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Whiteline Adjustable Lower Control Arms Rear



  • Q: Pairs?  Azzy1 year ago

    Is the price is already in pairs?
  • Q: performance  jeff1 year ago

    Besides the whiteline name, do these offer a substantial performance increase? I noticed the next top of the line items incorporate a different style of bushing/mounting point, ( cusco for example) I'm looking to find something that offers a slight adjustment ( I'm off by -3 degrees currently) as well as a medium performance increase. I track the car about 3-4 times a year if possible.
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      A:  As far as adjustments go these are the items for you. These will offer the adjustments that you are looking to make to ensure you have the correct amount of camber for your vehicle. As far as performance goes these are just lower control arms. They do come with upgraded bushings but there really isn't much more to it then that. They will just lighten up your vehicle a little and keep the chassis a little tighter with newer, tougher bushings.

      Tyler A. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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  • Q: HEIGHT  yiannik102 years ago

    Hi RSD, Are these control arms known to lower the vehicle height like previous other companies. I know the GT specs a couple years ago stated the height could lower by almost 2 inches. Thank you
  • Q: Whiteline lower control arms  MikeD3 years ago

    How much negative camber can you achieve before Whiteline adjustable toe arms are needed to dial in 0 toe?
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      A:  Hi MikeD, Although I don't have an answer with 100% certainty as this kit is listed for numerous model vehicles, our product testing on the FR-S indicates that you should be able to achieve about 0.5-0.75 degrees of adjustment before replacing the OE toe arms becomes necessary. These are estimates, but if you plan on adjusting further than that then rear toe arms are highly recommended.

      Jonathan @ Whiteline @ Whiteline 3 years ago  
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  • Q: ride height  YingYang4 years ago

    Do these force you to lower or can they be used at stock ride height?