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Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
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Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red (Part Number: )
Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red
Subaru WRX 2006-2007 / STI 2004-2007
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Part # SP1202WR

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Features & Product Details

RallySport Direct proudly carries a great selection of Injen Cold Air Intakes for those of you who want to improve the performance of your vehicle by replacing your factory restrictive air intake box. 

Here, you are looking at the Injen SP Series Air Intake System. This intake has been designed to be a direct replacement for your factory intake system. With a solid tune, you could see improvements in horsepower, torque, along with throttle response with reduced turbo lag. 



  • Blue Patented Tuning Proces SuperNano Web Dry Filter 
  • Aluminum intake piping with smooth mandrel bends that limit turbulence and restriction under acceleration
  • Up to +25.23 HP
  • Up to 22.63 ft.lbs
  • Powder-coated in a wrinkle red finish for extra protection against corrosion and to improve engine aesthetics
  • Comes provided with silicone couplers and worm clamps to make this intake ready for the installation
  • Requires tune
  • Specifications

    Brand: Injen
    Carb Exempt: Yes
    Carb E.O. Number: D-476-5
    Filter Color: Red
    Filter Element Type: Wet
    Filter Material: Cotton
    Filter Reusable: Yes
    Includes Airbox: No
    Piping Color: Red
    Piping Material: Aluminum
    Tuning Required: No
    Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Condition: New Product
    Return Policy:

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    Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red ( Part Number: SP1202WR)
    Injen Cold Air Intake Wrinkle Red ( Part Number: SP1202WR)
    good product for the money 7 months ago
    5out of 5stars

    good product, got it becasue my air temps were over 130 degrees and the intake i had before was seeing temps of up to 190, however i only use this during the summer and the accessport from cobb didnt really like it and my a/f was off at idle only, while driving it was fine. i drove in the rain with this and had no problems no signs of water getting into filter or intake. first you will need to make sure your parked in gear then you need to jack the car up and put jackstand under the driver and passanger door at the jack spots, (now my car is lowered with bc racing coilovers so i had to jack it up from where the jackstand goes and stick a peice of 4x4 wood next to the jack) then used the body support as a jack spot for properly placing the jackstand. Then you need to remove the clips on the passanger side inner fender located next to frame rail, bottom of bumper closest to the outside of the wheel and the next 2 clips up to be able to get the filter in and to install the intake. twist the intake down and into where you took the inner fender clips out and spin the intake so it goes out thru the hole that was created by removing the 3 inner fender clips and it will go into place. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REMOVE BUMPER!!! Jack up the car and turn the wheel to the left. i did not have to remove bumper what so ever. I didnt see the air temps go past 130 even in 100 degree weather with this intake but without a tune you will get check engine light, noticed huge improvement in power on the highway but my idle was all over the place as it made my inside fender like a vaccum
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    Sounds great! 6 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    Very impressed with the intake, Install took me a little less than 2 hours. The worst part was getting the bumper off.
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    Great intake! 7 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    I ordered this intake about 3 months ago, so far i am very happy with it. in response too the previous review about the inside being painted...mine was not painted on the inside at all. as far as performance goes i noticed a DRASTIC drop in my intake air temps and a decent boost in power. this coupled with a turbo-back exhaust on a Cobb Stage 2 tune runs perfectly and very smooth power. my AFR's are dead on at 14.7 idle and 11.1 under boost. hope this review helps anyone looking too purchase this product
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    Injen CAI Wrinkle Red 8 years ago
    2out of 5stars

    I've had this product installed for 3 years. Pros: Engine bay looks better. Sounds better. Cons: They painted the inside of the piping which does chip easily. The inside of mine has enormous wear. You don't want paint particles getting into your intake manifold! Also it messes with the A/F ratio's... I WOULD NOT recommend this product as the cons weight the benefits.
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     10 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    GREAT piece and even better service ordered it on monday had it on thursday took about 20 mins to install super easy. great sound 5/5
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    • Q: BOX Size  d_nurm1 year ago

      What is the sizes of giftbox?
    • Q: Inside diameter  Ricky H.2 years ago

      What is the inside diameter of this filter? Thanks!!
    • Q: Filter Element Type?  Omnislasher563 years ago

      By Filter element type: Wet, does this mean this filter has to be/ can be cleaned with water? Does it have to be oiled as well? Lastly would this intake mate up to the AMR Hard Turbo inlet? Thanks
      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  You can purchase a filter cleaner for this and yes you will need to oil the filter. We cannot confirm the fitment of those two products, but the size of this intake would match up to a stock size inlet.

        Chris W. @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  One more question: Is the I.D of this intake painted of have they changed this? Also do you sell a 2.75" dry filter? Rather have a dry filter than oiled filter that could affect my MAF.

        Omnislasher56 @
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    • Q: Tune?  mitchz1987659594 years ago

      On a 2006 wrx would I need to get a tune if I install this or would it be fine with a stock tune
      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  Depending on if your car has a tune or not, changing the intake can interfere with a aftermarket tune. I would recommend a tune for this intake if you notice a lag in boost or any other differences. If your car is stock a tune could help maximize performance with this intake, but no tune is required.

        Trevor C. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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    • Q: injen/cobb  Carlo.Caputo471806 years ago

      can i use this with the cobb ap?
      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  Cobb does not have any maps specifically for this intake and you would need a Protune if you use this intake with the AccessPort.

        Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 6 years ago  
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