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AEM Cold Air Intake Blue

MODEL # AEM21-474B


  • Q: Rain driving  AlphA2 years ago

    Is this style of cold air intake safe to use if driving though heavy rain?
  • Q: Wagon?  Eguy1269 years ago

    Does this fit the wagon? Any modification needed if tight fit?
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      A:  This intake will fit both sedan and wagon models, and no modification is necessary.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 9 years ago  
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  • Q: which intake  Scooby snacks110 years ago

    In your last sentence you said intake which one the cobb sf or the AEM CAI. And being that I have an 02 wrx do I need a tune after I add a full invidia exhaust system? I am gonna go with the AEM I think just to save on money. If i do need a tune should I get the cobb AP or just get a protune? Also thank you for the information!!!
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      A:  Cobb does not currently have a MAP to support the AEM intake for the 02-07 models unfortunately. And a tune is always recommend after the installation of any intake just to be safe, plus you would see really nice gains with an intake, turboback exhaust and a tune. And deciding between a pro-tune and the off the shelf map is tough choice, but the pro-tune would give you more power as it is going to be specific for your environment and mods. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

      Rick C. @ RallySport Direct 10 years ago  
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  • Q: AEM CAI or Cobb SF intake with air box  Scooby snacks110 years ago

    I am so unsure now about what intake I should get. I know everybody is ravin about the cobb sf intake and i was sure as of yesterday that I was going to get one myself but today questions come into play. I see all these install videos with the airbox pairs with the ram air duck, I don't have a ram air duck and im trying to save some money, both the oem and the air duck on your website are expensive. Please give me all the input on both intakes, also if the AEM CAI will work with the Cobb AP?
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      A:  The main differences between this intake and the Cobb intake are the filter location and length of piping. They will both have similar hp and torque gains and the final decision will come down to personal preference. The Cobb filter will be more accessible for cleaning and maintenance and the airbox will make it perform like a cold air intake. Cobb currently does not have any off the shelf maps to support this intake.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 10 years ago  
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  • Q: 2002 WRX  dpalmer10 years ago

    With the install of this, would I need a tune?
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      A:  AEM says that this intake does not require any tuning, but you will not get the full potential out of this or any intake without a tune. I recommend tuning with any aftermarket intake to ensure the safety of the engine and for maximum power gains.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 10 years ago  
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  • Q: 2004 WRX wagon  Kernan11411 years ago

    First off, just to make sure, will this fit the wagon. Also is there a way for water to get to this or is it safe to drive through mud/water?
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      A:  I don't show AEM specifying fitment between the wagon and sedan so I imagine it fits both. The filter does sit relatively low in your fender so if you are in deep enough water/mud it could get sucked into the filer. If you are concerned about water/mud then I would suggest using the AEM filter wrap which is what AEM recommends using to keep water and mud from penetrating your filter.

      Tanner S. @ RallySport Direct 11 years ago  
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  • Q: cold air intake 2002 wrx sti  ERNIE490011 years ago

    how does it get the cold air,and can u install with original innerguard cover still fitted,i have also fitted your brake ducting kit,if i buy will it all fit,had to remove the big air storage box to fit brake duct kit
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      A:  This should fit with the inner wheel guard without any issues. However depending on how the brake ducting is mounted it may cause clearance issues.

      guest561671092a8d25a1658c55d3 @
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