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Invidia G200 Cat Back Exhaust Stainless Steel Tip ( Part Number:INV HS04SFRG2S)

Invidia G200 Cat Back Exhaust Stainless Steel Tip - Subaru Forester XT 2004-2008

Manufacturer Part # HS04SFRG2S


MSRP: $926.00

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Improve the performance of you vehicle with the Invidia G200 Cat Back Exhaust System. This exhaust system has been designed with many attributes that allows this exhaust system to deliver the performance needed for gains in both horsepower and torque. The piping features minumal bends to greatly reduce turbulence under acceleration. Additionally, the piping comes in a 76MM sizing which is good enough for vehicles with minimal to moderate modifications. 

The exhaust gasses exit a beautiful 110MM polished exhaust tip  Exhaust hangers are welded onto the OEM locations so there will be no need for further alterations to the body when installing this exhaust. New gaskets, as well as new hardware will be provided to make the Invidia G200 Cat Back Exhaust System ready for installation. 

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Brand: Invidia
Exhaust Orientation: Straight Exit
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: No
Piping ID: 76mm
Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Piping Taper: No
Silencer Included: No
Tip Material: Stainless Steel
Tip Qty: 1
Tip Shape: Round
Tip Size: 110mm

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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Verified Purchase

Invidia Exhaust
Cartehayna 3 months ago
So, once it starts, it never ends. Bought a 04 Forester XT 5spd 4 years ago with 277,000 kms on it in great shape, documented maintenance,annual oil sprayed A/C worked etc., nicely broke in. I did the usual, tune up, valve cover gskts,timing belt and brakes all around. It now has 385,000 kms and finally needed the stock exhaust replaced and no sense in having a good outlet without having a good inlet. Enter Cobb Stage 1, V3 and high flow filter, Grimmspeed up pipe, Perrin Intake Hose( brutal to install with manifold on) Invidia catted down pipe and G200 cat back. Put it all together last weekend with 91 octane stage 2 tune, absolutely awesome, great response, torque curve like Bully Dogged diesel. NOW I need new clutch, can't hold a 3rd gear roll on, no sign of slipping before. Going to have the tranny out anyways, maybe I'll look for a STI 6spd,I would have to change hubs and axles and rear diff, might as well look for Brembos in a whole package. So it begins, been down this road before with several other cars and motorcycles, you would think that at 66 yrs young that I would have learned by now. Oh yah, daily driver, no drone, a good bass tone though, stock hangers, muffler bigger than it looks in catalogue pictures and about 3/8 inch clearance at the rear diff, I'll have to keep an eye on that. Probably would have gone with G300 system if they made it. Ot to be fun next winter, slip sliding away.

Verified Purchase

Great exhaust, great sound
07FozXT949 2 years ago
Just a little background first. I bought my 2007 Forester XT with 90kmi in May 2016. No modifications were done to the car, and I had wanted to put an aftermarket exhaust on ever since I got it. I didn't want anything super loud, but definitely wanted to hear the rumble. I openly do not consider myself mechanically savvy and only do very basic work, but decided to install this Nvidia G200 myself with some help from my bro-in-law. Well, it turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated. It had nothing to do with the new exhaust; my stock exhaust and undercarriage has a lot of rust and several bolts were an absolute nightmare to get off. With no torch or impact wrench, I had to use rust remover spray and special socket set for rusted/rounded/ stripped bolts. After a lot of patience and persistence, I got the stock exhaust off from the down pipe. I ordered a new donut gasket and the Grimmspeed adapter set. The Grimmspeed adapter set comes with the double thick gasket (I didn't see that clarified in any of the other reviews or item descriptions, so I ordered a double thick gasket separately as well and ended up with two...not a big deal as I returned one). Also ordered Kartboy hangers in both standard and long length since I didn't know what I'd need. The rest of the install was fairly smooth. NOTICE: I ran into fitment issues with my tow hitch receiver I had on. I ended up having to remove the tow hitch because I needed about another inch for the new Invidia exhaust to fit. Oh well, I guess I have to get a roof rack now. Haha! The hangers are very tight, and you'll need some lube to help you slip them on. It sounds great and I'm very happy with the results.
Verified Purchase

MC07XT 2 years ago
I looked all over for an exhaust for my project FXT. EBAY prices were about the same price plus shipping and tax. RSD took care of the shipping and the tax (HUGE BONUS). Shipping was fast which I appreciated. Now on to the actual exhaust. It looks great and sounds even better. Traditionally Subarus are a bit noisy but the G200 sounds great. From a cold start, the sound is just right. Once the FXT warms up, it idles down and gives this great low end rumble without the obnoxious "fart can" sound that many other exhaust give. On the fitment side, I used the stock hangers but I did buy a pair of the short and extended ones just in case. I also bought the Catless Up Pipe, Divorced Down Pipe and Cobb Tuning SF & Box which I will be putting on and getting the tune with. I will give an update after that. Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality of the exhaust and can't say anything but the same about my experience dealing with RSD.

Quality Invidia product
ericbcutler07255 3 years ago
I have a stage 3 2004 Forester XT, with most everything upgraded including the exhaust (STI OEM), but since I had replaced everything else, the cat back was remaining on my list and Invidia looked like the best replacement. I used Kartboy hangers, and the exhaust fits/looks a lot better than the silver Forester pictured (no offence) as it sits well and good under the bumper. I was worried that the long, rounded tip would look goofy as compared to Invidia other mufflers, but, no complaints at all. I'll try and upload a picture. Sound-wise, this is exactly what you are looking for if you love dat Subaru rumble. With the STI cat back you get a fraction of that sound. Opening up sounds great with the Invidia cat bacl as well. When it comes to annoying freeway noise/drone, it doesn't have that much, but... and you knew there was a but, between 3-3500 RPM is definitely where you get the most 'bass' in the exhaust sound. With my gearing, that means 77-82MPH is the most extreme. Livable, since I am either in cruise control at 70mph or (haha) but if your partner is sensitive to that stuff now before Inviida, she/he will NOT be a fan of this exhaust. Let it be known. Performance wise, it's hard to tell if this did much over the STI cat back. I mean, I'm sure it's maybe an extra 5-10HP but at this point, that's not easy to spot. TL;DR exhaust looks and sounds great. Might have too much bass at certain RPM/speeds for some people.
Verified Purchase

Its alright
jshcrowder21637 3 years ago
I have had this installed on my 05 XT for over a year now and have decided to write a review on it. The exhaust ads a nice note but decreases power since the stock exhaust had the proper amount of back-pressure to take off quick without a tune. Now for the question that everyone was asking, The hangers... You need the extra long hangers or it will rub on your axle. I had this on for all of last summer and then when winter came I noticed that something was going on. Sure enough I looked under the forester and saw that the stock hangers had pulled the exhaust up against the axle and had rubbed almost though the wall of the exhaust. I went to the next step up on hangers and they also were too close for comfort. I am not running the XL hangers and they have done the trick. The only problem is that the exhaust hangs down too low for my liking and now I have decided that I am going to go a different route. I would say to just look for something with a slight bend in the pipe at the axle before you buy this .

  • Q: Downpipe fitment  08fsxt 1 month ago


    Will this mate up with the stock downpipe on my 2008 Forester XT? Does the kit include all of the gaskets and hardware that I'll need? Also, will it require any modification to mate up with an aftermarket downpipe when I install one at a later date?

    • A: It will just bolt right up.

      Devan M. 1 month ago
  • Q: Exhaust hangers  GreasePanda 2 years ago


    I noticed people mentioned about buying specific exhaust hangers for this exhaust to achieve better figment. Exactly which hangers (part number) do I need?

    • A: Not all cars need hangers as this is designed to fit stock exhaust routing. If hangers are needed, KAR KB-011-15MMXL would be the best place to start.

      Chris W. 2 years ago
  • Q: Fitment  Ecard22 3 years ago


    I know you can only confirm the fitment for a XT but I was wondering if this will still fit and work properly on a normal forester x or xs

    • A: With this catback being designed to meet at the downpipe it is likely not going to fit properly on a naturally aspirated vehicle where the exhaust piping routes differently.

      Nick S. 3 years ago
  • Q: How loud really?  brad.denison21204 4 years ago


    Since Invidia's tend to be noisy can anyone comment on how loud this exhaust is as a daily driver? Would this exhaust be louder or not as loud as the TurboXS catted turboback? TNX!

    • A: It is more on the quieter side of things, will keep a good rumble but won't drone.

      Kyle A. 4 years ago
  • Q: Power gains  Mikeypoo095 4 years ago


    What kind of gains can I expect if I purchase this system? What downpipe would you recommend with it?

    • A: You won't really ever see any power gains from the Catback by itself. For downpipes most aftermarket models will fit this with no issues.

      Kyle A. 4 years ago