Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate  ( Part Number:INV HS08SW1DPC)

Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate

Manufacturer Part # HS08SW1DPC


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The Invidia Catted Downpipe features a Divorced Wastegate and cat, this will seperate the exhaust gas exiting the downpipe, creating a smoother exhaust flow, thus resulting in more HP and Torque. All this while keeping the exhaust fumes clean and safe for the enviroment.

The downpipe is constucted of 304 stainless steel 3" mandrel bent tubing and bolts up to any stock replacement catback or stock unit. New Downpipe Gasket recommended for purchase with this downpipe.
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Brand: Invidia
Includes Catalytic Converter: Yes
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Mouth Design: Divorced Wastegate
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: No
Piping ID: 3.00in
Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Piping Taper: No
Tuning Required: Yes
Catalytic Converter Cell Count: 200

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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RallySport Guarantee items may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date and must include all the original parts and contents for a refund.

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Verified Purchase

Worth it
nightingale.travis36531 12 days ago
I was confident I could install this myself but it ends up taking two people to line up the midpipe and the bolts on the turbo at the same time. Shipping was good as always. Definitely improved the sound quality of my NP 5" axleback exhaust. Deeper and more rasp. Slight increase in fuel economy and with a stage 2 tune there are significant power gains. In my opinion a 3" downpipe is a must. ** Be careful when disconnecting and reconnecting the O2 sensor - if you don't reattach the wires to the clip properly the loose wires can hit the drive shaft and you run into a bunch of problems that are no fun -- trust me.
Verified Purchase

It gets the job done. Not the best quality.
Jesse 5 months ago
Pipe seems decent. The welds look sloppy, especially next to my Nameless Performance cat-back. My tuner pointed out that the cat would be exposed to hight amounts of heat with it being located so close to the turbo. Due to this he said that he has seen some cat failure from this downpipe before. So he said that I probably should have gone with a downpipe that had the cat located lower on the downpipe. Maybe worth spending a few extra bucks for a better design. Overall, I'm happy with the performance gains i've seen out of this and the quality of the welds don't seem to be causing any issues. It is just a piece of piping after all...
Verified Purchase

marfor 6 months ago
Definitely a very well made item. I gave it a high-temp protective coating to prevent rusting and a thermal wrap to lower temps in the engine bay. Installed Invidia's Q-300 exhaust at the same time on my 2015 STI. Great fitment, was able to install alone. I have no doubt my Invidia exhaust system will last a while and handle my current setup that puts 410hp to the wheels at 380ftlbs of torque.

RedxPr0 9 months ago
I was lucky enough to install this Invidia Catted Downpipe and the Perrin non resonated quad tip exhaust at the dealership I work at. Total labor time for both products was about 3 hours. Great quality, great value. IMO the combination of both parts gave me exactly what I wanted in loudness and depth.
Verified Purchase

Love this down pipe!
wojtek99 10 months ago
I installed the Invidia DP two weeks ago and wish I bought this sooner. The difference in power is black and white. Just one tip when in stalling, make sure the wires from the o2 sensor clear the driveshaft . I learned the hard way haha and it set off my check engine light after a week.

  • Q: Invidia Downpipe/Cobb Accessport  ElijahCombs 13 days ago


    I have a 2010 wrx hatch and I just bought stage 1 through Cobb. I have now been looking at buying Invidias N1 turbo back system but I wanted to make sure I could run stage 2 tuning with a divorced wastegate downpipe. Will cobbs access port be compatible with that system?

    • A: Cobb only has confirmed fitment with their products on only their products. However I have never had a problem with these parts being compatible with the accessport.

      Tyler A. 12 days ago
  • Q: Gasket  Cook1620 1 month ago


    For the DP you recommend purchasing a new gasket is there a particular gasket you recommend for this DP?

    • A: You will need a new turbo to downpipe gasket and you can use the supplied midpipe gasket or use a different one. Grimmspeed gaskets are great choice for brand on gaskets.

      Chris W. 1 month ago
  • Q: Will it it fit?  Kevin_sti 2 months ago


    Will this dp fit If I have a 2016 sti with a nameless catback exhaust or will I need other hardware for the install?

    • A: This will fit up to your oem midpipe. We recommend running part GRM 077046 to ensure a leak free seal. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Tyler G. 2 months ago
  • Q: Will it fit?  Kevin_sti 2 months ago


    I currently have a nameless catback on my 2016 sti, will this dp fit with my catback or will I need other hardware?

    • A: As long as the catback on your STi has the 3" flange at the connection point of the mid pipe, this will bolt right up.

      Brady R 2 months ago
  • Q: Probably a silly question but -   Oliver 3 months ago


    So currently i have a 2012 STI Sedan. I also have the cobb tuner. I currently have a Q300 Catback on my vehicle. Im just curious, how much of a sound increase will i experience with this exhaust? I'm looking for something to increase the sound if possible, and by quite a bit. Thanks

    • A: This down pipe will increase the sound and performance of your car.

      Chris W. 3 months ago
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