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COBB Tuning Downpipe Catted Bellmouth

MODEL # COB524212


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When you need your performance parts quick contact Rally Sport Direct 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

Great company to do business with great selection FAST service! , Quality parts!
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Cobb DP for Sub Leg GT 05 AT 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

The improvement noted with the Cobb downpipe and uppipe upgrading to Cobb Stage 2 vs Stage 1 is really impressive. The turbo lag is almost nil and the torque increase feels like it starts in the really low revs. With Stage 1 it was almost an on/off switch, which was fun, but could be a problem in heavy traffic because you could run up someone's rear bumper if you weren't judicious with the throttle. This is so smooth, progressive, bonkers with the power (more torque than a Stage 1 STI), and (here's how you impress your hippie friends) my highway MPG went up 11%! I'm a little nutty about tracking that, and it's a legit number. I was going to trade in my legacy for an Audi S4; that was before the mods. Now that would be a big drop in torque and fun. Kudos Cobb!
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'09 OBXT DP 7 years ago
5out of 5stars

Great work Cobb! The turbo lag in all conditions is considerably less, can feel the increased torque as well, not to mention the turbo really sings now. Exactly the tune I was looking for without the high exhaust note.
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down pipe 8 years ago
5out of 5stars

I owne a 2005 subaru outback XT. This product was easy to install and I can really feel the power difference. Before when you would put the pedal to the metal it took a bit for the turbo to kick in now it is almost instant power. The only issue I had was I had to destroy the O2 sensor to get it out and then I was out another $200 buying a new one. I recomend buying the Cobb heat shield to. Do not run the car without IT!!!!!! Seriously. One more thing I did not have to remove my intercooler.
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