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COBB Tuning 3in Cat Back Exhaust System

MODEL # COB 515101


  • Q: 2009 wrx  wrxcobb29 days ago

    will this fit an 09 wrx if i get a different bumper for it (The 09 only has a single exit)? Or will the suspension differences between the 09 and 11 completely different that they have different hanger links?
  • Q: Exhaust Tips  Bender Rodriguez2 months ago

    What's the diameter of the exhaust tips? Also, I notice there appears to be a bevel on the inside of the tips. Is the bevel unique to the 515101 part number, where the 515100 part number did not have this?
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      A:  The tip diameter is 3.5". The bevel on these tips is slightly different than COB 515100, which has been discontinued.

      Marcus E. @ RallySport Direct 1 month ago  
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  • Q: Will it fit a invidia catless downpipe?  parufka11 months ago

    Will this 3in Cobb catback match up with a 3in Invidia downpipe or does it taper down to 2.5inch?
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      A:  Cobbs exhaust will actually taper down to 2.5 where the downpipe meets the catback. If you plan on going with that set up we would recommend getting a 3in downpipe to 2.5in cat back adapter.

      Luis L. @ RallySport Direct 11 months ago  
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  • Q: Difference between 515100 and 515101?  Wes1 year ago

    How is this different from the old 515100 you previously carried, will they sound the same?
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      A:  The 515101 is an updated cat back that has improved clearance for the rear subframe. The two exhausts will sound the same, however it is recommended to get the newer part number.

      Tyler A. @ RallySport Direct 1 year ago  
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