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Tein Street Basis Z Coilover Kit ( Part Number:TEI4 GSS80-8USS2)

Tein Street Basis Z Coilover Kit - Subaru WRX 2008-2014

Manufacturer Part # GSS80-8USS2


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If you're in the market for an affordable set of coilovers that won't break the bank, then the Tein Street Basis Z coilovers would make for a great option. These are ride height adjustable coilovers that will improve handling, performance, and the stance of your vehicle. These coilovers feature a sealed structure, in which Tein designed the body to have a narrow shell pipe to allow oil and gas to be injected, Then the body is then completely sealed.

Ride height can be adjusted by moving the lower spring seat either up, or down, making level adjustment simple and efficient. Additionally, the Street Basis Z coilovers utilize a twin-tube system which attains a longer stroke with a smaller repulsive force which provides better ride comfort. This design makes the coilover suitable for all kinds of road conditions which will make for smoother rides at lower speeds, while having more stability on higher speed levels. 

With the Street Basis Z coilovers, users will re-use their OE upper mounts to complete installation, and these coilovers will come supplied with an optimal dust boot, no-sag springs, and the coilovers will come powder-coated in Tein's flagship green powder-coat finish for protection against corrosion.


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Brand: Tein
Adjustable: Yes
Camber Adjustable: No
Caster Adjustable: No
Dampening Adjust Type: Not Adjustable
Damper Type: Twin Tube
Drop Height Front: 0.9-2.9in
Drop Height Front Metric: 23-74mm
Drop Height Rear: 0-2.9in
Drop Height Rear Metric: 0-74mm
Height Adjustable: Yes
Independent Height Adjustable: No
Spring Rate Front: 336lbs/in
Spring Rate Front Metric: 6Kg/mm
Spring Rate Rear: 280lbs/in
Spring Rate Rear Metric: 5Kg/mm
Top Hats Included: No

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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RallySport Guarantee items may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date and must include all the original parts and contents for a refund.

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Verified Purchase

Installed on 09 wrx sedan
ill_wrx808 11 months ago
These are really good for the low price. Increased handling and definitely dropped the car 3 inches with room to go.
Verified Purchase

Best bang for the buck by far
2012 wrx 12 months ago
I will start off by saying this is my third wrx (2012) I've also previous owned a 2002 and also a 2007. With these three cars I've had all with stock suspension the 02 with racelands, the 07 with toteiko d spec struts rce springs and also with swift springs. I can honestly say I personally loved feeling and handling the best with the spring and struts but I just didn't get the desired drop that I had with my 02 on the racelands. Personally I did not like the feeling of the racelands or the ride quality. Plus I ran into problems with them simply because they are garbage. I bought these because they are cheap I can run them for a year or so and just to do some test fitment with my desired drop for awhile. I was worried I would run into problems that I had with the racelands. This is also the first coilover I have ever had that had to replace the top hats I re-used the stock ones which had 82k on them. I can honestly say that these coils are incredible for the price. I was worried about them being a little to stiff for me. (Especially because I gave whiteline swaybars.) They aren't at all in fact I didn't slam them because they do seem more on the softer side compared to most coilovers I have ever dealt with. You will rub just barley with these if you slam them on a 2011-2014 wrx. Over ride quality is not as good as springs and struts but is pretty close. I am very impressed and I would make this purchase again. The max drop height is 2.9 I went with front 2.4 rear 2.5
Verified Purchase

U.K. 1 year ago
The price had me skeptical at first... I debated just shelling out the additional $400 for the Flex Z that way I don't have to deal with swapping over the top strut mount. But I have access to a good spring compressor so I figured I'd give them a shot. Plus Rallysportdirect offers 30 days satisfaction guaranteed. I was very impressed. Installation was easy enough due to experience and access to a shop. It took me about 3.5hrs to put them in. Once installed, I was able to get my height adjusted which was is very simple. I lowered the ride height by about an inch and a half. Then the test drive... which is where these coilovers really impressed me. I couldn't believe the comfortability of these coilovers. I little stiffer than the factory struts, but really not bad. Going around some corners felt great! No noise or anything from them either. I couldn't believe I just installed Tein coilovers for about $500! These coilovers are a bargain! I highly recommend them. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Verified Purchase

Absolutely love these coilovers!!!
hertzog8980937 1 year ago
For how inexpensive these are i was very skeptical on how they would perform. I am very pleased with theach the ride quality, definitely stiffer than stock but not even close to being uncomfortable. I highly highly recommend these coilovers if you plan lowering your daily or even for track use. Install was a breeze and only took about 2.5hrs total. Pneumatic tools definitely makes it easier. Just measure them really good before you put them on. After I installed them I didn't have to do any adjustments. Be sure to get the car alignment immediately after.
Verified Purchase

Night and day difference
nightingale.travis36531 1 year ago
Installed this after 3 years on COBB sport springs on stock struts so that's what I'm comparing the ride to. I initially adjusted the coilovers to pre Tein's specified height. The drop was a bit extreme (13.0" hub to fender front and 13.3" rear) and ended up going up to 13.5" front and 13.7" rear. This is roughly 0.5" from the COBB spring height and in the neighbourhood of 1.5" from stock height (give or take). There was a lot of road noise/banging from my COBB springs and that's been totally eliminated. The ride is not at all harsh, not at all bouncy and I honestly find it extremely comfortable. Did the install myself in about 3.5 hours and another hour or so to adjust the height. This just happened yesterday and they haven't settled yet but I've already noticed a significant improvement in ride quality/comfort, love the ride height, and noticed marked improvement in cornering. BIG difference in squat/dive reduction between shifts when I'm getting on it. Very very pleased with these coilovers, especially for the price. No issues reusing my top hats. Instructions weren't the greatest but there are some good videos out there that helped. I prebuilt them and pre adjusted the ride height to the specified 40mm before installing. Made it a lot easier. Pretty early but so far I love them!
YoursTruly83 4 days ago
How do you like them now? Still holding up to your expectations? What about bumpy B roads? I'm considering after market suspension and regularly ride on back roads with lots of bumps, off camber drops mid corner, and compression dips in the road, I feel like I should go to a gravel system almost! but alas, then I get off this island and get flat nice roads heading into the city. so its a toss up.

  • Q: Would these be compatible with Whiteline Com 'C' Caster/Camber Adjusting Strut Mounts?  Adam 6 months ago


    Wondering if they are worth the investment?

    • A: Yes, these would work with Whiteline Com 'C' Caster/Camber Adjusting Strut Mounts.

      Brady R 6 months ago
  • Q: coilover  09PREZE 7 months ago


    I was just wondering if by any chance will these fit a 2009 Subaru impreza sedan 2.5i i was just wondering thanks

    • A: Unfortunately, we cannot confirm these to fit a 2009 Subaru Impreza 2.5I

      Jared A. 7 months ago
    • A: Most likely yes. I have wrx struts on my 2009 2.5i. So fitment should be fine.

      BH 3 months ago
  • Q: Top Hats?  Gio 10 months ago


    Reuse the stock top hats?

    • A: Yes, these will reuse your stock top hats.

      Tyler A. 10 months ago
  • Q: Alignment  Fitment 1 year ago


    Will I need to run any additional aftermarket part in order to get a good/oem alignment? i.e camber bolts or special top mount...

    • A: Camber bots would be recommended for the fronts I have attached a link below.

      Jared A. 1 year ago
  • Q: Stiffness  Drumngeek 2 years ago


    Does anyone know how much stiffer the ride is with these compared to stock? I know they're "street basis," but coilovers are usually significantly stiffer. Will it still be driveable as a daily? Thanks!

    • A: While these will be quite a bit stiffer than stock, they are not that harsh due to their twin tube design. These would be a good choice for a daily driver.

      Josh P. 2 years ago