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ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers



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Impressed ! 2004 WRX 12 months ago
5out of 5stars

Purchased these coil overs after a cheaper set failed in less than 2 years. These came reccomended by a few other WRX owners. This upgrade went with new 17inch wheels/tires. I have them set in the dead middle (16 clicks) and cant complain one bit. Car handles better than my newer Subaru with the factory suspension. I did not have to replace the swaybar end links as I have no interference. I have my ride height set at 23 inches from bottom of rim to the fender. I did buy adjustable links, and will use those when the new sway bars get added, but thats due to age. Only thing I am upset about is I purchased these 1 week ago and now they come with the free sleeves ! if I could have only waited.. grrr. This is my first experience with Rallysport - I will be a return customer. !
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Great suspension 1 year ago
5out of 5stars

I'm loving these coilovers. I've been setting up my wrx 2002 wagon for the track and this is by far the best modification that I've done for my purpose. I tested these coilovers on the track and I was very happy and overly confident. I finally felt that car responded like I wanted it to and no more body roll to chew away my tires. They also helped with understeering. I set them up to be stiffer in the rear (25 clicks) and soft in the front (15 clicks) and the understeer was not a concern for me at the track. Also, these coilovers feel great on the street compare to my old set up- swift spring and kyb excel g struts. With the ISC coils, my every day commute feels a lot more comfortable and smoother over bumps and cracks on the road. Great product and a great price.
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Exceeds all Expectations 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

I ended up ordering these through a local shop, but since there are no reviews on this product I would like to offer one for anyone considering buying them. First off, these coilovers are extremely well-packaged and the build quality is fantastic. The spring preload is already set whenever you open them up, so all you have to do is make sure the locking collars are secured. Install wasn't too difficult. I did it my driveway with my car on jack stands so I could put all four of them on in one go. Fitment was perfect and everything had a very solid feel to it. To make it easier to adjust the height, I used a jack and a block of wood to lift the control arms just enough to take the weight off of them. Make sure the height adjustment locking collars are good and snug before you put everything back together. Once installed, it felt like I was driving a totally different car. Body roll has been 99% eliminated and the turn-in response is even better than I had hoped for. The only downside is that because these coilovers are so much stiffer than stock, you will feel every bump and groove in the road. If you're okay with that, you'll love them. I'm using them in conjunction with Perrin 25mm front and rear sway bars, and Kartboy endlinks. For the price, I don't think you'll find a better set of coilovers. I would highly recommend them.
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Good value 1 year ago
4out of 5stars

Install was easy once i got the old struts off. Reccomend a breaker bar for the camber bolts. Make sure to follow torque specs for all bolts or you will break them. Handles nice but the ride is very very bouncy. I have the preload as soft as i dare take it and the rebound almost all the way down and its still very stiff but thats all coilovers i think. In hind sight i wish i had saved up for some feal struts with swift springs but these do the job and are good for the price. Get the coilover covers and take car of the strut body threads or they will rust. Use antiseize and cover with a protective wax or silicone spray. My collars and strut body are already rusting and very difficult to adjust.
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