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Cusco .6L Capacity Oil Catch Can

MODEL # CUS 673 009 A


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 12 years ago
4out of 5stars

What can i say? It catches the oil and fits very snug between the battery and your upper radiator support beam.
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 12 years ago
3out of 5stars

should be called Cusco JDM WRX STI 2006+ catch can...due to the fact that they change the can size to a larger can and so they changed the mounting location away from the battery to right in front of the driver's side wheel well the thing is on US spec cars the "air pump" for emissions resides there! better off just getting a universal can cause this one comes with "specail" hardware for the 06 wrx.
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 10 years ago
2out of 5stars

i had one of these on my mr2 for a wile and it was ok. after a fe wonths of track time it started to leak. im not sure if the high boost i was running had anything to do wiht it but who knows. it leaked around the iol level connections and then near the input connector. i tried to fix it and i tightened it a bunch of times. but it still leaked. it looks nice and comes with good mounting hardware and options. but after a wile i got tired of cleaning up after it and having to tighten stuf all the time i got rid of it. i got a greddy can and its been great. i would not but this one again.
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