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Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers - Subaru STI 2008-2014

Manufacturer Part # SUS MI10


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RallySport Direct 2011 Subaru STI Project Car Suspension Kit
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RallySport Direct is proud to carry the Ohlins Road and Track Coilovers. These are considered to be among some of the best suspension setups for those of you who daily drive their vehicles, and who participate in high-performance driving events on the weekends.

Here are the details:

  • Provides a true racing experience without risking comfort for daily commuting
  • Unique Dual Flow Valve allows you to quickly change the stiffness of the shock absorber
  • Adjusting the knob clockwise on the damper sets the suspension to race mode
  • Low and high-speed compression, and rebound damping
  • Improved bump absorption prevents you from losing the racing line when hitting bumps or curbs
  • Comes provided with top hats
  • Front top hats are camber adjustable
  • Ride height adjustable using the strut body rather than the spring perch
  • All necessary hardware, dust boots, as well as ride height adjustment tool provided to make these coilovers ready for the installation
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Brand: Ohlins
Adjustable: Yes
Camber Adjustable: Yes
Caster Adjustable: No
Dampening Adjust Type: 34 Way
Damper Type: Inverted Monotube
Drop Height Front: Not Provided
Drop Height Front Metric: Not Provided
Drop Height Rear: Not Provided
Drop Height Rear Metric: Not Provided
Height Adjustable: Yes
Independent Height Adjustable: Yes
Spring Rate Front: 515lbs/in
Spring Rate Front Metric: 9.17K/mm
Spring Rate Rear: 400lbs/in
Spring Rate Rear Metric: 7.14K/mm
Top Hats Included: Yes

Mfgr. Warranty: 2 Years
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

RallySport Guarantee - 30 Days

Items that are covered under the RallySport Guarantee offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

RallySport Guarantee items may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date and must include all the original parts and contents for a refund.

The RallySport Guarantee does not apply to products that have been modified, damaged, misused or abused. All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number, and freight charges are strictly non-refundable. For more information regarding our freight refund policy, please refer to our return policy page found HERE.




Ohlins R&T coil overs
Jefournet200949668 7 months ago
Wish they came already assembled but what's the fun in that? After assembly almost too beautiful to install. Once setup car handles amazing a ride quality is great. I was worried it may be too rough for the grocery trips on the weekend but my wife hardly noticed except for the ease of entry/exit.

Be informed, be wary
swanng 8 months ago
According to the Ohlins USA web site as of October 2017, these coilovers will NOT fit any year Subaru WRX Sti other than 2015 through 2017, so be wary when purchasing for other years that may be falsely indicated.
Verified Purchase

Ohlins R&T on a +2015 WRX
Steve 1 year ago
The coilovers is a blend for road and track that has DFV technology when you need it. I've been out at a track that was challenging with RCE yellow coilovers but with the Ohlins, I rode around the track seamlessly. I noticed I can think more about my lines and just where I wanted to be on the track. Its really a blast, just aim for a line and go. I was doing things I wouldnt be able to do with RCE yellows. You still have to work on your, technique and your limits but you'll find that there's more room of it. Actually If I had more time to setup the coilovers better, it wouldve been amazing what it can do.
Verified Purchase

TONY HAWK 2 years ago
I wanted some quality coilovers and I am glad I saved up for these. Just like everyone says, they are a work of art. I put them on my 2011 STi hatch and they ride great. No creaking, noises or any complaints. You do have to put them together but its very easy and the instructions explain everything well.
Verified Purchase

Excellent product, fits 2015+ WRX and STi
Nunya 2 years ago
It was difficult to assemble properly. I found the assembly instructions to be poorly done. The online instructions provided many essential measurements for assembly which the paper instructions did not include. The coilovers themselves are magnificent. My 2015 WRX handles better than a stock STi by leaps and bounds. The ride quality is very similar to OEM (at 11 clicks from full soft), yet it corners unbelievably flat. I feel like the limits of my car have gone through the roof. High speeds transitions which I would never attempt before are done with so much ease. I needed to relearn how to drive my car. I am a huge fan of the engineering which goes in to the making of these. The DFV system works wonders on the road. Small bumps are imperceptible and large ones are less sharp feeling. Totally acceptable ride quality for daily driving. Ease of adjustment is nice as well.

  • Q: How long to use before rebuild needed!?  q8yphotographer 3 months ago


    I was wondering on how long it can be used before they need to be rebuild!? Will they be okay for a daily driven car that make approx. 20,000km/yr!? Any warranty on them!? Thank you

    • A: There are many variables other than miles driven that contribute to wear on your coilovers. Generally, they can last from 60,000 to 100,00 miles. You will want to get them inspected after 40,000 to 50,00 miles and about every year after that to make sure they are still in good working order. These Coilovers have a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

      Karsten B. 26 days ago
  • Q: Comfort   mike 3 months ago


    Can these also be used as a daily drive ? I want something sporty that is a upgrade from stock with better handling and not too much of a drop.

    • A: These should have the drop and improvement in handling that you're looking for. We have an employee here that runs these on their daily, and they're extremely happy with them.

      Marcus E. 29 days ago
  • Q: Height adjustment  Krafty650 10 months ago


    Can these be adjusted to stock ride height? Looking for suspension upgrade for my 16sti without lowering.

    • A: No. There are not coilovers that will allow you to achieve stock ride height.

      Tyler A. 10 months ago
  • Q: Spring rates  GK171 1 year ago


    Is there an option to up the rear spring rate ? I'd like to have both front and rear in the 500 range

    • A: These coilovers come as is and as of now there are no options to change the springs from the factory.

      Connor M. 1 year ago
  • Q: Spring Height  gmhl10 2 years ago


    What is the height of the front and rear springs in case I'd want to change up the spring rates? Thank you.

    • A: The height is fully adjustable to what every setting that you feel comfortable setting it as.

      Jared A. 2 years ago
    • A: I was more asking about the height of the spring uncompressed itself. Not about the height of the vehicle that I can adjust it to after installation.

      gmhl10 2 years ago