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Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers - Mitsubishi Evo X 2008-2015

Manufacturer Part # MIS MI10


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Ohlins is backed by their incredible 30 year reputation! They are hand down the largest automotive/ motorcycle suspension company. They are the largest for a reason, they simply know what they're doing and they do it well. It is evident that Ohlins are one of the highest quality coilovers on the market. The Road & Track Coilovers allow for independent height adjustment as well as individual damping adjustment. Your also able to adjust spring preload as well as spring bleed adjustment. Whether you're taking your car out to the track every weekend or your just daily driving your car you won't be disappointed with the Ohlins Road and Track Coilover.
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Brand: Ohlins
Adjustable: Yes
Camber Adjustable: Front Only
Caster Adjustable: No
Dampening Adjust Type: 34 Way
Damper Type: Inverted Monotube
Drop Height Front: Not Provided
Drop Height Front Metric: Not Provided
Drop Height Rear: Not Provided
Drop Height Rear Metric: Not Provided
Height Adjustable: Yes
Independent Height Adjustable: Yes
Spring Rate Front: 572lbs/in
Spring Rate Front Metric: 10.19K/mm
Spring Rate Rear: 400lbs/in
Spring Rate Rear Metric: 7.14K/mm
Top Hats Included: Yes

Mfgr. Warranty: 2 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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Evolution X - MIS MI10
Ghost 9 months ago
The most transformative modification to the car I've done so far. Set all the way soft it's basically the stock stiffness. Currently have it set halfway at -20 from full stiff on potenza re11's for daily driving and the car is really flat in the corners. For mountain and track driving I use -10 from full stiff and the car stays predictable. Solid packaging and presentation, clear assembly instructions, build quality is assuring, and responsive customer service. No noise so far. Only minor negatives would be and that the rear adjuster portion of the instructions aren't as clear as they could be and that the coilovers don't come pre assembled. Both minor things for an otherwise great product. Also had a corner balance performed and a roll center kit installed to get the full effect of the coilovers. Great deal especially after the price drop. Definitely recommend.

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Ohlins R&T Evo X
sgearhart353265 2 years ago
Had a hard time finding reviews of this coilover setup, so thought I'd post my impressions. Had these installed on a New 2014 Evo X, only modification so far. It is currently on Blizzak snow tires however. Had a professional corner weight and alignment done. Impression of the hardware and packaging itself- pretty amazing. The fit and finish makes you sad they are going to get dirty on your car. Packaging was very protective. I don't have exact weight figures but I'd venture to say each coilover assembly is several pounds lighter than stock. After driving on these a bit I can say I'm very very pleased with their performance. Initially the difference is subtle because the ride quality is very similar to stock ( have them on 7 clicks from full stiff) , but you immediately notice the flatness of the car during acceleration and breaking. Cornering is quite impressive, again I'm on snow tires that aren't anywhere near as sharp as the stock Yokohamas, yet the improvement is still quite noticeable. You can tell the limits are very high. Really want to get my summer tires back on . Turn in is very good. Impact on expansion joints and pot holes is "sharper" than stock, likely due to the sold front top hats, yet the car stays more composed than it did stock. The Dual Flow valves are supposed to quickly move fluid under sharp impact , like if you were riding a curb at the track, yet overall stiffness is still good. It's lowered the car by about 25mm all around but there is the ability to go pretty low if you so chose. I'm about the handling more than ride height but I think the stance looks just about perfect. Aggressive but not silly low. Yes, these are quite expensive, but I think they are a great street coilover. I can't attest to how they track because I don't track my car, but I imagine they'd be quite capable with damping adjustment. They add performance to what is already a pretty amazing car to drive, and yet don't ruin your ride quality. That's a win in my book.
Verified Purchase

excellent customer service
redaxelnos77981 4 years ago
Got great advice from rally. They have obvious myriad of selection to choose from.
Verified Purchase

excellent customer service
redaxelnos77981 4 years ago
Got great advice from rally. They have obvious myriad of selection to choose from.
Verified Purchase

excellent customer service
redaxelnos77981 4 years ago
Got great advice from rally. They have obvious myriad of selection to choose from.

  • Q: Rear Extended Damper Adjusters  gmhl10 2 years ago


    Any chance that extended damper adjuster for the rears are available to be bought separately or only available for the Evolution? If it is, any chance you'd know if it'd work on other Ohlins R&T coilovers, specifically, the SUS MI10 for GR STi? Thanks!

    • A: We do not have the extension available to us separately.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
  • Q: Height Adjustment  Mus 3 years ago


    What is the maximum drop possible on these?

    • A: Hello, The lowest recommended drop on these coilovers is 40mm from factory ride height. (Approximately 1.6 inches)

      3 years ago
  • Q: Spring Rates  vle503 3 years ago


    I was wondering if you guys customize spring rates. I am planning to buy these for myself as a present for Christmas and I would want 10k front and 10k rear for the spring rates.

    • A: These coilovers cannot be ordered with custom spring rates at this time.

      Zach G. 3 years ago
  • Q: Torn between coil overs?  shapirotrevor80956 6 years ago


    These seem to be the best set y'all have but how do they hold up rally racing ie. Jumping at high speeds? Have you herd of ast suspension their 5300 series is really sounding dependable on long track days with heavy load (jumping) please give possible insight I know y'all don't carry the ast 5300 but mabey something you could look into? Thanks

    • A: These are actually specific for street and track use, so they would not be ideal for rally racing. The struts them selves are very tough, but with the valving and spring rate and height, they would be far from an ideal rally setup. We can get Rally specific coilovers, so please contact us directly for more info. :) Thanks, Rick

      Rick C. 6 years ago