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Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust

Part #: TOM 440006
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.



Brand: Tomei
Exhaust Orientation: Angled Exit
Exhaust Weight: 11.24lbs
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: No
Piping ID: 80mm
Piping Material: Titanium
Piping Taper: No
Silencer Included: Yes
Tip Material: Titanium
Tip Qty: 1
Tip Shape: Round
Tip Size: 115mm

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Tomei has really done it this time. Notice a lack of a certain word in the title of this product? The missing word is tip. That word is missing because this is an entire Titanium exhaust at a very affordable price.

Tomei starts with the very best in raw materials and takes it to the next level. This is exhaust is about one thing and one thing only; performance. They have started by stripping the weight down to what feels like nothing compared to the stock exhaust. They did this by using titanium over steel and making the exhaust as straight as possible. Less bends means less materials used. They even went so far as to think about the extra weight regular style flanges add, so they went ahead and went with a weight saving spring and clamp setup.

So not only do you get the performance you expect from a Tomei product, you get the bragging rights too.


Verified Purchase

thank you for your professional
NCSTI2006 3 months ago
thank you for your professional
Verified Purchase

Beautiful Quality
SW 808 3 months ago
Beautiful quality and excellent packaging as always by Tomei. Exhaust did not fully meet up with my Autospeed downpipe, so I had to remove the exhaust hanger where the DP & turbo back meet. other than that, this exhaust is definitely noticeable and loud! I would not recommend if you tend to do long drives. haha

Great Exhaust
JG 5 months ago
Very nice exhaust. Fit was spot on. Super light and has a nice deep tone.
Verified Purchase

Great Quality, Poor Directions
James 1 year ago
Typical Tomei quality, everything was packaged great and the exhaust itself is gorgeous. Everything bolted up perfectly. Instructions were definitely lacking, but again, that's typical for Tomei as it's in Japanese first then converted over. Bolts aren't labeled in the packaging for USDM/JDM which led to some confusion. Also instructions don't mention if you're supposed to leave the OEM exhaust donut installed if used with the OEM downpipe. Found it easier to install in pieces, all the springs lined up easily accessible from the bottom of the car. Install took roughly 3 hours doing it myself using a QuickJack.
Verified Purchase

Hear the Angels sing...
CHENG008 1 year ago
Man, this thing is a work of art. Heck, pretty much all of Tomei's parts are so damn sexy to look at that it almost seems a shame to put it on and watch it get dirty. Almost. Install is straightforward, and best done with a lift. I've seen some folks say that they pre-assembled it and then bolted it up to the car. Since this exhaust piping is so huge, and the car was on a lift, I opted to install it piece by piece. Nice slip-fit design, so you can "adjust the tolerances" of the angles and piping in order to avoid hitting parts of the undercarriage. Even with polyurethane hangars, I get the occasional rattle while idling at stoplights or revving down. But my god...with the Tomei ELH installed, and an aftermarket downpipe, hearing Full-Throttle runs is majestic! Hearing my car on the dyno made me quite moist. O_O As they say, this makes it worth the price of admission! Not quite raspy, and definitely not boomy, the Titanium "dry racing sound" is very unique. Okay, it's LOUD, and will wake the dead, especially on cold startups if you have an aftermarket DP. It's manageable with OEM downpipe (smog time anyone?!). But if you need to be stealthy, there's the included silencer, but it's such a tight fit, that I recommend carrying a set of small pliers to take it out after driving with it. Bonus points and laughs: Check out the Tomei product info video (currently 2nd to last video posted in review section), and you'll know what at 4:25 in the video, after hearing it rev up, he asks " was it?" LOL. Buy it. As long as you understand what you're getting, you won't regret this.

  • Q: Midpipe Straight distance  2005STi 4 months ago


    hey i bought this catback from you all and i wanted to know the straight distance in red in the picture attached, I've already put up the exhaust and i was hoping you could tell the straight distance on that part of the pipe.

    • A: We do not have the dimensions of this, you would want to measure the one that you purchased from us.

      Tyler G. 4 months ago
  • Q: Tomei Resonator  2005STi 4 months ago


    Good day, I bought this cat back exhaust from you all and i wanted to know if there is a resonator midpipe replacement that comes with this kit separately. The car is too loud as is. I see in the newer model STi's the resonator is already included in the midpipe.

    • A: Unfortunately we do not carry a resonated midpipe for this exhaust.

      Christian B. 4 months ago
  • Q: Tomei exhaust   morgancarver 7 months ago


    Can i but a non resonated midpipe separately? I already have the tomei expreme ti cat back exhaust and i was wondering if i can order the non resonated midpipe.

    • A: Tomei parts are often available individually for special order. For more information on pricing and availability, please contact Customer Service by phone or email at [email protected]

      Evan M. 7 months ago
  • Q: Exhaust Fitment  b00tlegRascal 1 year ago


    Will this catback fit a non-turbo 2004 Impreza Rs with or without any modifications?

    • A: We are not able to confirm fitment on a 04 Impreza RS.

      Jared A. 1 year ago
  • Q: fitment  L&H 06 1929 1 year ago


    Will this exhaust fit with the rear diffuser on a '06 STI? or will it require trimming/removal? there are no real clear pics on line. Thank you.

    • A: Yes this will work with the OEM STI rear diffuser and no trimming will be required.

      Ben L. 1 year ago
    • A: Sorry, gonna have to disagree here with the good folks at RSD. I have an 06, and I was required to bust out the saw and trip off the corner edge of the rear diffuser. Good thing tho--it's really easy to remove when the car is up/lifted to remove the diffuser. Just have a simple hacksaw and you'll make quick work of the factory plastic. BTW, pretty sure Tomei's website/instructions mention that you have to trim as well. As long as you realize this is a LOUD exhaust (race type), then BUY this'll not regret it!

      CHENG008 1 year ago