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Invidia N1 Cat Back Exhaust Titanium Tips ( Part Number:INV HS08STIGTT)

Invidia N1 Cat Back Exhaust Titanium Tips - Subaru STI Hatchback 2008-2014 / WRX Hatchback 2011-2014

Manufacturer Part # HS08STIGTT


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Invidia Turbo-Back Exhaust System 11-14 WRX/STi Hatchback
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If you are looking for a great way to squeeze a little extra performance from your vehicle, then you will be pleased with the Invidia N1 Cat Back Exhaust System. There are several performance attributes that makes this an excellent upgrade. This exhaust system has been made from 304 stainless steel and features 76MM piping. The exhaust has also been designed with minimal bends to reduce the amount of turbulence during acceleration, allowing the engine to exhale the exhaust gasses with less restrictions. This means you will have improvements in throttle response, along with increases in both horsepower and torque. 

This exhaust will come with a beautiful pair 101MM titanium tips on premium mufflers, and the exhaust hangers are welded onto the stock location of the pipes so you don't have to perform further modifications.

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Brand: Invidia
Exhaust Orientation: Angled Exit
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: Yes
Piping ID: 76mm
Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Piping Taper: No
Silencer Included: Yes
Tip Material: Titanium
Tip Qty: 2
Tip Shape: Round
Tip Size: 101mm

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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RallySport Guarantee items may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date and must include all the original parts and contents for a refund.

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Verified Purchase

Alex v 3 months ago
Easy installation and looks great! Was worried when I read one tip sticks out more than the other but that wasn’t the case for me. When I first started the car I thought it might be too loud because I had the stock exhaust on before. I got used to it in a couple days though and now think it’s purrfect, get to hear that subie rumble but don’t have a problem having a conversation in the cabin, not during a cold start but after everything warms up. Love it! Not gonna go for another exhaust till I go stage two.


Great but not loud
Serg970 4 months ago
If you want a subtle rumble, that gets a bit loud but not enough to disturb the neighbors this is the right one for you.👍

Great exhaust!
Tyler 5 months ago
This exhaust sounds great and looks awesome! Easy to install. If going to a stock downpipe, get the grimmspeed adaptor and a new donut gasket. The old gasket on my 2012 WRX was crumbling in some areas. You'll want some penetrant like PB Blaster for the bolts and hangers and it also helps with cleaning the piping where the old gasket was before putting the new one on. Stock hangers work perfect and provide a tight fit with no movement. Volume on this exhaust isn't as loud as some of the horror stories say (at least with my car that still is running the stock DP). If you want an idea of how loud it is before buying, pop off your axle back portion (after the intermediate pipe) of the stock exhaust and drive around like that briefly. I drove on some chunky roads to a mountain bike trail head that yanked my exhaust apart at that location which prompted this purchase (saving money for a lift) and can attest to the volume being pretty similar to that, but with a nicer, lower rumble.


Love it!
jgonzalez186691789 12 months ago
The Invidia N1 Cat Back Exhaust sounds and looks amazing. My Subie now Purrs and it sounds beautiful. Titanium tips look sick. Overall, loving every second.
Verified Purchase

Willo 1 year ago
I love this upgrade to my STi. The sound is fantastic you definitely know your car is running. I can't wait to get it out on the track. Shipping was very quick. I had a muffler shop install

  • Q: Gaskets rusted out, what replacements do I need?  Saeven 4 months ago


    I've had this exhaust for a few years now, and the gaskets have died (rusted and blown out). I can't seem to find a spec on gasket size, or a link to where I could buy replacements. Any help appreciated.

    • A: Any 2-bolt 76mm (3 inch) universal exhaust gaskets should work. GRM 076001 should work for you.

      Marcus E. 4 months ago
  • Q: Loudness  WrxonWrxOff 9 months ago


    How loud is this exhaust compared to other cat back exhausts? Measurements in DB?

    • A: Unfortunately we do not have the exact measurements but this is one of the loudest catbacks we sell. Please refer to sound clips that we have posted on our various pages.

      Tyler A. 9 months ago
  • Q: Fit a sedan  Lapissti 9 months ago


    Would this exhaust fit a 2008 sti sedan or just the hatchback

    • A: This will just work for the Hatchback and not the Sedan do to the over length differences between the vehicles.

      Evan M. 9 months ago
  • Q: Gasket for my Perrin downpipe?  jlockett 10 months ago


    Good afternoon, I am trying to figure out what size gasket I will need for this N1 and my Perrin downpipe on my 08 STI hatchback. I believe my Perrin is 3" and it appears the N1 is 3" as well I just want to make sure I get the correct gasket. Thanks

    • A: This exhaust comes with a 3 inch, 2 bolt gasket for you to mate up your 3 inch Perrin downpipe. Everything should mate up just fine.

      Tyler A. 10 months ago
  • Q: Compatibility rear attachement Q300 and N1  Q300 and N1 rear attachement 12 months ago


    Hello, I have allready the Q300 on my 2011 sti hatchback. Can you please tell or confirm me if I can switch only the rear dual muffler between the two Without touch the middle pipe. Tanks a lot. Best regards. Do I need anythink more part to install it?

    • A: It does appear that the N1 and Q300 do share the same midpipe section, however we cannot 100% confirm the cross compatibility and you would need to contact Invidia to see if they have more info.

      Brady R 12 months ago