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Invidia Gemini Single Layer Cat Back Exhaust w/Stainless Steel Tips



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Worth Every Dollar 5 months ago
Josyal M.
I purchased the R400 a few months ago. It did get it when there was a sale because it's a bit pricey, but I assure you it's worth every dollar. The packaging was very protected and well wrapped. The installation was very straight forward with the exception of the connection to the downpipe which fits a little funny, but it turned out just fine after messing with it for a while. The pipes line up perfectly and they look incredibly aggressive. Once the exhaust settles in it's got such a deep, rumbly tone. It pops quite often and it can get pretty loud when you floor it. The drone is noticeable, but in my opinion is not unbearable. It doesn't bug my wife so that's got to say something lol. it is just overall a wonderful product and I recommend to anyone looking for a quality exhaust.
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The One 8 months ago
You guys, it's perfect. I was apprehensive to purchase any exhaust system for my '18 WRX. I'm 26 years old, a young professional and needed a mature sounding exhaust note. I was between the Invidia R400, Q300, and the Cobb CBE. I'm glad I didn't get the others. The Q300 just seemed like it wasn't "doing it" for a lot of people (in terms of hitting the perfect note). The Cobb was slightly more than I wanted to spend, although I'm sure the quality is outstanding. The R400 is exactly what I look for in my exhaust. Aesthetically, it's a beautiful piece. I opted for the polished silver tips. I had this professionally installed at a local shop here in West Chester, PA. I can't comment for ease of install, but the fitment is perfect and fills the rear valance nicely, as other reviews have stated. The sound (in my opinion) is not like other exhausts available for our vehicles. It is a choir of badass angels. The tone is deep, you get pops (not as loud as N1 pops) on perfect shifts and rev matches. Normal driving is very pleasant and the volume is sporty, yet reasonable. Highway driving is also pleasant and drone is minimal. It'll scream if you lay into it, and it will drone a little between 1500-1800 rpm, especially on cold starts. It will be heard, but so far, it hasn't attracted any unwanted attention. The R400 is doing this boxer engine a decent favor.
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Great Invidia exhaust!  9 months ago
I purchased the Gemini Invidia cat back exhaust on Black Friday for the amazing discount and was totally worth it! It’s sounds soooo much better with that boxer engine rumble, definitely got more squeal out of the pig if you know what I mean lol. It took about an hour and a half for install in my driveway on floor jacks by myself, so not too bad. Wayyyy easier with a lift though obviously. Overall, highly satisfied and definitely recommend to anyway who is thinking about purchasing this exhaust system. Also, buy the adapter from stock DP to cat back, better fitmet for sure.
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Invidia Q400 9 months ago
This exhaust looks and sounds great. It’s easy to install. I also have the catless invidia DP and it sounds loud.
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2018 WRX 11 months ago
The product shipped quickly. High quality, and beautiful. Installed in under an hour with help from a friend on a lift. Passenger side tips were slightly lower than the driver side after my install. In my opinion the stock exhaust is inaudible except on a cold start. The R400 makes this car so much more enjoyable to drive, you can actually hear it. Its not so loud that its obnoxious. As far as highway drone... there is none. The car has so much inherent wind noise at speed it sounds like stock when you're cruising. Extremely pleased with the product and if you're on the fence just buy it.
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Great sound, easy installation 4 months ago
First, the delivery of this product was top notch and I am very happy with the purchase and dealings with RSD during and after the purchase. Second, the installation of this was very simple, especially after finding a video on youtube by someone who went through the process already. Unbolt, lube, and slide off the old exhaust from the CAT back, and then start installation of the new from the back front and it all goes together easily. Just make sure to get the correct adapter plate, if you need one, to connect to the downpipe. Lastly, the sound is fantastic! To give a sense of similarity, if you have heard the SPT exhaust on the 15's on, then you have heard almost exactly what this sounds like, only a little deeper. People can tell when you start your car. There is a low drone internally if you are driving for a while that could get to you. It might just be my installation, but at some point the sound has a reverb sound as if you are driving with one window down and getting that buffer feel going. Overall, very happy with my selection and would definitely do it again if given the option and would definitely suggest to anyone interested in it to enhance your sound to get this.
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Invidia Gemini R400 on 2016 WRX 8 months ago
The look and construction of this exhaust is awesome. Once on the car it looks and sounds great. It can get a little loud once you get on the throttle but that is to be expected with an aftermarket exhaust. The tips take up a good portion of the exhaust cutout of the bumper which is nice. This is a must have if you are tired of the weak and throaty OEM pipes. The pain can be from the bolts that go onto the OEM J-pipe with the springs. The flanges on this exhaust are thicker so it will be harder to compress the small spring loaded bolt in order to put the nut on to tighten it down. If you have an aftermarket J-pipe then you might be good as you will most likely be using different bolt/nut combo.
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Invidia Gemini Single Layer Cat Back Exhaust w/Stainless Steel Tips (Part Number: )
Invidia Gemini Single Layer Cat Back Exhaust w/Stainless Steel Tips (Part Number: )
Invidia Gemini Single Layer Cat Back Exhaust w/Stainless Steel Tips (Part Number: )
Invidia Gemini Single Layer Cat Back Exhaust w/Stainless Steel Tips (Part Number: )