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AEM Cold Air Intake Gunmetal

MODEL # AEM 21-732C


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awesome sound  6 months ago
Worked great on my wife's car easy to install made for a fun project takes about 25min to put on
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AEM cold air intake 2015 wrx 2 years ago
Really straight forward install and high quality parts. Fit and finish is really nice and the piping's paint is very high quality, not to mention the filter is one of the nicest ones I've used on any of my cars. The sound is amazing coupled by a aftermarket bypass valve! Really loud!
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AEM cold air intake 3 years ago
This intake sounds great on my 2015 WRX. It was so easy to install with the the supplied kit. Shipping was quick and easy from Rallisport Direct.
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 2 years ago
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2018 WRX install NOT that simple 3 months ago
New to Subaru - 2018 WRX
The install should have been fairly simple, however on my 2018 WRX the hose clamp for the lower bellows was turned face down making it impossible to access with a screwdriver except from underneath the car (and removing a ton of stuff to get to it). Luckily I had a very small socket wrench that I was able to blindly feel my way onto the hex head and VERY slowly loosen it with roughly 1/8 turns. It was also not that easy to secure the bellows onto the new pipe as there is not a lot of space to work with and the fit was almost too tight (maybe because the car is still so new with less than 250 miles). And on top of that, they did not provide one of the "included" bolts, so I had to dig through my collection of random screws and bolts and finally found one that worked. Maybe the 2015-2017 models are easier, but this took me a sold 2 hours all said and done, and I was left with scratched and slightly cut up hands and arms from the various nooks and crannies I had to maneuver around.
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Good Quality & Construction 3 years ago
The quality, the looks, and the sound are awesome. Unfortunately, BrenTuning has informed me that this intake is less optimal than the stock airbox itself when it comes to getting ProTune gains. I will definitely be utilizing the heat shield that came with this intake, however I will be swapping out this intake for an ETS one asap. I still enjoyed miles on this intake with stock tune, however I'm getting a Stage 2 ProTune soon and hence need the upgrade.
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Intake performance  3 years ago
On the stock tune this intake does no such power gains that were promised on the box if anything the feels like it has noticeably less power with this Intake installed. Not sure of the performance gains with a pro tune but I would not reccomend. Stick with the stock intake!!
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AEM Cold Air Intake Gunmetal (Part Number: )
AEM Cold Air Intake Gunmetal (Part Number: )