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AEM Cold Air Intake Red



  • Q: Perrin FMIC  Coty9 months ago

    I already have this intake installed and prefer not to change it. Does the Perrin FMIC fit with this intake? 2015 STI
  • Q: AEM Intake and Cobb Accessport   Sean Anderson2 years ago

    I bought a 2018 STI and i'm thinking on buying this intake. Does the Cobb access port support this intake?
  • Q: COI fitting  UNOSTI4 years ago

    Does this intake fit a 2016 STI Limited?
  • Q: Intake  Jdmboy414 years ago

    What do we do about the tube running from the factory intake tube to the firewall?
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      A:  The factory sound tube going to the cabin will not be connected to this intake and you can just leave it disconnected or remove it from the car.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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  • Q: Accessport  ZStewart5 years ago

    I purchased the AEM Intake and currently have the stage 1 Cobb AP tune on my car, which tune should I use, the intake map from Cobb or keep it on the regular stage 1 file ?
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      A:  Cobb does not currently have a map for the 2015's that support the AEM intakes at this time. Keep an eye out for the updates to come.

      guest57853c642a8d25b5018c44a7 @
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      A:  So is my only choice to either get a custom tune done or to remove the cobb tune and run it stock ?

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  • Q: Filter?  GIJosh26875 years ago

    Does this come with the K&N Dry filter like the 08-14 model?
  • Q: Tune?  gakumar5 years ago

    Will this intake require a tune on an otherwise stock 2015 STI?
  • Q: Interchangable?   bkruelle5 years ago

    I have a 2011 WRX AEM CAI sitting in my garage. Will this fit the 2015 STi? I notice the Perrin CAI do but they don't go into the fender like the AEM so I can understand if they work and the AEM doesn't.
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      A:  The 2011 WRX AEM Cold Air intake is not the same intake for the 2015 STi, hence the revised version here on this product page :) Thank you.

      Sterling W. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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