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COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt
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COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt

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Part # 791100

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Features & Product Details

The COBB Intake for the Focus ST takes a great airbox design and makes it even better! They improved upon the factory airbox ram air ducting by including an oiled dual cone filter to increase airflow and to hear that great turbo sound. The constrained piping to the turbo is replaced with 3" mandrel bent aluminum tubing to maximize air flow while custom silicone couplers ensure a perfect OEM-like fitment. The COBB Intake is the perfect first step towards Stage 2 power levels when paired with the COBB FMIC!


Brand: COBB Tuning
Carb Exempt: Yes
Carb E.O. Number: D-660-2
Airbox Included: No
Filter Color: Blue
Filter Element Type: Wet
Filter Material: Cotton
Filter Reusable: Yes
Piping Color: Black
Piping Material: Aluminum
Tuning Required: No
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 year
Condition: New Product
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3 Reviews
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COBB Tuning Intake CARB Exempt ( Part Number:  791100)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Another quality part 8 years ago
5out of 5stars
A nice product from Cobb. Buying from Cobb, I'm assured that I getting high quality parts that work. Happy that I bought it.
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cobb intake 8 years ago
5out of 5stars
produced what they said and more
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It's worth it and will pay for itself 8 years ago
5out of 5stars
I purchased the COBB intake with low expectations of any kind of noticeable difference in performance and/or gas mileage. All of my previous cars were all naturally aspirated rated 4-cylinders and gave improvements that were barely noticeable to the butt-dyno and the advertised gains were always in the single digits. The increase in engine grunt noise was the biggest payoff. The advertised gains for this intake and others like it for the Focus ST show a bit more of an increase in advertised HP gains, which is expected with a forced induction turbo-charged engine. There are quite a few different intakes available for the Focus ST and it came down to three features that drew me to purchase the COBB intake over the others. The first design feature that I found to be superior over it's competition is that this intake is a complete replacement intake from throttle body to air box. Most, if not all other intakes only replace the upper tube and leave the restrictive back section. The second design feature isn't a proprietary design, but is, in my opinion, important. This intake utilizes the factory air box. This provides a more consistent intake air temperature over open-element style intakes. I have learned from experience that this car suffers greatly from heat-soak and the car will go into a 'limp' mode which robs all power from the motor. There is still an increase in air flow attributed to a larger blue K&N-esq filter with an open inverted cone facing the drivers side fender. The rest of the air is provided by factory scoops and inlets which help insure there is minimal heat soaked air from the engine bay getting drawn into the intake. The last and most important feature that this intake has over ALL other intakes is that it is CARB Pending. Although currently not CARB approved, they are already approved as part of the the COBB CARB kit. After speaking with COBB directly, I was assured that with proof of purchase from an authorized dealer, that I could request a CARB sticker once the approval process is complete. The installation was as difficult as expected. The biggest speed bump that I came across (pun intended) was getting the silicone to fit over everything. It was cold out when I installed the intake. Otherwise, a straight forward installation. The engine noise is a bit more now with a definitely audible turbo spool. That alone is worth it. The increase in power could be easily dismissed as being 'in my head' but that's not what I really got it for. The biggest improvement that I have discovered is the increase in average freeway miles-per-gallon. I have had the intake for some time now and have made multiple long-distance trips both before the install and after the install to get an accurate-ish reading of MPG increase. +4-5 MPG average! I was astonished to see such a big increase in fuel economy and I look forward to more gas saving mods in the near future. **Other performance mods which attribute to my personal applications: Borla/Ford Racing Exhaust, TurboSmart BPV
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  • Q: Tune required?  timmy7 years ago

    Is a tune required to use the intake?
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      A:  It is not required, but it is recommended.

      guest56ad69792a8d256e198b66b5 @
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