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Brian Crower Stage 2 272 Camshafts ( Part Number:BRI BC0621)

Brian Crower Stage 2 272 Camshafts - Subaru STI 2004-2007

Manufacturer Part # BC0621


MSRP: $853.74

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The Brian Crower Subaru EJ257 Stage 2 AVCS cams are direct factory drop in replacement units. Short duration for nice street manners, slight lope at idle. Excellent all purpose specifications. These are OK to use with the OEM valve springs.

Stage 2 Street / Strip Specification:
Advance / Duration: 272/272
Duration @ .050: 222/222
Lift (in): .400"/.400"
Lift (mm): 10.16/10.16

Stock USDM EJ257 Specification:
Advance / Duration: 256/256
Duration @ .050: 204/208
Lift (in): .378"/.385"
Lift (mm): 9.60/9.78
| | | | |


Brand: Brian Crower
Cam Exhaust Duration: 272
Cam Exhaust Lift: 10.16mm
Cam Intake Duration: 272
Cam Intake Lift: 10.16mm
Location: Intake and Exhaust
Machining Required: No
QTY: 4
Springs Required: No

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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  • Q: Rpm  Andrew 1 year ago


    Will these cams help add rpm potential?

    • A: Yes they will by increasing the amount of time the valves will be open, which in turn leads to more top end, which in turn leads to more HP!

      Brady R 1 year ago
  • Q: AVCS Head   Lucas Mullins 4 years ago


    These cams should work with my 2012 WRX correct it is a AVCS head and the Tomei Pon Cams and GSC Cams are the same part numbers. So that being said will these work with the stock cam gears?

    • A: We cannot confirm fitment with the 2012 WRX, these are only confirmed for the STI from 04-07.

      Nick S. 4 years ago
    • A: BC confirmed they will work with a 2006-2014 WRX just wanted to pass on the info.

      Lucas Mullins 4 years ago
  • Q: b25 vs w25  FrankF 5 years ago


    I bought b25 heads for my motor build. I have a 2011 sti with davcs. The heads i bought(b25) have these cams installed. if I swapped parts over from my oem heads(w25) will I be able to run the B25 heads with these cams installed and be able to use the DAVCS in my car or will I need completely new heads/cams,

    • A: These cams are designed for the single AVCS motors only and would not be able to work with DAVCS motors as there is no prevision for the oiling ports for the DAVCS.

      Kirill C. 5 years ago
  • Q: How long does it take to install these and is a engine retune needed right away  jim.springer03276 5 years ago


    I'm looking at dropping a set of these in my 05 STI, about how long is the install for a person with above average mechanical skills and can the car be driven for a short while before being returned or is a return needed at all? Thanks, -Jim

    • A: The motor needs to be pulled to do the install, so I would expect a better part of a day. You will also need to check your cam to bucket clearance and if your buckets are worn you will need to purchase new ones. A tune is a absolute MUST and needs to be done right after install.

      Kirill C. 5 years ago
  • Q: OEM pistons?  cbazq27146923 5 years ago


    will these cams work with oem pistons? Or do you need a piston with deeper valve reliefs, do to the higher lift?

    • A: These are a direct replacement for OEM units that require no other additional parts to install.

      Nick S. 5 years ago