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Eibach Camber Bolts

MODEL # EIB1 5.81260K


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Does not Work on 2011+ STI 4 years ago
Hi, I purchased this item to adjust my front camber after lowering my STI on Eibach R1 coilovers. The bolts are too small and do not allow for proper install. A different front camber bolt will be necessary. Warning to those who have 2011+ STIs. FYI, the OE stock camber bolt fits with the coilovers but not exactly to the camber setting necessary.
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It Works 4 years ago
Product was installed in the back of 2006 Impreza Wagon with GodSpeed Mono-RS Coilovers. Everything worked as advertized. The estimate of +/- 1.75 degrees of camber adjustment is pretty true. The only thing which did bother me is that bolt is 15mm and nut is 18mm, kind of strange sizes when working on Subaru suspension. For good video instruction search YouTube for 81260 camber bolt
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Surprised 4 years ago
I am surprised on how much extra negative camber this gave my 2006 wrx wagon in the front. It has helped me get my front end lower without rubbing tire. I am pleasantly surprised.
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Simple, affordable, and great! 4 years ago
Installed on 2002 WRX oem struts, then on same car with Megan Racing Track coilovers. Car used mainly for autocross and not a daily driver so I don't need to constantly adjust the camber to drive on the stree then race. Adds a noticeable amount of camber, not sure exactly how much.
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autocross alignment 5 years ago
Great for evening out rear camber. Also added with camber plates in the front a ton of camber is available. I highly recommend them for autocross and track.
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All metal is good 5 years ago
Got these to replace some camber bolts I got from Rockauto(don't remember the brand) that had plastic sleeves on them to somehow set the camber. They didn't adjust the camber at all, just spun in the hole and deformed. These work, and have a larger range of adjustment than the other brand advertised, too.
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High recommended if you upgrade you suspension 6 years ago
After installing my Tein coilovers I was told that my alignment was off. So i purchase the camber bolts and they corrected my alignment issues. A need if you are upgrading your coilover suspension
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Can't wait to put them o some use 7 years ago
Installed these and aligned the car myself. This part is a must buy if putting KYB AGX struts (meant for a sedan) on a 02-03 WRX wagon do to the fact that you will have positive camber if you don't have these. I plan on autocrossing this summer and I look forward to seeing how these hold up.
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BEST under 25$ mod. 7 years ago
I am amazed at how much my 25$ got me. No other mod/change I have down on my car has been as useful or as easy as this...if you are close to the shipping break just grab this! You will be very happy. I dialed in a bit of negative camber after installing..the level of adjust-ability is great!
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Shipped fast! 7 years ago
Ordered on Wednesday afternoon, arrived on Friday morning. Given I live in the same state, still awesome in my opinion. Waiting until my next alignment in the spring to install, but based on reviews I've read elsewhere, quality product. Not on the same level as camber plates, but an affordable option. Make sure to not break the tabs, as you will need new bolts if you do!
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Worked but not what i was expecting 4 years ago
First thing you will notice with these camber bolts if your installing on a Subaru is they are thinner than the stock bolts that being said though the way they are designed will give you some extra camber without having to upgrade your top hats after getting an alignment and having them set these for max negative camber I was able to get -3 degrees out of these on stock suspension setup
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02 WRX Rear Installation 5 years ago
Does what I need (in my case going less negative rear for my daily driver after installing Eibach springs) Before reading instructions I thought the small-per Eibach, tabs were for locking the nut (wrong!). I found the ACTUAL small tabs didn't just fall into the hole in the strut at any orientation but had to be pressed by tightening the bolt. I put the big small tabs out for positive adjustment, rotated to a point half between full + and full neg, then turned the head of the bolt about 60 degrees + (same amount I turned the stock front bolts from their stock setting). I haven't had it measured but these look like decent starting points if you don't want a track setup.
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Worth the money 5 years ago
easy install, helps with extra camber adjustment for track use only.
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I cannot use this item 5 years ago
It is a lot smaller than the stock camber bolt, I was unable to install it on my 2011 STI hatch
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Junk 3 years ago
Washer/shims- are press cut. The small tab(?) that is intended to shim the bolt to allow the cam lobe to move the knuckle is a blob of material. Does not fit curvature of bolt or the hole inside knuckle/strut. With hammer, punch and using the nut on either side was able to fit these to the vehicle. The bolt is skinny/weak, and the 15mm/18mm size combo is irritating. I accomplished everything I needed to do with adjustable tophats. These bolts are a waste of effort.
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