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Invidia Gemini R400 Single Layer Cat Back Exhaust w/Titanium Burnt Tips



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Invidia Gemini R400 Single Layer Cat Back Exhaust w/Titanium Burnt Tips ( Part Number: HS15STIGM4ST)
Sounds as good as it looks 1 month ago
I was a bit skeptical at first. I read some of the reviews and some people were complaining about how loud it was. I installed this and just fell in love with how it looks and sounds. It gives it that deeper rumble and zero drone even when cruising 60-70 mph. I can still have conversations inside the car like normal. I love that I can hear my Cobb intake as well. I expect there to be changes to sound once I install a downpipe as well. Some car enthusiasts will tell you not to expect any performance gains from just a catback but I can definitely feel the difference. Thanks rallysportdirect for getting this out to me so quickly!
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2016 Wrx 3 months ago

Beautiful exhaust. Very blue in sunlight. Sounds loud only when you want it to. I can come home at night from work in stealth mode by keeping the rpms low, and loud during the day when i want to open it up. All around thrilled with how it sounds/looks.
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Loud But Not Annoyingly So 4 months ago
It's definitely noticeable and a bad turner. It sounds great at any speed and rpm however there is a bit of drone at about 2k to 3200rpm for me. I just installed it not too long ago so it should quiet down after a few days.
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Fits great, sounds even better. 6 months ago
This cat-back installed very easily and sounds really good! Definitely felt the increase in power when I went from Stage 1 to Stage2+ (j-pipe/cat-back/intake). The burnt tips also look amazing!
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Sounds great on my 2016 STI 7 months ago
Quick delivery from RSD i received everything in record time! Dont forget to buy the stock downpipe to 3in exhaust adapter when installing this. Everything in the box was undamaged and all gaskes, screws, and bolts were accounted for. Install is easy by yourself but even easier if you have a friend. I decided to go with the r400 after i heard my friend's Q300+Invidia Downpipe and wanted something louder than that and on top of that it wa son sale at the time. I can say after install the r400&stock downpipe is louder. Cold Starts and nice loud but once it warms up and idles it isnt an obnoxious loud. On the Highway it's bearable. That Subie Rumble completely opens up from the stock exhaust. Sounds great on "spirited" drives. Youtube Videos do not do this exhaust justice. I highly recommend the r400!
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I dig it 10 months ago
Darth Subious
Fits perfectly with the Invidia catted J-pipe. Oversized tips don't touch the bumper cover. Sounds good. Not very loud. Has a yuuuge resonator on the mid pipe with a flex joint near by. Easily replaced with the help of a good TIG welder.
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Cat Back 11 months ago
So sweet! I paired it with a catless DP. Car sounds perfect to me, no drone just a nice hummmmm! I had Walter from Simple Performance SLC do the install since he is the exhaust magician :)
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High Quality 1 year ago
I went from nameless muffler deletes to this and I'm still happy with the sound. It changed from an aggressive growl to a deeper rumble. The pieces are high quality and all the hardware was there in the box. I also like how the tips fill out the rear valences nicely without melting them. I recommend a friend or a floor jack to help with the install so you don't bend bolts or have trouble lining things up under the car. I also ended up getting the adapter plate for the catback to stock DP for a perfect fitment
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Invidia Gemini  1 year ago
I recently purchased the invidia Gemini exhaust and I can not be any more satisfied with what I got. The sound and look of the exhaust is just what I wanted. I am running it off of a stock down pipe so I know when I upgrade it will be even louder but I really don't mind. It has that low grumble sound I was looking for and the blue titanium tips with the quad tip look is quite a sight to see. I would recommend anyone who wants a decent sound that isn't too loud and is pretty easy to install to get this car back exhaust and don't forget to get the adapter for the down pipe if you are running a stock down pipe.
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2018 wrx base  6 months ago
Pros Good qaulity catback system from invidia. Easy to install All hardware and gaskets are included. Nice deep and loud tone. Burnt tips look great Cons Has a little highway drone/ not to loud though, but loud enough to forced to turn my music up to get rid of it. Fitment of the mufflers are not exact, one side is too close to the inside of my bumper fender. I had to run on one hanger so it dosnt touch. There were no instructions at all. No pictures nothing at all that i can reference to my specific year. Alot of wrong info given on this site, for my 2018 wrx base model you dont need to purchase a 3in adaptor to connect oem downpipe to the catback. It all bolts on, just use the nuts and bolts provided that came with the system. The exhaust is great but too loud for my liking i should of just gotten the axel back. Rally sport direct is a great site with good prices, shipping came a day ahead schedule.
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Invidia Gemini R400 1 year ago
The Gemini R400 is a very beautiful piece that adds a very nice look to the vehicle at the rear end. The exhaust note is nice, but it lacks the sound that I believe people might be looking for from an exhaust out the box. At least for me, the exhaust seems a bit to soft but I plan on eventually mating it to a Invidia catted DP so it might serve its purpose at that point. Overall a nice quality exhaust, but not what I had expected in terms of sound.
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