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HKS Carbon-Ti Cat Back Exhaust ( Part Number:HKS2 3112-EX005)

HKS Carbon-Ti Cat Back Exhaust - Subaru WRX/STI 2002-2007

MODEL # HKS2 3112-EX005
Manufacturer Part # 3112-EX005


MSRP: $859.00

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Turbo-Back Exhaust Titanium Tip System ( Part Number:RSD 02-07TTBS)
Turbo-Back Exhaust Titanium Tip System - Subaru WRX 2002-2007 / STI 2004-2007
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HKS knows how to develop exhaust systems to better suit turbocharged platforms. The increased piping diameter, smooth piping design, as well as the high flow muffler attribute to more power and improved performance..
The heart of the Carbon-Ti Cat Back Exhaust System lies within the straight design of the piping. The less-restrictive design provides better flow, and upper-RPM gains by eliminating unnecessary bends in the piping which is beneficial for both stock turbos, and aftermarket turbochargers.

Additionally, this exhaust system has been fabricated of 304 stainless steel piping, with a carbon fiber wrapped muffler, ended with a titanium tip.
The HKS Carbon-Ti Cat Back Exhaust System will come supplied with gaskets, and hardware to make installation ready for the user. The exhaust hangers have been welded in the OEM position to make installation simple.

If you’re in the market for an exclusive exhaust system that will improve throttle response, increase turbo spool, and improve sound then look no further than an exhaust system provided by the leading pioneers in the JDM high performance parts game. HKS continues to develop products that satisfy the greatest of car enthusiasts. Give your vehicle that extra roar with the HKS Carbon-Ti Cat Back Exhaust System. 

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Brand: HKS
Exhaust Orientation: Angled Exit
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: Yes
Piping ID: 3.00in
Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Piping Taper: No
Silencer Included: No
Tip Material: Titanium
Tip Qty: 1
Tip Shape: Round
Tip Size: 120mm

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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Verified Purchase

Ian L. 4 months ago
One thing I will note, if you have the stock rear diffuser on your STI, IT DOES NEED TO BE TRIMMED !!!! YOU DO NEED TO CUT CHUNKS OUT OF IT SO THE EXHAUST DOESN'T TOUCH IT AND MELT IT, IT IS NOT HARD TO TO, BUT TAKE IT OFF BEFORE INSTALLING THE MUFFLER SECTION TO MAKE THINGS A MILLION TIMES EASIER. JUST TAKE SOME SNIPS AND KEEP TEST FITTING IT TO SEE HOW MUCH TO CUT OFF TILL THE BOLT HOLES LINE UP WITH CLEARANCE FROM THE MUFFLER. OK on the exhaust...... This Cat Back is beautiful ! It came shipped int a very well padded box, every part was secured and stable inside of the box with no movement. Opening this box is like opening the best gift you have ever gotten on Christmas morning as a kid ! It is so shiny and elegant but 110% bad ass and mean just by the looks of it. It made me smile from ear to ear just looking at it and inspecting it thinking how great it's going to look/sound once installed. Like others have stated, instructions are useless, but then again it's straight forward, you unbolt old, installed new and DONE ! I installed this bad boy onto my 2006 WRB STI to a aftermarket down pipe (APS brand with High flow Cat) so no special adapter was needed to attach, like you would need if installing to a stock down pipe. I didn't use the stock exhaust gaskets supplied with the Cat Back, they are honestly thin and piss poor. I bought and used Remflex 3 inch two bolt exhaust gaskets instead (RSD has these bad boys) they are thicker than most and are definitely worth the extra cash for peace of mind. I have had stock exhaust gaskets fail over time and turn to dust, so don't be cheap if you want to not worry about it later down the line and or have an exhaust leak possibly. Install time was about an hour or so, I don't have a lift like a shop, so I was using jack stands and ramps, so it takes a bit longer to get the car set up to where you have room to work and install. I used the stock exhaust hangers from Subaru, I have had Kartboy ones in the past, and over time they fail, get really hard and crack, so I went with the stock ones, no clearance issues what so ever doesn't touch bumper anything so no need to worry about burning your bumper. So once installed, I couldn't wait to start up the car to hear this bad boy roar. it is a very beautiful boxer rumble producer, it make the boxer sound deep and mean, and like others have stated it is not overly loud either, it is just right ! On idle it is subtle and a low deep rumble and when you are in boost and open up the car, it does roar ! But not too loud and annoying, it will definitely get you noticed weather you are driving by or it is parked, it is such a beautiful exhaust when you look at it once installed. I am very pleased with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again, thank you RSD for always having what I need when I need it, keep up the great work.


Best CBE Ever!
Irwin A. 7 years ago
I've owned this piece for about a year. So far I'm extremely satisfied with it. It's quiet on idle but it will roar on high RPMs. The exhaust note is low. I've received a lot of compliments on it for the looks and the sound. Highly recommended!
Verified Purchase

Kevin R. 8 years ago
Looks great sounds great fits perfect. 2005 wrx stock downpipe mounted up fine. Hks provides some lame stickers though. Instalation instructions were useless....obviously im gonna know i take off the stock exhaust and put this one on. No details about what bolts go where or pictures of the install. Dont throw out the springed downpipe to cat-back bolts i found out the hard way. Otherwise excellent product!!

guest55c8d6e6caae52f460a98c7e 11 years ago
Just installed this cat-back with a new downpipe... Wow what a difference! Cat-back fitment was great. Very quiet at idle into a nice non-fart pipe rumble and a roar on the top end. Exhaust isn't too loud but noticeable for sure. Installation instructions were 100% useless thus the 4 stars.

RSD Customer 12 years ago
I have been using this for about a year and a half. Smooth mellow tone translates into raspy fire breather at top end/full throttle. This exhaust is very user friendly and not annoying at crusing/highway speeds. The muffler is angled for high horsepower apps with unburnt fuel remaining in the system. An added bonus if you keep it clean and run it for about a year - 50000 the entire piping blues to a very attractive golden purple hue show stopper.

  • Q: APS DWG Down Pipe W/ High Flow Cat  Ian L. 5 months ago


    Will this Cat Back Exhaust bolt right up to my 3'' APS down pipe with high flow Cat ?

    • A: his should work fine with the APS downpipe, and most other downpipes with the 2 bolt 3" flange.

      Josh C. 3 months ago
  • Q: Down Pipe Fitment ?  Ian L. 5 months ago


    Will this CBE fit an APS down pipe with high flow cat ?

    • A: This should work fine with the APS downpipe, and most other downpipes with the 2 bolt 3" flange.

      Marcus E. 3 months ago
  • Q: APS DWG Down Pipe W/ High Flow Cat  Ian L. 5 months ago


    Will this cat back exhaust bolt up to a APS DWG Down Pipe with High Flow Cat ?

    • A: This should work fine with the APS downpipe, and most other downpipes with the 2 bolt 3" flange.

      Marcus E. 3 months ago
  • Q: Fit  Adriaan 1 year ago


    Will this fit on right hand drive models.

    • A: Unfortunately, we can only confirm fitment for US Models which are Left Hand Drive.

      Brady R 1 year ago
  • Q:   vipr304 2 years ago


    Will this cat back fit a Cobb dp or is an adapter necessary on a 2007 sti?

    • A: This will require an adapter for the Cobb Downpipe.

      Brady R 2 years ago