GSC Power-Division Camshafts S2 Grind ( Part Number:GSC 6025S2)

GSC Power-Division Camshafts S2 Grind

Part #: GSC 6025S2
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.


Brand: GSC PowerDivision
Cam Exhaust Duration: 272
Cam Exhaust Lift: 10.2mm
Cam Intake Duration: 272
Cam Intake Lift: 10.8mm
Location: Intake and Exhaust
Machining Required: No
QTY: 4
Springs Required: Yes

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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GSC Power-Division S2 camshafts for the USDM 04-07 STi. These cams are built to suit the high horsepower Subarus. With a power range of 500WHP and up, you need some certain mods to utilize the true potential of the S2s. Built motor, with a built/ported head, and a good engine management system. Upgraded valve springs are required; Beehive valve springs are recommended but not required.

Intake Exhaust Duration 272 272 Peak Lift 10.5mm 10.2mm Duration @ .050" Valve Lift 226 232 Centerline @ Peak Lift AVCS 113 BTDC


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Best Cams I ever had.
axel_javier23 4 years ago
If you looking to build your motor, don't overlook these set of cams. Perfect fit and no modification needed. I love the engine noise and the engine power is very noticeable.

Fantastic Cams!!
Hayden 4 years ago
Just installed a set of these cams on a 2005 STI. Havent gotten it to the dyno yet, but the car doesnt feel too bad driving across a parking lot. Added A LOT of sound which I know is a big concern to some people. Overall a great product!

  • Q: Estimated power  BooSTin 3 years ago


    How much power do you think I can make with a protune with just 475 wheel horsepower should I go for these or just keep stock cams

    • A: There would be gains over a stock cam at the high 400WHP range. The problem is there is no way for us to determine even the range of gains, as other variables such as tuning, fuel, head work, turbo size, ect are all playing effect on the engines power output.

      Kirill C. 3 years ago
  • Q: hp   bigwillwrx 3 years ago


    could i run these cams with less then 500 hp?

    • A: You certainly can but I doubt you would see as significant gains if these were being installed in a 500+ WHP vehicle. Thank you.

      Sterling W. 3 years ago
  • Q: valve springs and valves  Marco 4 years ago


    which valves and valve springs would you suggest for these cams?

    • A: These cams can be used with any direct replacement valves and valve springs as log as the springs are upgraded.

      Zach G. 4 years ago