mishimoto Oil Drain Plug M20x1.5



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Mishimoto Oil Drain Plug M20x1.5 ( Part Number: MMODP-2015B)
Mishimoto Oil Drain Plug M20x1.5 ( Part Number: MMODP-2015B)
Confirmed Fitment 1995 Subaru Impreza LX 2 months ago
Mishimoto doesn’t disclose fitment on their website, but it fit my GC like factory. Previous owner didn’t take much care of this car, so I’m hoping this will help keep any debris not caught by the filter out. Magnet is plenty powerful. Threaded into oil pan smooth as butter! 24mm Hex.
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Mishimoto Oil Drain Plug for 08 OBXT 1 year ago
I purchased this magnetic drain plug as I recently had my motor rebuilt. As one may imagine, there is a relatively high concentration of small metal fragments in the oil after a rebuild. This oil drain plug works great and it should be said that it requires a 24 mm socket.
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Great part! Pretty and functional 2 years ago
Threw this oil drain plug in the last time I did my oil change, and it is a very nice piece! Good construction (although we will have to see how the aluminum holds up over time). The magnet is very strong for how small it is, and I'm sure it will catch some debris by my next oil change. You dont even need the crush washer because it has its own re-useable sealing washer on it! Havent noticed any drips so far. Overall best bang for your buck magnetic oil drain plug
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Works Great! 4 years ago
Gray metal sludge was wiped off the magnet onto a paper towel - photo upload not working.
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can not be used for engine oil drain  4 years ago
because of the magnet, it can not install on the engine oil drain
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STRONG magnet 5 years ago
Installed last night. Works as it should. Only difficulty was getting the plug into the pan. The magnet is so strong it pulls itself to the pan instead of straight into the whole. Magnet held my 1/2 drive ratchet with a 3 inch extension and a 7/8 socket up while I was playing with it waiting for oil to drain. I'm sure that's enough magnet strength to catch little particles in the oil!
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Does not fit 2005 STi 1 year ago
Tried threading it in, and the magnet hits something allowing it to thread half in
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Mishimoto Oil Drain Plug M20x1.5 (Part Number: )
Mishimoto Oil Drain Plug M20x1.5 (Part Number: )