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COBB Tuning Cat Back Exhaust Stainless Steel

MODEL # COB 591100



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Cobb Cat back
evnpsmith13404 2 years ago
I am a die hard Cobb supporter since the beginning. They make a quality product with customers in mind. many people say that this exhaust has such beautiful welds its a same that it goes under the car. that is true. the welds on this exhaust are fantastic! some of the best ive ever seen. as for the install, its super easy. you will need a sawzall/hacksaw to cut the factory pipe near the rear axle to be able to remove it. not a big deal and super easy. the rest is just plug and chug. i recommend cobb exhaust hangers, the factory ones will work but for long term be safe by going with cobb. the sound is amazing and i know everyone is touchy with what they like. this was my favorite out of all the choices. it has a nice deeeeep tone that doesnt get high pitched through the rpm band and isnt raspy. it has a throaty decel especially around 2k. but quiet at highway speed. i cruise at 65 and cant hear it at all. very very happy with this exhaust. buy it, you will love it and maybe become a new cobb family member. cheers.

chris57701 3 years ago
This exhaust is perfect. Perfect welds. Perfect sound. Perfect fit.
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COBB Catback Focus ST
Kendama.2001773 4 years ago
I was really torn between two exhaust systems when I finally decided to pull the trigger on the Cobb system. All I can say is, WOW. This is a beautiful system. Right from unboxing it, you see the care and time to went into just shipping it. The actual welds and steel are beautiful. You really see where your money went when purchasing this system. The exhaust note is music to my ears and never fails to put an ear to ear grin on my face. But this exhaust. You'll be thanking yourself.
Verified Purchase

Cobb Turboback has amazing quality
petty7832844 4 years ago
Installed both the catback and downpipe on my 2014 ST and everything fit perfectly and totally transformed the car into a beast! When you buy a Cobb product you know you are buying great parts that fit and work just as advertised
Verified Purchase

JT59 4 years ago
This was an excellent purchase and I am amazed at the quality of the whole package. It is to bad that such a beautifully crafted part has to hide under the car. Thought it would be little loud but it is a great low growl with faint burbling under decel. I install motorcycle exhausts that cost over a thousand dollars that don't have the quality of this Cobb system. Very impressed!
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warmerboxer34140 4 years ago
Love the sound and easy install.
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Can't review and post pic... 5 stars!
KristianST 5 years ago
Buy it. No highway drone. Buy it. Sounds better than your friends exhaust. Buy it. Beautiful beautiful steel.
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Excellent sounding exhaust!
RPhilMan1 5 years ago
I went from stock to the COBB turbo-back in one swoop. The stock exhaust system is pretty small in diameter and there are restrictions all over, especially at the muffler. With the COBB system being 3 and much more free-flowing, the difference is absolute night and day. I love the look of the dual 4 tips as well. The ST has a much sportier sound to it, and it's so much fun to drive with a glorious sounding exhaust note. I highly recommend COBB and their products.
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Best sound ever!
dusharm28 5 years ago
This shipped very quickly and was the only place that had it in stock. This exhaust is one of the best sounding exhausts I have every heard. I am glad I spent a little extra and went with Cobb. Amazing quality and fit perfect. Very easy to install. I highly recommend this product.

Installed on White Sheep!
Corby L. 5 years ago
We got this exhaust installed on the White Sheep project car and I have to say the sound is amazing! Plus the build quality is top notch. Well done COBB, well done.
Verified Purchase

Great cat back
Jason 11 months ago
Love it. Sounds great, no drone when cruising down the freeway. Loud when you WANT it to be.