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Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs



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Invidia is Amazing! 1 month ago
I had this Downpipe installed today. Let me start with I'm incredibly happy with this! I do want it to be known that there was a little bit of custom flange work that need to be done to bolt it up to a Borla 140312 catback exhaust, but nothing difficult. Once bolted up, I performed the Stage 2 tune with the Accessport. First thing I noticed, the sound, is amazing! So deep, and powerful! Then there was the noticeable power gain! I'm no expert, but my WRX feels like it's boosting quicker. I'm super happy with this and would definitely buy anything Invidia again!
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Downpipe 2 months ago
This gives your car a new feeling, sounds better, runs better (with a tune), only regret is I should’ve got this from day 1. Recommended AF
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That rumble 4 months ago
Extremely satisfied with the way this downpipe sounds and performs combined with the individual cat back dual exhaust. Everything I expected and more, thanks again!
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2017 STi 5 months ago
Huge power gains with stage 2. I love it! Quality of the downpipe is awesome and fitment was flawless. I would definitely buy this again.
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Awesome build and quality 6 months ago
I've been running my full turboback with the Invidia catted downpipe and ETS Extreme catback (no muffler, no resonator) for a month now. In my opinion if you want the loudest exhaust, this will do the trick! After the downpipe was installed I had my STI protuned and this really woke up the car! Highly recommend this downpipe!
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Love it 1 year ago
Before getting this downpipe I had the N1 catback installed on my 11 WRX. The catback alone enhanced that nice rumble, but this downpipe brought that rumble a whole new level! Performance gains weren't all that I was hoping for, but they were still noticeable so no complaints there. I've had this downpipe on for just under 2 months now, and I still love it and get a smile on my face every time I start my car.
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Happy Happy Happy 2 years ago
I ordered this Downpipe along with the N1 Dual Exit Exhaust to take my 2013 WRX Stage 2. Quality wise, it was beautiful straight out of the box. Way better looking and craftsmanship than the OEM downpipe. As far as installation I have access to a lift and we did the installation in around 2 hours. Removing the stock downpipe is difficult at times (removing the stock heat shield and removing turbo bolts), so you're going to need PB Blaster and a breaker bar. The new Downpipe bolted up easily and was a clean fit with the N1. I then flashed my car with the Cobb Stage 2+ OTS map and my car feels like a whole new machine. 5th gear has become a passing gear and the car pulls hard in 2nd and 3rd. EBCS and Pro-Tune are in the immediate future to get the car's full potential!
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Awesome! 2 years ago
I currently have this on my 09 WRX and going stage 2 was definitely worth it. Previous to installing this I had the invidia n1 catback and this greatly improved the sound and performance. I'd recommend this + the N1 + AccessPort.
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Amazing is all i can say 2 years ago
Scooba steve
Got this downpipe today. Installed it in about 2 hours. The old downpipe is a pos so that was the longest part. Bolted up very nice installed the stage 2 ots map and the difference is night and day. Sounds amazing now so much better. A big step in speed and power. So satisfied with the quality of this product. If you are on the edge buy it you will not be disappointed.
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Fantastic  3 years ago
Just hooked this baby up to my n1 catback running a ots Cobb stage 2 map incredible boost in power literally!!! 08 wrx
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Quality! 3 years ago
After a little less than 2 years, still looks great, still sounds great!
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Excellent craftsmanship! 3 years ago
I am very pleased with this downpipe. I was looking for a true 3 downpipe which only a few other brands offer. I now have stage 2 map for my accessport, Cobb intake and an Invidia N1 cutback exhaust. Sounds great! Sounds the same at idle but when you put on the throttle, it's a monster. Rallysport Direct has an awesome customer service! Thanks guys!
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love this pipe. 4 years ago
totally getting more invidia exhaust components soon. cat back, maybe even headers. idk yet. but man this is some nice high quality stuff right here. my gasket blew out about 4 months ago and i just decided to order a new one. but im blaming myself. this pipe is easy as pie to install. and just super shiny and well put together. thanks
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2013 STi Limited Sedan 4 years ago
I installed this a few months back. LOVE IT, i recently upgraded the turbo. FITS PERFECT on the Tomei ARMS M8265 turbo. just outstanding
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Great Downpipe 4 years ago
I had a issue not hitting full boost. This dp all but fixed it. It's loud as hell when hitting full throttle but cruising it's not noticeable it doesn't drone and I'd buy it again if I had to.
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awesome down pipe! 4 years ago
Great fit, great quality, and i got it for good price. happy with this purchase. only thing to consider about this downpipe is the cat location, it can make it difficult to install and EWG.
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Nice!! 5 years ago
Great beautiful piece. I installed it with the Invidia uppipe and connected it to my Invidia dual N1 cat back. Sounds amazing.
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Invidia  5 years ago
Installed this on my 2011 Sti along with Perrins Quad tip exhaust, I used ramps, a floor jack and some jack stands and the install took about an hour and a half. I also flashed Cobbs Stage 2 OTS map, It's safe to say that they all work together because She's been running great!
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Invidia Catted DP 5 years ago
Product looks great, and fits perfectly, but comes without turbo to DP gasket. Installation is straightforward, just make sure to use PB blast on the nuts prior to removal. Flashed to Cobb stage 2, and had small noticeable Hp gains over stage 1, and some increased mpg. Nice product, and would recommend. A good step in the progression of power mods!
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Great Product! 5 years ago
Sounds great and enabled me to install the stage 2 tune using my COBB AP. Install was a pain like every other downpipe but overall not the bad unless things go wrong (I stripped a nut).
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Awesome! 5 years ago
This piece is beautiful! Easy install on my 2012 STi. It would have been a lot easier if I had a lift. The exhaust comes with the gasket for between the downpipe and the cat back, but does not come with the downpipe to turbo gasket. Make sure you order one with this downpipe! It also comes with two longer exhaust bolts. The Invidia flange is thicker than the stock downpipe flange so those longer bolts are used to connect to the turbo. After the install I loaded the Cobb OTS map and drove around for a little. I was over-boosting and had to switch to the Cobb LWG map. No more boosting problems and now I can drive safely until I get protuned. Overall and excellent part from Invidia!
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Works well but EWG problem 5 months ago
Looks good, works great except one problem with accommodating Tial EWG. There's simply barely just enough dump tube clearance (1/8'') from the axle boot. Catalytic converter is kinda bulky and I had to pound the dump tube with hammer to change its profile so I can fit it right in between with 1/8'' clearance. I did not feel conformable with such solution and rerouted dump tube to DP. A lot of custom welding required.
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big jump! 4 years ago
my car became a different car after installing a downpipe in my car.. installation was a bit challenging in my garage with a buddy but you dont really need a professional help.. i only picked invidia downpipe since i wanted a full invidia turbo-back but the quality of the downpipe was flawless. flashed cobb accessport map and BOOM! your car is a different car.
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will not fit an EWG 4 years ago
did not really know enough about EWG to realize these catted DP's will not fit an EWG. just take that into consideration when purchasing.
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Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs (Part Number: )
Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs (Part Number: )
Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs (Part Number: )
Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs (Part Number: )
Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs (Part Number: )
Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs (Part Number: )
Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs (Part Number: )