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Apexi N1 EXV Coilover Kit

MODEL # APE 269AF010



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Apexi coilovers on 2002 wrx
slw2002wrx 9 months ago
I've been riding on these coilovers for about a month now and i love them! i bought these to replace the racelands that were on my car when i bought and the quality between the two just blew me away! these are great the ride awesome i find myself taking corners a little quicker just because the car feels so much more planted and it will go anywhere i throw it. Id recommend these to anyone!
SalLV 6 months ago
LMFAO dude i just bought an 04 STi with racelands that im looking to get rid of since raceland is trash lol how much from stock does the car get lowered with these APEXI's did you find out? I just dont want to be super low to the ground, looking more to get actual suspension performence rather than just the aspect of the car being lower
BoostedScoobi 5 months ago
Hello i was also looking to purchase these, i found some product information from another website they listed it can be dropped up to 3" in from stock. Hope that helps anyone also looking to purchase.
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Highly recommend
lpoolfc141651574 2 years ago
Have been installed on my 2004 WRX for over a year, and I have no complaints. No problems with installation or alignment. A great option for someone who wants a vehicle that can handle spirited driving without issue, but also needs to be able to drive around down without scraping on speed bumps and pot holes. A great upgrade over stock coilover/strut assembly for a daily driver vehicle.
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03 WRX wagon
nikoboiii79946 2 years ago
Great quality and very easy to install on my wagon.
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Great Coilovers for the price!
STI_Fanatic 2 years ago
Easy to install, makes car handle 100x better, not too expensive, easy to adjust height and preload. I couldn't be happier with this product!
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APEXi N1 Coilovers
FifthPinned778 2 years ago
These coilovers are pretty nice, had them on my 06 WRX since November last year (2015) and they're holding up well, even after our Ohio winter. Even at the tallest setting you still lose 2.5 inches of height. Which isn't a bad thing if you wanna go low, but being only 3.5-4 inches off the ground makes for a lot more scraping than I ever expected. Love the way they handle though, I find myself taking corners a little faster than I should because the car just feels like it can handle all of that. I hope you like a stiff ride though, cuz you're gonna feel a lot more than you did if you're coming from stock struts.


Awesome upgrade
Scott15T 3 years ago
I got these to of course replace my factory set up. The install was easy on the front. The rear wasn't to bad just needed to remove the rear seat and use a spring compressor to get the stockers out. Other then that it give the car a great stance and looks amazing with the stoptech slotted rotors.

Great coilover regardless fo price
lpoolfc141651574 3 years ago
Just installed these on a 2004 WRX sedan. The quality is great, and fitment is dead on. The ride is noticeably stiffer over bumps, but that is to be expected. I have the dampers on the harshest setting and still no complaints about ride comfort. very noticeable difference in body roll and overall handling. 5 stars and no complaints.
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Good product
johnbuko 5 years ago
Put them on my 07 wrx no issues with install or fitment. Didn't throw the alignment out much either. I didn't have to adjust my rear settings just front camber and toe. Handles much better especially at high speeds. They are bouncy if you don't set them stiff.
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good stuff
olie 6 years ago
tight and softer at the same time really good for street but the top plate are very hard to turn sometime the spring make some noise when i turn the wheel
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Awesome budget coilovers that performs great street or track!
RallySport 6 years ago
Being on a tight budget, I actually bought these for my 2700 lbs widebodied time-attack 2004 STi caged racecar. Installation was as easy as it could be. First time ride height adjustment was a cinch and could even be done by hand without the use of the spanner tool. After corner balancing the suspension, I set out to test the suspension on the very bumpy warzone-like roads of winter ravaged Quebec. Although stiffer than the stock STi suspension, the Apexi was surprisingly bearable and not too bumpy. My track settings are near full stiff all around and it performs great. My weight bias are F55%/R45% so I would have prefered the rear spring rate be 8 KG/mm rather than 6. Even if this is not a true track coilover system, preliminary testing wielded a 10 mph increase in corner entry speed over the stock suspension so it performed beyond expectations. I would expect the speed gain not to be as great for street cars though. As with any coilover kit, I strongly recommend getting adjustable lateral links, trailing arms, sway bars, and strut bars to really be able to dial-in everything to your liking. A good professional alignment is also a must after the corner balancing. The Apexi N1 ExV is a great buy for the price!
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dannyp 6 years ago
Did the install on my 02 wrx, overall very satisfied with them. They are truly beautiful products. Install was mild due to lack of tools and I also installed sway and strut bar at the same time. Left them at the stock ride height for now. Recommend gettin an alignment
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Best bang for your Buck!
nachilli3368896 6 years ago
Ah, for a cheaper set of coilovers, these have to be one of the nicest sets ive purchased and still had some cash for other performance parts. Easy install, easy to adjust.. Installed on my 2004 sti.. rides amazing compared to stock components.. and it handles amazingly! I have them set at 15 for daily driving.. i would recommend these to anyone!

Good purchase
Priley 10 months ago
The Apexi N1 coils are a great upgrade! The bang for your buck is unbeatable when it comes to adjustment on these. The install was not too bad. The rear brake line mounts on mine were a bit too small, so I had to grind them out a bit to use the stock clips. Other than that, they were a breeze to adjust and install.
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Good but be prepared to be low
andrew.clark4744514 3 years ago
Overall good coilovers. Very easy to use adjustments for stiffness and ride height. Only complaint is that the rear has a MAXIMUM height of about a 2 1/2 inch drop. I have a 2005 wrx wagon and live on a dirt road where scraping is now frequent. Fronts are lowered about half of what the coilovers allow but the rears are at the very top and I'm still tucking tire. No I didn't get the front and back mixed up. Ideally I would have about an inch and a half drop and not have to worry about scraping. If this is not a problem for you then I highly recommend them. But for myself, I will be going back to stock for the winter.
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best bang for the daily driven buck
guest55c53165caae52790b8d38a5 8 years ago
i orignally wanted to do a review soon after purchase but realized that it would have not taken into account long term progress. i bought them 6 months ago and have since put about 10k on them. i drive to and from work every day and i recently completed a 1200 mile road trip from salt lake to denver to vegas and back. when i first put them on i had them set to full soft and slammed. with the setting at full soft when it bounced it was very wavy. not sure how to explain it other than it did not stop going up and down. after that i changed it to full stiff. at first i didnt like it but now after some time i have become acustomed to it. its more sharp on bumps but less nauseating. i honestly thought that they would break my back on a roadtrip but were very comfortable. the drive down i70 was very nice and the suspension handled the canyon roads very well. ive had coilovers for various cars from tein flex to cheap ebay and for the price the apexi's have the great features and ride of the flex without the price. a good daily drivers option for coilovers.

Not bad for track, not good for bumpy daily driving
not12listen96274 4 years ago
So I installed these onto my 2006 WRX Wagon. I set the ride height to 1/2 lower than stock. I started at full soft - the lack of dampening is simply uncontrollable. I slowly notched up the firmness (1, then 2, then 3, then 4) over the following days. Firmness setting of 1 was a lot better than 0, but still a bit mushy. 2 was even better, but the high spring rate can be felt over every bump (the front does not really compress at all), so I went to 3. On 3 the reaction was starting to get a bit jerky (too firm), but I wanted to make sure that I was not mistaken so I put it to 4. Going over a speed bump at just over idle, I was nearly launched out of my seat. So, the settings were dropped back down to 2. I'd sooner deal with a bit more motion versus being launched out of my chair. After a total of 2 weeks of driving on these and feeling every pebble and leaf that I was driving over, I removed them and put my stock suspension back on. What a difference! As much as I am not a fan of stock suspension (in general), I have to say that Subaru got it nearly spot on! If only the rear sway bar was a bit firmer. So, I replaced the 'track ready' springs with a set from Ground Control (4k front/4k rear). I re-installed the coilovers - again starting at 0. At the setting of 0, it is still mushy (as is to be expected). At the setting of 1, you can feel the dampening on compression and rebound, but it is not unreasonable. At current, I have the coilovers set to 2. It is firmer than stock, but absolutely reasonable. The body roll has been limited significantly. I do not feel every pebble and leaf that I drive over any longer. Overall ride height is 3/4 inch lower than stock, which is ideal for me - I can freely go over speed bumps and up even the worse drive ways without issue. In my typical week, I am driving around 600 miles, all around the SF Bay Area (the road conditions are not the best and bumps are normal). I still do intend to upgrade the rear sway bar, to help dial out some of the horrid understeer. So, to anyone that is looking to purchase these for daily driving, I would say that you should also plan to remove/replace the springs pretty soon. For a track setup car, these would be great! One thing that makes absolutely no sense to me at all - the firmness settings. There are 32. Firmness of 4 is nearly bone jarring - and there are 28 notches still to go. How much firmer does it need to be? What I think would make a lot more sense is if 0 was mush, 1 was softer than stock and as you continued to increase the firmness, it progressively got firmer up to bone jarring. At this point, I do intend to take these coilovers off again in the future and send them off to get revalved entirely (as described above). It is a bit annoying that I had to drop the $ on different springs and will have to drop more $ to get them revalved. Again, for daily driving, these are not that great (way too firm), but for track days - these would be awesome!