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Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust



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Great Quality 2 years ago
Be warned,this is a fairly loud catback,but sounds amazing,quality is great,but make sure if its a subaru that you buy extended hangers so you dont melt your bumper,overall,great product.
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wrx-lover 2 years ago
wrx lover
Definitely the exhaust rumble sound that you can recognized and knowing that it's a SUBIE rumble sound even with out seeing the car This is from a cold-start
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Amazing Exhaust 3 years ago
Out of all the cars I've owned and exhaust systems I've put on this one has to be hands down my favorite. The exhaust note you get from the exhaust is just outstanding. It is a bit on the louder side but don't let the scare you away from this item. To be honest it's not all that deafening as I expected it to be. As for performance not to much of a difference but well worth the money spent. Install was fairly simple nothing a little bit of heat to get the old exhaust off aside from that had it done in about an hour. Quality is superior for what your spending it's absolutely one of the better exhaust systems on the market. If I had to I would buy it again. Hope this helps ;)
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I debated the Blitz over Invidia for a long time since my buddy has the Invidia on his 04 wrx and I loved the way it sounded. I'm so glad I went with the Blitz. It's WAY deeper sounding, especially at low rpm (1500-3000). I get compliments constantly on this exhaust!! Now I just need a DP!
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Blitz Nur Spec R Catback 4 years ago
Pros- Loud Without a silencer, Quieter with silencer, Nice rich sound, You will get compliments! Cons- The way the silencer is installed makes a rattle at around 2k rpm. I installed this with a Grimmspeed catted downpipe.
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Excellent quality. Great deep, loud sound.  4 years ago
I love the exhaust, it is deep, loud and looks great painted flat-black in VHT flameproof. The fitment is great and the tapered midpipe is not a big deal. Really, the taper is about only an inch in length. It bolts right up to an aftermarket downpipe no problem. The one thing I did not expect was the beveled bolt holes on the midpipe where it meets the downpipe. I assume it's for you to use the OE spring bolts. I went to Tractor Supply and got some grade 8 bolts, washers and flange nuts. The beveled part is about the size of an American quarter so you can use that to go by for size. Few things I would suggest you doing when you order this. 1) Order you two of the thick Grimmspeed exhaust gaskets. 2) Order 4 of the extra long Kartboy exhaust hangers. You will need them. This keeps the exhaust off your bumper.
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This is the exhaust you want! 4 years ago
I see subies all over washington. Everyones familiar with that boxer engine rumble but i noticed that mine stands out its unique..puts most wrxs sounds to shame its loud deep and just really mean sound. The purring sound is clean im always getting compliments and i love the shiny look. Fits perfectly on my 06 wrx wagon. Before i put it on my car only made a turbo whistle it was pathetic but now that i got the nur spec pedestrians are afraid to jay walk in front of me. I recommend this exhaust for sure!
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Perfect! Just what I was looking for! 4 years ago
I had heard this exhaust once on my friend's sti and loved the noise it produced. Once I got it installed onto my own, it was perfect. It is a very loud and gets attention. Installation was easy and had all parts needed.
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Great product 5 years ago
Awesome exhaust, really brings out the deep low boxer Subaru rumble. It is louder than most, wife disapproves, friends love it. Installed with kartboy LONG hangers, it lowered it about an inch more than what you see on the pictures here. Also hoping by doing so it'll prevent my bumper from turning black.
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Blitz NUR-R Cat Back 6 years ago
Jory Anderson
Best looking, best sounding exhaust for your subie. You will be breaking neck miles away.
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Mating to OEM downpipe 6 years ago
This exhaust sounds great. Very loud and deep when removing the silencer. Only issue I had is that oem spring bolts will not allow BLITZ exhaust flange to mate up nicely to the downpipe as the flange is a lot thicker and will not seat correctly with a new oem donut gasket. Purchasing a new exhaust flange gasket and new bolts, washers, nuts will seat the BLITZ flange to the oem downpipe nice and flush.
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Amazing exhaust 6 years ago
This is absolutely the best exhaust ever! The sound... OMG the sound, makes me want to keep all my windows down and the radio off to hear that beautiful boxer rumble. Not to mention the quality is unsurpassed and them welds... just wow. If your looking for the perfect exhaust look no further because you just found it.
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Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust System 6 years ago
If you want to be noticed this is the exhaust to get. It's not overly loud at idle, but once you step on the gas pedal it kicks into action and sounds great. This is by far the best exhaust system I've owned, between 3 different vehicles. If you are thinking about getting this exhaust (or any exhaust) make sure to get new hangers. I should have myself, as it would have made the install much quicker. If you bought new hangers and have the stock hangers on just cut them off. The included silencer that was included is horrible, I tested it out (for 30 ft, normal driving from a stop) and it made the exhaust sound worse than the cheapest EBay axle back exhaust you could get. Think cutting the muffler off and drilling holes in the rest of the pipes from the cat-back. EWW x_x
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BEST exhaust, hands down 7 years ago
I've owned 4 exhausts since i bought my wrx 8 months ago. This is the best sounding, best looking, best performing and biggest head turning exhaust. Makes me smile every single time I drive it, it is LOUD though. The video does not at all capture just how loud it is, I can be heard for miles. BUY IT
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Best Exhaust 7 years ago
This exhaust sounds the best out of them all, its also one of the loudest... This is the best part that i have put on my car, its jaw dropping. Has that low sexy subaru boxer rumble!!!
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Loud loud loud :) 7 years ago
Ok I looked and looked for an exhaust system and I came the conclusion I wanted this the nur spec R. Originally I wanted the Nur Spec touring becase I like the muffler design better. But im glad I went with the Nur spec R. Now I got to warn you its loud I have a HKS bellmouth DP and this exhaust. Im all smiles though.. If you want to be heard before your seen this is the Exhaust for you
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blub blub blub 7 years ago
AWESOME exhaust! Its so pretty to look at I was tempted to just hang it on my wall and stare at it. No, but seriously, the quality of this product is superb. And that sound...that sound is pure unadulterated Subaru Boxer. This exhaust is loud, very loud, but it DOES come with the silencer already installed in the tip. I know in the description -- it says that it is not included, but mine came with it. Removal of stock and mounting of this exhaust took less than an hour with my friend. Highly recommend some PB Blaster to get the bolts loose, and some heavily soapy water on the rubber hangers is a life saver in removal. Highly recommend this exhaust!
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best sounding exhaust 7 years ago
Love the blitz nur. It brings out the true deep rumble of a suabru. I installed it on my 2002 wrx and it sound great. I have to do some custom modification to it cause I didn't have the stock dowpipe and cat on my vehicle. This exhaust bolts right on to the stock exhaust
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Coolest Exhaust 7 years ago
I bought this exhaust with the knowledge of many videos online, the pros who tuned my car, and from numerous forums praising it. It really does sound and look as awesome as everything has hyped it up to be. The quality is unsurpassed. Installation was easy. Ohhhh and that sound... really the deepest, loudest, most awesome classic subie sound! (of coarse I have unequal length headers, up-pipe and down-pipe) The silencer helps a lot on long trips, but it does rattle at around 2k RPMs since it is only held on by one bolt. The price is a little over the top, and at first I really wasn't sure that it would be worth it. Looking back though, it was probably the best investment in my car thus far!
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Blitz Nur Spec R 8 years ago
Wooow this exhaust rocks, the welds are perfect and the sound is like no otber, I couldn't have made a better choice. Its loud and def turns heads thanks guys
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Sounds good 2 years ago

Switched from hks hyper to nur spec, the nur spec is def louder and sounds great. The hks also sounds great but isn't as loud. User preference basically. Anyone in a one mile radius knows your location however hah
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Blitz=FTW!! 6 years ago
Thanks to RSD for quick shipping to Hawaii. Got it in 2 days!! If you like LOUD, this is the CBE to get. Perfect fit. The only thing I wasn't happy about was the welding. I compared it to my Invidia and it didn't come close to the craftsmanship of the Invidia. I just ended up putting a coat of rustoleum on all the welds. If it wasn't for that, I would rate 5 stars.
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Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )
Blitz NUR-R Cat Back Exhaust (Part Number: )