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Subaru OEM Super Coolant 1 Gallon



  • Q: Coolant for 1997 Subaru Legacy  Electricsunset3 years ago

    Hi: I see that you recommend the green coolant for my 1997 Legacy. Currently I have the green in it and have driven 1200 miles in 2 years since the last change by me. I live in San Diego at the beach and the green checks out fine. I was under the impression I had to change it every 2 years because the corrosion prevention additives can deteriorate over time? If you recommend a change do I have to empty ALL of the fluid or can I leave what is in the hoses considering I am doing this in my driveway? Thanks
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      A:  It is best to drain as much coolant as you can out of the cooling system before refilling it.

      Jared A. @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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  • Q: coolant  cblee538714 years ago

    Will this newer coolant be compatable with the 02 wrx? Not sure about the chemicals and i dont want to corrode anything by an incorrect choice.
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      A:  This is the blue long life coolant that is meant for 08+ Subarus. It will still work just fine for your car, but I recommend using the Green OEM Subaru coolant.

      Josh P. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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      A:  this is the long life coolant, it can be used in any year of subaru. if used on models prior to 2008 you will want to completely flush the cooling system with water first. if mixed with the green coolant you will no longer have the long-life properties

      jryanpayne77 @
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  • Q: 13 Subie WRX Coolant  kingofkingz33885474 years ago

    My stock coolant is green and little below the low mark. Should I flush and go with this coolant or is there a green super coolant I can buy and just fill up?
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      A:  A coolant flush is always a good idea after 40-50k miles. If your just looking to add more coolant you can top it off with this, or a 50/50 blend from a local auto store.

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  • Q: How much  Kevin_H4 years ago

    Im looking to do a coolant flush on my 2007 subaru wrx. It already has the blue stuff in it already. Do I need 2 gallon or more?
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      A:  You will need a little under 2 gallons to fill your system. For the flushing, water will work fine.

      guest569faaee2a8d2517038b4568 @
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  • Q: Blue or Green?  xxknight48xx5 years ago

    Is this coolant the Blue Super Coolant, or is it the Green Super Coolant. My WRX came with the Subaru Blue Super Coolant and I need to add some and I would prefer not to mix the two, unless they are allowed to be mixed together.