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BC Racing BR Coilovers




Verified Purchase

Excellent Coilovers!
Xyster 25 days ago
I have had these on my 2011 WRX for about a month now. At first I thought they were a bit to ridged for street use (daily driving/monring commute). I read in the ver detailed instructions that the dampening comes pre-set to 8 clicks from full hard. So I set it back 7 clicks to 15 and WOW! What a difference that made. They are very much like the factory suspension feels, only there is hardly any body roll. They deliver a much higher level of confidence when dumping into deep curves on the on ramps! My WRX hatch is much much more fun to drive now and as an added bonus, it looks amazing with how low it is. I want to thank RSD for a great price and super fast shipping!

Verified Purchase

2012 subaru impreza 2.0 hatch
2 years ago
I will confirm this fits perfectly!!!! Have a buddy when it comes time to install. All I have to say

Verified Purchase

CodyWRX 2 years ago
The coil overs work exactly as they say they would. Very nice fitment and the body roll is almost all gone. You can really tell the difference!
Verified Purchase

Top quality product, would recommend to any WRX owner.
3rdgenwrx 3 years ago
These were my first set of coilovers and my only previous experience with suspension with some lowering springs on my honda civic. I am very happy that I spent the extra money this time around to get a superior product. Pros: - These are a beautiful product before you even install them. The paint and color on these is an obvious high quality that wont fade over time. - Install was easy if you know what youre doing. I put these on my '08 WRX sedan that had been severely neglected by its previous owner, so a lot of the bolts were not easy to get off. Aside from my car being a pain these were as simple as: take off old coilovers and put on new ones. - The height that these bring you to is a near perfect height. I havent had the time to mess with the adjustable height but I honestly dont really need to. The rear drops to a near perfect fitment over the tire where its got about the space of a normal tennis ball. The front is considerably higher but it isnt too noticable. -The adjustment for stiffness is great. I had started the car at a level 8 of 30 and have since messed around taking it down to 1 and now currently sit at 6 but will probably bump it back up to 8 since it can get a little bouncy. Cons: - Wish I could think of some to make this review more fair but these truly are a fantastic product.

vricchetti2699500 5 months ago
2 years later, how are they holding up?

execellent product
malleee 3 years ago
they are a great buy and works well on my 08 Subaru hatch, the car handles very predictable but the ride is a bit firm. i also have other suspension mods so they are a good addition. what also should be noted was the great customer service received from both Rallysportdirect and BC Racing North America.,

ramsey.parnell88138 3 years ago
Everything fit perfectly. I didnt make any adjustments and dont plan on it. Great feel,response, and stance. I have stock wheels and they closed the fender gap. But these are not for someone looking for ride quality! They are 100% performance. Maybe I can soften it up but why would you?! I didnt pay $995 for looks, I run my WRX hard, they way it should be ran. 2013 wrx hatch

WRX2140 4 years ago
I bought these Coilovers before they were available on RSD or I would have bought them from here! But I have put probably 6 or 7 thousand miles on them and I am still in love with them. I love the independent height adjustability, as well as the dampening. For some bang for your buck coils, they are top notch. Highly Recommend!!!

Good Bang For Buck
calobp 3 years ago
Overall a great bang for buck product. Installation was pretty easy. They do NOT come pre-loaded so be sure to do that. Also, the rears max at 1 low so if you want more than that, order from BC Racing and get the extreme lows. I like the adjustable dampening and camber plates up front.Body roll was reduced a lot. I do not like that they are so limited. Details should be more clear on this website before ordering.

thisiseliot 3 years ago
Got these last year from a different shop based on a reccomendation. No real mess to install and they handle fabulously. But it's been a little over year and I've encountered some issues. First, the noise. I haven't yet gone more than two weeks without them making some sort of nearly constant noise. First it was clicking and popping when I turn. I was told they were settling, so I let that run its course and it went away on its own. For nearly two weeks I was incredibly happy. Then a different clicking came back, this time one that I could really feel throughout the car. Top of the strut had come loose. A friend found it and fixed it for me, and there was another happy week or so. Then they started squeaking relentlessly. I don't mind a harsh ride, so they're set pretty stiff, but they squeak even when I barely feel a bump. And I know it's the coilovers because I can push down on the fender and hear it squeaking right from the assembly. I still haven't managed to get it to go away. But coilovers squeak! Yeah. I know. It happens and people deal with it. They also break, apparently. I began hearing a strange rattling from the front right top hat. Upon closer inspection, one of the bolts had snapped off with the nut, and was ratting about on top of the top hat. We managed to fix it by pressing the old bolt out and running a new one through from a hardware store. I mentioned before that I don't mind a stiff setup, but that doesn't mean that other people will be fine with it. My grandmother, who I spend a lot of time ferrying about, cannot stand them. Whenever I take my car into the country for some spirited driving, I'm glad I have these. But when they're squeaking away in the city loud enough that people start looking at my car as I'm attempting to cross some train tracks without killing my poor grandmother, I'm really not so sure.