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Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust

Part #: TOM 440018
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.



Brand: Tomei
Exhaust Orientation: Angled Exit
Exhaust Weight: 15.87lbs
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: No
Piping ID: 80mm
Piping Material: Titanium
Piping Taper: No
Silencer Included: Yes
Tip Material: Titanium
Tip Qty: 1
Tip Shape: Round
Tip Size: 115mm

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Tomei’s Expreme Ti Exhaust Systems are some of the most innovative exhaust systems available that has piqued the interest of the sport compact community. Here you have an entire cat-back system crafted out of titanium, at an affordable price.

Not only will you experience substantial weight savings over stock, but you will gain more horsepower, more torque, and you will improve the throttle response. 

The Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust system is also a work of fabricating art. From the JDM inspired pie-cuts on the piping, to the visually pleasing blue titanium exhaust tips. This is an exhaust system you can be proud of.

Lastly, this is a direct bolt-in cat back exhaust system that comes provided with all the necessary hardware for a ready installation. Also included is a silencer for those of you who have to leave the driveway early for work. 

  • Exhaust Weight: 15.87lbs
  • 80mm piping ID
  • Tip Size: 115mm


Verified Purchase

5 stars?! HELL YEA!!!
maSUBIEee 5 months ago
i purchased this a week ago for my '17 STI and OH MY! that rumble tho. y (watch YouTube videos) or else you'd be annoyed to hear the rattling noise - esp by the mid pipe. Installation for this one is spot on. it only took me 30 minutes (without a lift). Also, i just installed my cobb ss down pipe and it made more deep rumble noise. If i were you, i would put those two together and you'd hear Big Shaq's song (that ting go skraaa... pop pop pop!!!). LOL Well that's that, looking forward to get the cobb AP so that i can tune my car. Peace out y'all!
Verified Purchase

Great exhasust
wyatt 5 months ago
ive had the exhaust on my 14 wrx for about 6 months and I am in love with it! great rumble and not overly loud. great exhaust!
Verified Purchase

Classic Subaru Rumble
Paul 8 months ago
If you're looking for that genuine Subaru rumble, this is the exhaust to get! I have a 2017 Subaru STI and with this exhaust it sounds amazing. Some other exhausts are sounding too hollow and raspy, the Tomei is full, bold and throaty! At first I was not a fan of the single exit exhaust but after hearing quite a few videos with this exhaust, I knew it was the one. It's loud when you get on the gas but when cruising it is tame. Very little drone in the cabin. I had an axleback muffler delete on before and there was lots of drone. Very happy with this exhaust!
Paul 8 months ago
Here's a cold start with the Tomei!
Verified Purchase

The best
Steve-O 10 months ago
Ive had this exhaust for about a year and a half now on my 2013 WRX, and i still cant get enough of it. It has a deep tone to it and screams under throttle. Suprisingly quiet at idle but like i said once you get on it, maaaaan its golden. My only issue with it is that its a lot of maintenance but i think thats a fault on my end when i installed? The muffler seems to drop lower over time, and i have to adjust like every 2 months. Tried putting perrins hangers but it still seems to drop. But i would still do it all over again. If you want that genuine subie rumble, get this exhaust.
Verified Purchase

2015 Sti with tomei extreme ti with my invidia divorce catless downpipe
BlueComet 10 months ago
Wow love the exhaust. Fitment and installing 100% and very easy. Got it up with the downpipe feel the turbo spool! I ordered somewhere else and it ended up backordered and came here and with free shipping got it in 2 days and before my tune wow excellent services. Took it to exhaust shop to check for a rattles and i forgot to tighten my downpipe bracket lol. The worker said " Where'd you get this and how much?" I tolded them and they were shocked @ the quality and especially by the price! Got a vid with cobb ap launch control revs for everyone to hear!


  • Q: Cat backs   Jonesrivers 4 months ago


    What is the main difference between the tomei catbacks and tomei single exhaust sytems

    • A: Catback exhaust and single exit exhaust systems are the same product, they're just different names.

      Marcus E. 1 month ago
  • Q: Tomei   miguelaguilarr 5 months ago


    Does the Tomei extremeti fit 08-17?

    • A: This item is actually discontinued

      Luis L. 5 months ago
  • Q: Gasket  cvillahermosa6 9 months ago


    Where can i get a new gasket for this exhaust?cause im having exhaust leak.

    • A: You would just need a 3 inch 2 bolt gasket.

      Tyler A. 9 months ago
  • Q: exhaust  sti90 9 months ago


    will an invidia catless downpipe fit with a tomei expreme ti exhaust? also would i need a tune for this setup?

    • A: The Invidia Downpipe and Tomei catback will fit together assuming both are for the correct vehicle. A Tune would be required for the downpipe but not the catback.

      Evan M. 9 months ago
  • Q: Exhaust  j304smith91 10 months ago


    Does this exhaust come with the down pipe?

    • A: This is just for the catback, no downpipe is included with it.

      Tyler G. 10 months ago