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Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Comfort Version (Part Number: )
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Comfort Version (Part Number: )
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Comfort Version (Part Number: )
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Comfort Version (Part Number: )
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Comfort Version (Part Number: )
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Comfort Version (Part Number: )
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Comfort Version
Subaru Models (inc. 1993-2001 Impreza / 1990-2004 Legacy)
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Part # KCA361
msrp: $227.49

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Features & Product Details

The Anti lift kit increases Caster by repositioning the rearward lower control arm suspension mounting height. A reduction in caster loss during braking was also aided through the low compliance bushing and offsetting the bushing for increased static caster angle. Which aids in the vehicle straight-line stability and reduction in steering effort through increased negative camber angle.

The comfort version uses a softer bushing offering a more street friendly vehicle. It will transfer less noise and vibration into the vehicle while still giving you the benefits of increased caster.

Adds approximately 0.5 degrees of positive caster.


Brand: Whiteline
Adjustable: No
Bearing Type: Polyurethane Bushing
Caster Adjusted: Yes
Material: Aluminum
Mounts Included: Yes
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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As advertised  1 year ago
5out of 5stars

These helped my car handle noticably better in the corners. I am running a set of slightly stiffer springs and after the ALK install I can tell the front end is a little softer over big bumps. Small bumps in the road are magnified a little bit from the stiffer bushings though. Now I have some rattles in the dash that weren't there. The install was a little tricky in the driveway, mainly finding a way to torque things down while the suspension is weighted. I recommend a good set of ramps for this job.
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  • Q: Redundant parts?  jailbot5 years ago

    Can I use this with part #WHI KCA375, or are they both replacing the same OEM part?
  • Q: Frankenstein fitment?  N-Bomb5 years ago

    I have a GC w/ STi parts (including the control arms I believe) swapped in - will this still fit my car?

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Subaru Legacy
Alpine Sport
1994 Subaru Legacy Alpine Sport
1990 Subaru Legacy Base
1995 Subaru Legacy Base
1995 Subaru Legacy Brighton
1996 Subaru Legacy Brighton
1997 Subaru Legacy Brighton
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1999 Subaru Legacy Brighton
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