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Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar

MODEL # CUS 673 487 A


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rear lower subframe brace 11 months ago
installed on stock 05 sti, stock horse power, stock rear sway bars. butt dyno says the rear end of the vehicle feels more planted with the sticky tires on, less body sway this thing is pretty simple to install. I recommend that you remove the rear sway bar entirely, unbolt the evap canister (has 3 10mm nuts holding it) and remove what ever lines are in your way, then unbolt the stock sway bar mount and install the passenger side section first with this brace on the frame, then the sway bar bracket, then screw in the driver side sway bar mount. the passenger side kinda sucks too do by your self so get a friend if possible. AT first the stock bolts seem too short, but I gave it the german spec torque value and it checks out ok, nothing broke yet hitting turns or launching the car, feel free to buy a longer bolt if you feel uncomfortable
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 2 years ago
This is a must if you want oem sti diffuser along side with the two brackets. Also stiffens the rear end a bit more. Overall perfect material
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04 FXT Cusco subframe brace 3 years ago
I have a 04 forester xt. I bought the cusco rear subframe bar for it and it fits perfectly. It was a little bit of a pain getting the bolts in on the passenger side due to the charcoal canister, but if you remove it, it'll make it easier for you. Did a great job stiffening up the rear. Also have the whiteline front sway bar and whiteline sway bar bushings and end links. Definitely recommend
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Love it! 4 years ago
Made a substantial difference. I was actually shocked by it. I now need a bigger front sway to help count what this and the whiteline rear sway bar did together. lol Would definitely recommend this part! My car is now more tail happy then ever... whoops :D
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Worth it 4 years ago
Wanted a diffuser. So I went with the combo suggested. I couldn't be more happy with the final result!
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Love Cusco Products 5 years ago
Space was very tight on the passenger side, but lots of PB blaster and some patience got the job done. I also replaced the sway bar mounts while I had them off. Bar fits perfectly. Just be careful maneuvering around your exhaust.
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hks hi-power 5 years ago
Fitment works, it is close but works with HKS hi-power carbon TI! Unbolt the sway bar mounting points, the passenger side can be a bit tricky with the evap crap in the way. After that this bolts right in. Very straight forward.
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Stiff! 5 years ago
This really stiffened up the rear end, I have this with the kart boy subframe lock down bolts and there is a major decrease in rear end play, thank you rsd
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 6 years ago
Kind of hard to install and to align the bolts.. and the -20 celcius install im sure didnt help lol, and all the anti-rust treatment under the car makes it for a very dirty job, anyway took about 2 hours and car feel great/stable plus the Diffuser, bolts right up and looks awesome!
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Sexy 6 years ago
chrispy bacon
Looks great! Was a pain in tge @$$ to install. Canadian car, winter driven, sway bar mount bolts were in there good. Once everything was installed, along with a sexy sti rear diffuser, went for a little test drive. The subframe bar really plants the back end. Really have to push it to make the back end slide now. Great product, great service, fast shipping A+++
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Great Product!! 6 years ago
Everything from the packaging to the product itself screams QUALITY! Quick and easy install and it and the diffuser look GREAT! Thanks again RallySport for providing me with an outstanding piece!!
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PITA...But worth it 7 years ago
For me, this piece was a painnnnn to install on the passenger side of my 02 wrx wagon. The reason being the evap canister makes it difficult to get tools and a hand to the bolts. With that being said, it took a friend and I about 2-3 hours to install it. BUT this bar is well worth the hassle because the rear end just stays planted and solid through the twisties and adds even more confidence while driving. Stop thinking about it, just buy it!!! :)
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30 minute install at most 7 years ago
This has got to be one of the easiest installs ever. I did not even have to jack the car up off the ground or take my wheels off too remove the fuel filler cover in the wheelwell. The Main reason I got this was becaus I had purchased the STI diffuser kit for my 04 and this made it easy to install. So if you ask would I purchase it again. I can say 100 percent Yes I would.
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Great Product!!! 7 years ago
The Cusco Rear Subframe Bar is great. I have a Cobb rear sway and it bolted right up to the mounting points with ease. The bar also made the rear more stiff and connected. I also added the Kartboy Rear Subframe Lock Down Bolts and with the bar I dont get the knocking noise from the subframe that you would hear if you just had the bolts. Highly recommended!!! Thanks RSD!!!
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Cusco Rear Brace 8 years ago
I bought this to install the STI JDM Diffuser and it bolted right in. I did it in the driveway but would have prefered to do this at work only bc my car is so low to the ground it made it inconvenient other than that it's ver straight forward. I dropped my charcoal canister in the rear of the car to make a little more room and you also have to pop the plastic cover off for the fuel filler tube. Hope this helps.
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Great product, not with HKS exhaust... 6 years ago
Had it almost installed till it hit my HKS Carbon- Ti exhaust hanger and i realized it wasn't going to fit. Great product with a different exhaust im sure.
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Cusco Rear Sway Bar. 6 years ago
Great product. Easy to install and fit perfectly.
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cusco brace & diffuser 7 years ago
I purchased the cusco subframe bar to accomadate the diffuser I purchased for my 2004 STi- The subframe fits great, but I had to drill new holes for the diffuser bracket. If you have an aftermarket exhaust( Invidia carbon wrap) the diffuser won't fit unless you cut some plastic off the diffuser.
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Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar (Part Number: )
Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar (Part Number: )
Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar (Part Number: )
Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar (Part Number: )
Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar (Part Number: )
Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar (Part Number: )