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PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
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PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust
Subaru WRX Hatchback 2011-2014 / STI Hatchback 2008-2014

Features & Product Details

RallySport Direct proudly carries a massive selection of quality performance upgrades and enhancements brought to you by PERRIN Performance. 

On this page, you are looking at the PERRIN Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System. This is a high-performance exhaust system that produces an aggressive exhaust tone without being too overbearing. This exhaust system combines larger exhaust piping and smoother bends that will limit restriction and turbulence under acceleration to improve the power, the torque, along with reduced turbo lag and improved throttle response.

Here are the details:

  • 304 Stainless steel materials
  • 3" Piping
  • 3.5" Slash cut exhaust tips
  • Straight through mufflers with an internal "Y" for improved high-flow capabilities
  • V-band connections
  • Adjustable Y pipe
  • Brushed stainless steel finish



    Brand: PERRIN
    Exhaust Orientation: Straight Exit
    Installation Hardware Included: Yes
    Piping Coating: No
    Piping Flex Joint: Yes
    Piping ID: 3.00in
    Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Piping Taper: No
    Silencer Included: No
    Tip Material: Stainless Steel
    Tip Qty: 4
    Tip Shape: Round
    Tip Size: 3.50in
    Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Condition: New Product
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    Customer Photos and Videos
    PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust ( Part Number: PSP-EXT-345BR)
    PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust ( Part Number: PSP-EXT-345BR)
    PERRIN Cat Back Exhaust ( Part Number: PSP-EXT-345BR)
    Great rumble, quality part, does drone 2 years ago
    4out of 5stars

    The good: It sounds great to me when running through the gears. It looks good. It hasn't lost its luster after a year on my car, including a Wisconsin winter. It turns heads, but not in the coffee-can way some exhausts do. Nice rumble. The bad: It does drone inside, but only when I let off the throttle at lower (under 3k) RPM. The left side sticks out a little more than the right, but this was due to the 2.5"-3" adapter I needed, and would be resolved with a 3" downpipe. Overall: It's a quality part that sounds great when you're in the mood, but the noise can get tiring on long trips or with guests in the car. With that said, I don't plan to replace it.
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    Excellent Upgrade 2 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    Installed this system along with a Grimmspeed downpipe on my 2012 hatchback a few months ago and I love it. Very nice quality, easy to install, and is well engineered for the price. Has a nice low rumble when idling. Driving around on the streets it's noticeable but not obnoxious with just deep exhaust notes. When you really get on it though it opens up while still not being overly loud/annoying. Drone is minimal to non-existent on the highway and streets; even in a hatchback. More importantly the wife likes it and we can easily talk while driving around. Perfect exhaust for a mix of having fun and something that's easy to drive on a daily basis.
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    Quick install, great note! 4 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    I have been driving with this since around Christmas now, and the note is excellent. The exhaust burbles deep and low, but isn't obnoxious. As some other reviewers have stated, this exhaust does not drone at all. Install took about 35-40 minutes. Would recommend to anyone. Bought this with the grimmspeed stock to 3in adapter, and I just want to recommend that you will need to adjust the exhaust as it hangs because the adapter adds a little more length which pushes out the left side ports. Another great product from Perrin!
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    Great Product......Well Made 4 years ago
    5out of 5stars

    I was comparing this to the Invidia Q300 Catback because both systems looked great and had good reviews. I am glad I went with the Perrin though. It is not too loud but still has the boxer rumble. There is NO DRONE with this system which is very nice when traveling on the freeway for a long distance. This system looks great and I got it for a great price during the Black Friday sale. Install wasn't bad at all. I would recommend this system for anyone.
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    Very Well Made Product 4 years ago
    3out of 5stars

    While cat-backs for these cars are a bit pricey, you're paying for the craftsmanship. This is an impressive looking set-up. You almost have to feel a bit of regret knowing most of it will never be seen. Pros: . Simple Install. I was able to install 90% of the system by myself. Sure an extra set of hands will make things easier, but it's not required to have another person. . Sweet Sound. It's not very loud at idle. Has a very quiet rumble to it. When on the gas it brings the Subaru flat 4 rumble to life. . Looks Great. The system is above and beyond what the OEM WRX cat-back looks like. From the larger exhaust tips. To the large shiny muffler for all to see. . None/to very minimal highway drone. Might as well be the oem system when you're on the road. Cruising at 65-70mph and the sounds of the tires or the wind deflecting off the windshield will make more noise. Cons: . Pricy. If you're looking for more power, a cat-back is not the system for you. You would be better off buying a downpipe, Cobb AP, and flashing to Stage 2 on the OEM cat-back. . City Drone. While on the highway there may not be any drone, there certainly is a bit while rowing through the gears. The 2000-2500rpm range as you drive like a sane human being can be pretty annoying. The hatchbacks are known for having a bit of drone, even with the OEM cat-back. I love the sound. Once I turned it on, it reminded me of all the Subaru's I have heard in my life. While it's certainly one of the more subdued systems, it sure does put a smile on your face as you pass 3000rpm. But, seeing as how 90% of my week is being in stoplight to stoplight traffic, I'm still debating whether I will be keeping the system or not.
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    • Q: Downpipe Adapter and gaskets?  Snowhunter2 years ago

      If bolting this to the stock downpipe is the Grimespeed adapter needed or recommended? What part number should be used to replace the two included gaskets?
    • Q: Vs Q300  Snowhunter2 years ago

      How does this compare to the Invidia Q300?
    • Q: Fitment  Lvandijk3 years ago

      Hi there. I really love the look of this exhaust and the reviews seem great! I am just curious if it will fit my JDM spec 2.0L 2008 hatchback sti with the twin scroll turbo setup? Cheers. Product ID: PER2 PSP-EXT-345BR
    • Q: tips uneven  jaevans5 years ago

      I installed my perrin catback today at the shop, and the tips on the passenger side stick out a little more than the driver side. Is there any way to correct it? It doesn't bother me too bad, just wondering if anyone else had this happen?
      • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  If the passenger side tips are sticking out more than the driver side, then you may need to use thicker gaskets for the downpipe to mid pipe and/or S pipe to muffler. Thicker gaskets should push the driver side out a little more to even out the tips because the muffler connection is on the driver side.

        Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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