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GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5

MODEL # GRE 13901303


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GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 ( Part Number: 13901303)
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 ( Part Number: 13901303)
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 ( Part Number: 13901303)
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 ( Part Number: 13901303)
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 ( Part Number: 13901303)
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 ( Part Number: 13901303)
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 ( Part Number: 13901303)
As Described! 7 months ago
Installed onto my 14 WRX. The crush washer is thick and very strong. The magnet at the end is very strong as well! Plus there was no fitment issues here, just pulled my stock drain plug and threaded this one in with ease! Looking forward to what this thing is going to pull during my next oil change, will update this review when i do.
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Magnetic drain plug review 7 months ago
Swapped the motor on my 2006 sti for a stage 2 long block. Used this magnetic drain plug to catch metal shavings and metal dust that was expected during the new motor break in period. The plug worked as expected and ive attached a pictilurr of all the metal that was captured by this drain plug at my firat oil change at 100 miles on the new motor.
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Greddy magnetic sump plug 10 months ago
Quite nice item, very high quality. Direct fit as stated. Recommend it to all subaru owners.
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Recommended.  10 months ago
A relatively cheap insurance policy to make sure metallic byproducts are kept away from vital engine components.
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Get it! 11 months ago
Bought one of these for my oil pan for peace of mind. Strong magnet and you don't have to replace the washer! After I received this one, I bought another one for my rear diff and changed that fluid! Buy 2 of these for peace of mind! Transmission plug is already magnetized (2012 STi)
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Works like charm 2 years ago
Easy replacement oil plug with a nice strong magnetic charge!
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Nice product 3 years ago
Looks nice. Purchased for my Killer B Oil Pan.
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Great plugs for both diff & oil 3 years ago
High quality, strong magnet, and the best price I could find. Thanks Rallysportdirect. Highly recommend replacing your OEM plugs, as it does get 99.9% of metal contaminants out of your oils and gives you a little extra peace of mind.
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Better to have it than not. 4 years ago
It's a drain plug with a magnet on it. Not much to really say. It's good to have it but it's not necessary. I mean, if you're an abusive/ignorant driver this won't save your engine.
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Good so far 4 years ago
Just threw it on. Seated up nice. Will update once I do the first change.
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Nice plug 4 years ago
Luckily no magnetic results yet, but fits fine in my 2002 wrx wagon.
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great fit and nice price 4 years ago
This is just what I was looking for as I run these rare earth magnet plugs on all of my bikes. Nice look light weight and pulls out metal particles from the oil.
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Can't beat that GReddy logo 4 years ago
Love this magnetic plug buy two! This fits your oil pan and your rear differential, protect your investment and add some style
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Installed 07 Impreza 4 years ago
Great little addition to any routine oil change. More peace of mind for your engine and at this price why not? Do it, you will be glad you did.
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Very strong magnet  4 years ago
Chris Ngo
The item is much lighter than the stock drain plug. I used this with the crusher washer. So far no leaks & I don't it ever will. The magnet is so strong I had trouble screwing it on cause it kept attracting to the sump lol.
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Bought 3 4 years ago
High quality magnet. Had to replace the washer on one of them after detecting a small leak, but otherwise great product. Delivery, packaging and customer service was top notch.
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Works as described. 4 years ago
Very strong magnet. on the '05 STi you will need to drill out the screen in the hole where the plug goes or else it will not fit all the way. No big deal though.
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Oil 4 years ago
Went ahead and swap with this piece on my first oil change. No issue with fitment.
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Rather safe than sorry 4 years ago
Love that this is actually a high quality magnet. Yet to do a oil change and don't expect to have much collected on it but its nice to know that if theres something in there this plug is going to grab it.
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Better look, 4 years ago
Does what it says.
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Go ahead and get two! 5 years ago
This item fits both the engine oil drain plug, and the rear diff drain plug on my 2011 STI. Go ahead and get two. Changing both engine oil and rear diff gear oil is a breeze. The magnet on this plug is DEFINITELY neodymium, as it is MUCH stronger than the stock magnet on the rear diff. And yes, Subaru uses an aluminum block, but there are other metallic components (piston rings, etc.) that no doubt have ferrous properties. If nothing what, this item at least mashes a much better seal than the stock plug in either location. On a side note, if you drive your STI with any spirit whatsoever, make sure to change your rear diff oil every 20,000 miles at a minimum. I made it to 40k, with a decent amount of back roads playing, rapid on-ramp traversals, and a full year's worth of autocross, and my rear diff oil came out looking like molasses. Yeah... flushed that real good with cheap synthetic 75w-90, and put a quart of Royal People in to make up for my naivety. Hopefully the Subaru God's will smile upon this offering.
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awesome piece 5 years ago
Fit was perfect on my GR wagon. The magnet is strong as heck. It took 2 hands just he get the magnet through the drain, cause it wanted to keep sticking to the pan. I haven't changed oil since installing, so I don't know if it'll catch any shavings, but even if there's nothing to catch, what's und harm. It's a nice piece, and totally worth it.
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Smart buy and so easy 5 years ago
I recommend getting this keeps ur motor more safe and looks good
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Exactly What I expected 5 years ago
I had this on my previous WRX and it always had a few shavings on it. It is a pretty cheap investment and no doubt an improvement over the OEM plug given the strong magnet
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Cool addition 5 years ago
Used this on my first oil change, not really necessary but for the price I thought it was a nice addition. It feels like a great quality piece and picked up just a few metal shavings but not much.
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Sweet product 5 years ago
Like it a lot, installed it with a recent oil change, that is some magnet in this thing too. Good value, worth it.
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Can't go wrong with this 5 years ago
Even if you're an anal guy who likes to do full synthetic oil changes every 3000 miles, ensuring there is very little to no metal deposits in your pan, it still couldn't hurt to go the extra step with this drain plug. :) Very stylish drain plug, and the magnet is super powerful. Another great product from Greddy!
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Great buy! 5 years ago
Had changed on first oil change due to stock one with sensor in it did not work, and leaked due to gasket never being changed. Hadnt leaked a drop yet using washer it came with. But just purchased KillerB oil drain plug to accommodate for new defi oil temp gauge with 1/8pt sensor
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wooooh magnet! 5 years ago
Brock Samson
Haven't done my first oil change with it yet and honestly, due to paranoia, I'm sort of dreading it. If you don't do your own oil changes you shouldn't buy this because you probably don't know where it goes (flux capacitor, duh). That being said, easy install because it's a drain plug. Yup. Fits with my Moroso pickup and stock oil pan on my 07 STi.
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fits perfect, excellent replacement 5 years ago
Used this in my last oil change on my 09 WRX. Haven't pulled it yet to see if its collected anything, but no leaks and perfect fit.
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GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 (Part Number: )
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 (Part Number: )
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 (Part Number: )
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 (Part Number: )
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 (Part Number: )
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 (Part Number: )
GReddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5 (Part Number: )