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GSC Power-Division Camshafts S1

MODEL # GSC 7026S1


  • Q: Street use?   Gabo 3 months ago

    Can it be used in street application? Worried about engine overheat issues.. looking to use in a daily driver car.
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      A:  You shouldn't have any overheating issues from installing these, if you are having overheating issues you would need to consult a mechanic because it would not be related to this or your stock cams.

      Devan M. @ RallySport Direct 3 months ago  
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  • Q: What spring kit is recommended?  Lagg-Alot10 months ago

    What spring kit is recommended to use with these cams? Will brian crower titanium single springs bc0600 work ok?
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      A:  Depends on how the car will be setup. If your car will be running 32-35 psi of boost and redline is 8200 then I would suggest GSC 5743, If anything less then I would suggest the Beehives GSC 5043. As for BC springs and retainers they are equivalent to GSC 5743.

      Josh C.
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  • Q: 2015 sti gsc s1  Kadamski51403 years ago

    Do these cams require modifying the head at all for them to fit? What types of gains should I expect with a built motor and cobb 20g?
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      A:  These do not require machining of the heads but springs are required. These will help bring out more low end torque to mid range powerband from your vehicle.

      Nick S. @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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