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Cusco Lower Arm Bar Type I Brace

MODEL # CUS 666 475 A


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Cusco Lower Arm Bar Type I Brace ( Part Number: 666 475 A)
Cusco Lower Arm Bar Type I Brace ( Part Number: 666 475 A)
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Simple, yet lightweight and efficient 3 years ago
Relevant Chassis Mods before install: Whiteline Upper Strut bar (front), and TiC Fender Cowl Brace. Chose this Type I instead of Type II due to my Primitive Racing Skidplate. as my 06 has aged (89K miles when installed lower arm bar), it started developing some creaks, especially over parking lot speed bumps and going over curbs. Install of this part was super duper quick once car was lifted. Literally two bolts off, and I probably spent more time trying to figure out exactly which way the bar lines up to the lower subframe, lol! after figuring that out after a DUH moment, just threw a little bit of blue threadlocker on the two 17mm bolts and tightened it up to 61 ft/lb. VOILA--done! immediately noticed that the chassis (or subframe?) creaking is gone, the only noise over bumps being the coilovers if anything. still haven't taken it out with more aggressive driving yet, but when I do, i'll update more. ultra bang for the buck, and so easy to install!
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Nice lightweight bar 4 years ago
Alstar ej207
Removed the junk front subframe and put this bar in place. Get weight reduction from subframe and much more stiffer/turn in response from this brace.
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Cusco type 1 arm bar 5 years ago
Great part, fitment is perfect, looks great, and installation takes only about 5 minutes with normal hand tools. Definitely can feel a difference in the front end during cornering. Well worth the purchase!
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Cusco Lower Arm Bar Type I Brace (Part Number: )
Cusco Lower Arm Bar Type I Brace (Part Number: )